Ignorance Was Bliss

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6th August 1981

The nuns at St Aidan's Orphanage were busy cleaning and taking prayer in the chapel and the 14 Orphans that resided in the large old manor house were eating in silence in the dining hall, when Sister Gabriel heard a knock at the large oak front doors.

Now this was not a common occurrence due to the large wrought iron gates that surrounded the building and were almost permanently locked from the inside.

Sister Gabriel herself was a very beautiful young woman of 25, who at a height of 5"7 seemed far too pretty to be a novice nun.

She had deep blonde hair that was always tied in a bun, but when let down cascaded in ringlets to the middle of her back.

Her pale blue eyes always exuded a kindness that was genuine and she never raised her voice or gave away her feelings.

Sister Gabriel had joined the convent aged 19 to escape an abusive husband and a meagre existence.

But today was pleasant out and she opened the door with a smile, only to find no one there.

It was only when she heard a gurgle that she looked down to see a small baby, no more than a year old wrapped in a green blanket that seemed to be covered in gold broomsticks.

She lifted it up and looked at it closely, it was a boy, with wisps of black hair and a lightning shaped scar above his left eyebrow, but what startled her most was the glistening emerald green eyes that stared up at her with apparent amusement.

Gabriel looked around to see that the gates were still locked, how on earth had the child's mother found her way into the compound?

A small purple velvet pouch was found amongst the boys unusual blankets, in it contained a small old yellowed peace of paper and several large gold coins that had pictures of mythical creatures on them and were each inscribed with the words One Galleon.

The letter had old fashioned script on it and read:

To whom it may concern,

This is my only godson Harry James Potter, his parents Lily and James are dead and it is too dangerous for me to keep him.

I pray that you give him the life he deserves,

away from the evils of our world.

Thank you

P.S. Enclosed in the pouch is all the money I have.

S. Black.

"Well little Harry! Welcome to St Aidans, you'll probably be spending the next 18 years here, poor little sweetheart!" Smiled Sister Gabriel as she went to sign him in the orphan register book.

As she was writing in the book a hurricane of blonde swept past her followed by a spluttering and exhausted overweight nun called Sister Eileen, her fluffy brown hair falling out of her wimple.

Sister Eileen stopped and took a huge puff on her inhaler as she sat sprawled on the chair opposite Sister Gabriel.

"That little Demon was sent by Satan himself to test me! Terrible twos? They should call it terrifying twos. I swear that boy disappears and reappears somewhere else!" She gasped.

"Has Draco been giving you a hard time Eileen?" smiled Gabriel as she rocked a sleeping Harry.

"I'll say! This the new inmate?" asked Sister Eileen pointing her chubby finger at Harry.

"Yes found him outside, look at this old note and the weird gold coins!" she laughed, but Sister Eileen had a stern and slightly scared expression on her face.

"We found the same things with little Draco when he arrived last year, pure gold they are, and we found the strange parchment.

Similar thing to that, 'please care for my dear son Draco….'

Reverend Mother believes it's the currency used in some sort of satanic cult! And with a name that means dragon what do you expect.

You know the sort Gabriel, into…w…witchcraft!" she whispered the last part as though saying it would get her burned at the stake.

"Really? You think little Harry is from the same cult?" she said surprised.

"Well if that's the case, thank goodness God has mercy on the innocent, Lord knows what sins their parents committed, he should be baptised by Father Drummond on Sunday!" Smiled Sister Eileen as she pressed her hands together as though in prayer.

Sister Gabriel couldn't believe that something so sweet could come from an evil cult, maybe that's why they got rid of him.

Maybe he was too pure and good, one thing was certain, she would have to ask the Reverend Mother about the strange marking on his sweet little forehead.

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