Title: Everytime We Touch: Chapter Nine.

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Set in season six, Spike and Buffy find themselves in the Bronze once again. Spike wants to have 'his' Slayer relax after a strenuous night. I know, not the most original, but I needed some Spiffy(Spuffy as my bestfriend, who this is for, dubbed it.) action to write. :)

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Pairings: Spike/Buffy.

A/N: I actually didn't think this story would have more than a few chapters. But now I know this is going to go on for a while. I have wide spread plans for this fic. So for all you faithful readers, keep on reading and reviewing. It definitely gets me motivated that you guys like it. :)

- - -

"Off!" Buffy instructed, pushing at Spike. Only she was pushing at air.

"Thought we jus' did?" He couldn't help but quip with a wink. When it came to Dawn and something being wrong, well, Spike was always on his feet. Right now he was snapping to attention in gathering all his clothes while his Slayer wrapped herself back in her robe. A hand raked through her hair to get the tangles out, and her feet curled into a pair of slippers.

Suddenly she felt chilly. She wasn't going to have to have the 'birds and bees sex' talk with Dawn.

Uh uh.

But she was going to have to have the 'Buffy and Spike are having sex' talk and that was by far worse.

"Y'want me t'come with?" Spike asked once they were both decent.

"No. As much as I'd feel braver with you there, I don't think you there would help much. Thank you, though." Sincerely she smiled, reaching up to kiss his cheek.

"Kay. Y'know where t'reach me if you need anything, and I mean anything, Pet." His turn to lay a kiss on her. Only it was ontop of her head. A gesture of love and kidness. Not something one would expect from an unsouled vampire.

As Spike made his way out of the second floor bedroom window, Buffy turned on her heels to yank him back in. In which it did, sending the baffled vampire onto his ass. "Better yet, stay. I can't do this alone. I'd get to her door and then run back to mine and stay locked up until it was time to give birth." She confessed. Whee, mood swings! One minute she was brave, the next she was a whimp.

"Right then, I'll come." Pushing off from the floor, Spike stood and dusted himself off. Not from dirt, but from a little tinge of embarrassment that a pregnant Slayer yanked him on his hide.

"How was it that we didn't lock the door?" Buffy asked quietly when they first stepped into the hallway. Right to left she looked, almost as if crossing a road. Only this was ten times as dangerous. All they would need to do is run into Willow or Tara and bam! They'd have a lot more explaining to do. Something she just was not in the mood for tonight.

"Think we were a lil' preoccupied with other things, Buffy." It was true. They were too engrossed in one another to remember about a silly lock. Who knew people knocked just to knock, and not give the appropriate time for someone to reply. Plus, teenagers of all people should remember the privacy law. They invented it!

"Yeah, but we were careless. It should have been a top priority. Oh, god!" Suddenly the thought hit her, "What if this sends Dawn into therapy for the rest of her life, all because I gave her a complex?" Worry crossed her features and Spike just snatched up her hand.

"You didn't, and y'won't. Your mom's prolly looking down on you in pride, Buffy. Don't second guess y'self when it comes to how y'raising Dawn." Gripping her hands in his, Spike raised each one to his lips and kissed the knuckles before bending over to brush his lips against hers.

This time Dawn wasn't catching the pair. Nope. It was a pair of witches that did.

"Tara?" Willow wasn't sure if she could speak, "Did I just see Buffy letting Spike kiss her?" The redhead asked her girlfriend in disbelief.

"I-I think s-so, Willow." Tara couldn't deny what she saw. Not when Willow had seen it too.

The two girls were at the bottom landing of the stairs, front door still open behind them.

The other couple ontop of the landing, still lost in one another.

Neither couple moved.

Buffy and Spike unaware they were being watched.

Tara and Willow just watching as if at any minute the really awful hallucination would thin out into air.

It didn't.

When the front door shut on it's own and made a loud slam, was when Spike and Buffy turned to look down at the two ogling witches.

"Shit." Buffy hissed, burrying her face in Spike's chest like an ostrich seeking safety.

"Girls." Spike waved to the two with a small smile.

Tara waved back a little unsure of herself and Willow, well, she just moved away into the livingroom and sunk onto the sofa.

/ An hour later... /

"I'll go?" Spike offered, really hopinf he'd be let off the proverbial hook. Inn this case it felt like a wooden hook edging closer to his undead heart. Dawn was no issue. He could handle a talk with the Bit. Add two adult lesbians in this mix, and uh uh, Spike was ready to run without a glance back out the front door.

