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The Demon's Blackmailed Bride

Summary: Kagome Higurashi's family is in serious debt to none other than ex-family friend Inuyasha Takahashi. Once the happy couple until Kagome caught Inuyasha with another woman wrapped in his arms. He claims it was never his intention to hurt her; but Kagome left him regardless. Now Inuyasha is demanding for the money her family owes him in a ploy of revenge against Kagome hoping to corner her into his trap…Marry him, ultimately giving him an heir, or lose everything.

Chapter 1: The Ultimatum

Kagome's POV

I can't believe I'm doing this! After a whole year of avoiding him, after all the

extremes I went through to be rid of him…Here I am having to beg and plead for him to

extend our loan payment period.

"Oh Kagome, you must ask him, beg if need be! We just don't have the money now.

Please, he'll listen to you. When we called for this meeting he specifically wanted to

speak to you and you alone," said Mrs. Higurashi.

"Mother, this can only bring nothing but pain. There has to be some personal gain for him wanting to speak to just me. Don't you see it?"

"Honey, if he wants you to talk to him then you must! We don't have any other options. Try your best to see this from our perspective. He loved you once; he'll probably show mercy again."

"Yeah, he'll show mercy all right, mercy enough to get what he wants. Mother, I don't know what you are expecting to happen; but I have a horrible feeling about tonight."

"Do whatever he asks Kagome, as long as it's in a respectable manner of course."

"Eww…Gross mother!"

"You know I am looking out for you."

"Yeah, you're doing a bang up job Mother…Feeding me to a dog demon."

I wouldn't even be in this mess if my family hadn't needed the money to keep Rakuen, (Paradise), our family restaurant open. We needed a lot of money to get the building up to code, especially after the bug incident. Yes, that's right…We were sued big time for someone finding a live cockroach in their salad. To this day we still swear someone deliberately planted it there. My family believes in cleanliness as an utmost priority. I mean, hell, I shower at least 2-3 times a day!

We couldn't recover on our own after that. When I told Takahashi what happened he instantly wanted to help. I thought he was so wonderful. A man willing to pay for everything we needed to get back on our feet and still loved me just the same. But when there's happiness, sadness is just right around the corner…In the form of a sleek long black haired woman…

Kikyo Rumiko, an adversary through high school, college, and even in the workforce caused the downfall of my happiness…All for the sake of one man…Inuyasha Takahashi. Oh yes, I remember our constant battles for Takahashi's affection. She thought that once the restaurant went down and I was not as carefree as I once was that he would leave and he would be hers for the taking. But no…Inuyasha Takahashi didn't leave…He loaned us the money we needed and got us out of the hole that bug dug us in. Thanks to him we were safe…For awhile.

But fate has a cruel hand and a merciless one at that. After all the negotiations and legalities were set, only a month after all the chaos, who do I find in Inuyasha Takahashi's arms? That's right…Kikyo Rumiko. He claims she jumped into his arms and tried to seduce him. He expected me to believe him.

I should have known something was wrong. Two weeks after everything was finalized we had a fight. Mind you, we had plenty; but this one took the cake. It turns out, Inuyasha wasn't just trying to pay to get us out of debt…He was also trying to pay for me. He wanted me to be his wife; but I said no. I just couldn't. Why? Well, because I didn't want to marry him for the sake of what he'd done. I know it was a lot of money; but I wasn't about to marry him just for that! And besides, I was still in college at the time!

Maybe I was scared…Ok, really scared. He claimed he wasn't blackmailing me into marrying him. The whole time he said he loved me and wanted to make me happy. But I told him to wait…Like the fool I was, I believed he would. Inuyasha Takahashi had other plans, so it seemed.

We had talked about marriage before the restaurant was sued; but I always changed the subject. He of course would get angry, we'd argue, and then have a successful make-out-I mean, make-up session! Damn, I can't believe I am actually remembering those times we had together. Takahashi was the only man to ever make my blood burn and turn to ice at the same time. Just thinking about the way he would put his lips to my neck makes me shiver.

