Ignorance Was Bliss

Harry tumbled onto a fine green floral carpet, nearly squashing Aiden.

He tried to right himself despite the sudden onslaught of nausea that had overcome him since his trip through the swirling emerald flames.

He stood and gazed in absolute astonishment at the vast room in front of him, it contained a great mass of stunning antiques.

Great wing-backed chairs, a sumptuous chez langue, colossal gold encrusted vases and urns and in the middle of it all sat three people, two men and a woman.

Their gazes abruptly shot up as Harry cleared his throat, a beautiful red-headed woman stood and ran towards him, grabbing him securely by the shoulders.

"Harry? It's me Lily…your mother, do you remember me?"

She stared into eyes so much like her own that were beginning to brim with tears.

The black-haired teenager shook his head before giving his mother a one-armed hug and burying his face into her soft warm neck.

A smell so familiar invaded his senses; it was the smell of home and safety, of love and comfort, the scent of his mother.

Lily turned to gaze at the tiny baby in her sons arms.

"Is this Aiden?" she cooed at the infant "Is this my little grandson?"

Harry nodded as the two men rose from their seats to greet them, one was tall and elegant his long ashy silken hair cascaded down his back in a sleek ponytail, his ice-blue eyes were a replica of his sons, this had to be Draco's father.

The man smiling fondly next to him placed a comforting hand on Harry's shoulder and he looked up into a face the mirror of his own except the man's eyes were a deepest honey. Was this his father?

The man suddenly broke down and fell to his knees beside Harry his body wracked with long, sharp sobs.

Lily quickly knelt beside the man and whispered quiet comfort to him.

"Harry this is James, your father" she said gently.

Harry nodded his astonishment and passed Aiden to his mother; he knelt in front of his father and embraced him firmly, the tears now flowing freely and with abandon.

"So long Harry, it's been so long, what a life you must have had, I'm so sorry Harry, so very sorry we couldn't be there for you!"

The couple gazed at their son, as if hoping for forgiveness.

"I always wondered what you would look and sound like..now I know!" Harry gave a lopsided grin.

Father and son held each other tightly, the fire beside them roared to life and Draco stumbled through.

"Harry? Who are these people?" Draco asked as he dusted himself off.

Harry stood up slowly, pulling his father with him.

"Draco, this is my Dad James and my Mum Lily" The words felt strangely foreign on his tongue.

"And this is your father..?"

"Lucius" announced the striking older blonde. "Draco?" He said softly.

Lucius opened his arms as his son came warily towards him, and when he was close enough Lucius hurried forward and swept Draco into a bone-crushing embrace.

Narcissa and Sister Gabriel followed through the Floo and Gabriel could only gape at the opulence of the room in which she now stood.

"Goodness what luxury" she smiled.

After the reunion was over, Harry and Draco where shown to their room on the third floor of the Manor.

It was immense and held a great four-poster bed dripping with emerald silks, the carpet was soft and black and the whole place exuded a sense of wealth and lavishness.

Harry placed his son's bassinet on the floor and walked up to a door on the right that bore the name 'Aiden'.

He traced his fingers along the golden letters before grabbing the decorated handle and stepping through.

What he saw shocked him, an exquisite nursery was stretched out before him, a sea of baby blues and warm generous creams, shelves of books and stuffed animals, boxes and boxes of hand-crafted toys, rich blankets and delicately sewn baby clothes filled the impressive space.

In the corner sat a huge oak crib and next to it a carved wicker rocking chair, miniature sparkling butterflies fluttered listlessly around the room and as Harry sat in the rocking chair one landed on his shoulder.

"Oh God!" Harry said as he looked at the delightful things that now belonged to his darling child.

"I have a son!" Harry sat motionless, it was now truly sinking in. "I was pregnant, gave birth and had a bloody son!" The green eyed teen shook his head in amazement.

"We had a son" Harry whispered as Draco walked into the room with a fussing Aiden.

"And he's very hungry" smiled Draco as he too took in the room.

Harry nodded unbuttoning his dress to allow Aiden to feed, Draco gave the child to Harry before sitting on the floor in front of them admiring his new little family.

There was a knock at the door and the pair looked up to see Lily and Narcissa hovering in the doorway.

"Do you like it?" asked Draco's mother hopefully.

"We love it thank you…Mum" said the Slytherin with a smile.

"Right then! DOBBY!!" Shouted Lily.

Harry jumped as a small gnarled creature with big pointed bat ears and enormous mud-green eyes appeared in front of them,

Draco reared back in fright.

"Jesus" what the hell is that?"

"Don't worry dear" replied Narcissa "It's just a house elf; they are the servants of our world."

"Dobby, please put master Aiden to bed and set out some more suitable attire for Harry and Draco to wear to dinner.

"I'm not letting that thing touch our son! Are you insane!" cried Draco.

Harry Stared into the innocent face of the tiny elf.

"Dobby is it?" he asked

"Dobby at your services master Harry Potter sirs" The little house elf bowed dressed in his best dishcloth.

"You will be careful with Aiden won't you? And if anything happens you will tell us right away?"

"Oh yes sirs I have been looking after human babies for hundreds of years" squeaked the excited creature.

Harry nodded and reluctantly handed Aiden to the elf that then burped him and cooed at him gently.

"Harry! How could you let that thing have our son?" Draco yelled.

"I held you like this when you was a babies master Draco, and you is fine, I was the one who took you to the orphanage" Dobby said proudly.

"Really?" Draco gasped.

"Come now boys, get dressed for dinner, we have so much to discuss" smiled Lily.

Harry nodded and walked into the main bedroom, he couldn't help looking back as his son was placed carefully in his crib.

Pain filled Harry's heart having to leave Aiden; did he really want to associate himself with this strange new world?

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