"No. You stay. I'm not the one who put me in this mess." Buffy warned.

"Um, yes, it was." Spike retorted.

"What? How do you figure? YOU kissed ME up those stairs!" Buffy clarified.

"You were the first to ever kiss me!" Spike beamed.

"Um, does it matter who started it? Because it's still going on." It was Willow who piped up from the sofa.

"Spike knocked you up?" Leave it to Dawn to really break the ice, and the news!

"What? How?" Willow looked to and from Slayer and vampire.

"Well, they just demonstrated it a little while ago upstairs in Buffy's bedroom. Spike was naked, and hey, I thought you knew how people..." Dawn was cutoff by everyone in the room, and that was Tara, Buffy, Spike and Willow.

"That's impossible!" Willow argued, looking stunned, "Right? It is impossible, isn't it?" Now she wasn't so sure. Kissing was as far as Buffy went with Spike. Oh, please let it be as far as she went.

"I'm not sure, but it's the only obvious choice." Buffy sighed and sank onto the recliner in front of the long sofa.

"Because he's the only one you've slept with in recent months?" The redhead was trying to get the point set in her own head.

"Right. There's been no one else. So, unless it's even weirder than Spike knocking me up, then that's who did, Because seriously, I don't wanna think of there being a ghost out there gloating to his friends how he..."

"Eww." Dawn cringed. "Thank you for that very bad vivid reminder of Scary Movie with Tori Sbadacting in it."

"Magic?" Tara questioned, getting different looks from everyone else. "I-I mean maybe someone c-casted some kind of s-spell? Not a l-love spell, but a baby making spell?" There was no name for conjuring up a spell to give fertility. At least not from the dead.

"Why would someone put a spell on Spike to give him offspring?" Buffy wasn't crushing Tara's idea. It just seemed stretched that someone would do such a thing.

"Maybe n-not on him. M-maybe on you." Tara finished. "An enemy. Someone w-who wants you out of the picture of s-slaying?" Now that was an idea.

"Tara's right!" Dawn gasped, "You can't slay when pregnant. What if you hit the baby and then..." She didn't wanna say it. Incase it happened and she was at fault for jinxing her sister.

It seemed the conversation of Spike and Buffy sex was out the window as the new topic title was, who played mojo baby making with the pair? If that was even the case.

"I'm still safe in the first few months. It's after my first trimester that I really shouldn't be patrolling." Buffy comforted her sister.

"Uh uh, pet. No patrolling for you. Besides, y'got the Big Bad on your side, now. Not tha' I wasn't before, 'cos I was. Jus', y'know...neutral." He smiled sweetly, but Buffy did't buy it. "So, as of now, no slaying. I'll keep up on it. Should be easy 'nough. Wha, with livin' in the damn cemetary n'all." He was shot a look that would mean they'd discuss this topic later.

"No. There'll be no talkin' 'bout this later, Buffy. It's decided. Y're not patrolling. Not when I'm staking capable." Spike snapped. He was being protective for her own good. Didn't she see that?

"You wanna see how well staking capable I am? Cos, oh, Spike, I so am right now." Pushing off from the chair with ease, the blonde stalked over to the other blond in menace.

"Y'wanna put yourself in danger, fine! Se eif I bloody well care! Jus' don't think Ima stand by and let y'put my son in danger with you!" He growled.

"Son? No. You're mistaken. It's a girl, and it's MY body. I can do what I please. I can do WHO I please." She rubbed that part in.

Grinding his teeth together, Spike hissed under his breath, "Don't tempt me, Slayer. Don't." He warned.

"Wasn't you that I had tempting in mind for." Yup, Buffy clearly saw Spike's green little demon emerging.

"Hey! Can we get back to the part of you both having sex? And in the room next to mine! That was WRONG. How would you like it if I had sex in my room?" Dawn knew the pair needed a distraction.

Just not THAT kind.

"I'll board up your windows." Buffy promised.

"I'll board up y'door." Spike added.

"God, I was only joking." Slumping further into the comfy sofa, Dawn threw her head against Tara's shoulder.

"I thought it w-was a good joke." The witch assured, petting the brunette's head.

-TBC (The next chapter might be somewhere in the near future. As far as storyline goes. Not that it'll be up then. :P)