I worry what my body is going to do once reunited with him. Just one look from those amber eyes and I was swimming in an endless stream. But that doesn't matter now; I need to look forward at what I accomplished since being without him.

After everything was said and done, I finally got my life back on track. I avoided everything having to do with him, relocated to another college, finished my degree and now I have an apartment looking over the ocean. I even found a great job at a successful private school as a music teacher. Not the most glamorous job nor the most paying; but it's very rewarding. Seeing all those smiling faces… I hope to have children of my own someday. I hope for a lot of things…

Well, here goes nothing….

As Kagome walked up the fine stone steps to the hotel's entrance, one of Inuyasha's many respectable establishments, a sense of dread rushed over her. Would Inuyasha grant her what her family desired or would he watch her and her family rot before his very eyes?




Inuyasha POV

Tonight…She will be here tonight. After all my planning and waiting, she's finally within my grasp! I will have her cornered and I will have my revenge. She thought she could just walk out on me. Who does she think I am? I'm definitely not one of her little pushover love interests from another time that's for sure.

Oh Kagome Higurashi, you've really done it now. You've played right into my hand all along and I will once again have you by my side. You may not want to be there; but I'm sure in time I can persuade you to see things my way.

You might not have wanted to listen to me for a whole year; but dammit tonight you will. You're going to listen to every damn word I have to say and you won't have any choice but to succumb to my every whim. Hell, I might even have you beg just to ease my appetite.

For a whole year now I've waited just for you. Because of you, I could never truly be happy or love another. I didn't want anyone after you. And like Hell I tried! I tried to forget about your love with every fiber in my body; but it was no use. The more I fought the harder my mind and body remembered you.

Although I had never physically taken you, mentally I undressed you every time I thought about you, which was a hell of a lot! How I longed to kiss your ruby red lips, paw at your firm breasts, and make you submit! And I promise you Kagome…I will make you submit to me, whether you're willing or not. This time, we play by my rules. I call the shots and you have no choice but to obey. I'll see to that, just like I've seen to so many things in your life. Love will not play into the game this time, not until you see things my way. Things will be strictly on my terms and you will play along as you already have…

Your parents called one morning as I expected. I knew what they wanted to talk about; but I persuaded them to give me a meeting over dinner instead. What I offered was for you alone…

"Inuyasha, I was hoping we could talk man to man for just a few moments," said Mr. Higurashi, hoping he didn't sound too desperate.

"Hmm, you know I normally would have time for a Higurashi sir, but I am considerably busy. Perhaps this could wait say…This Thursday, 7:00pm, dinner at The Takahashi."

"All right Inuyasha, I don't mind discussing things over dinner-

"No sir, I didn't mean with you."

"I beg your pardon."

"Send Kagome in your place. I'm sure she and I can work out an arrangement."

"This has nothing to do with Kagome-

"Are you so sure? I mean, she is the heir to your restaurant is she not?"

"Well yes but-

"Then that makes her partly responsible for its well being as well as all the responsibilities entitled to it."

"Now see here Inuyasha-

"Sir? Getting an attitude is not going to help your situation. Now I am a fair businessman and I will do whatever is in my power to help you like I have in the past. All I ask is for a simple arrangement to be made with your daughter. I don't see that as being difficult do you?"

"I need you to talk to me, not my daughter."

"Well, we have a dilemma then, because you see sir…I need to talk with your daughter and her alone."

Oh yes, tonight Kagome things are going to be very different indeed. I will finally have what I wanted, what I've lusted for since our last time together…And all I want right now, is you…On my bed, the couch, the floor, or just below me in any way. That's all I want. I want to hear you cry my name with sheer pleasure and I want to take the most precious thing to you…Your life…Just like you took mine. And I will have your life Kagome. Your life will be sealed with me forever and you will be bound by law to me forever…By way of a child.

It'll be a suitable arrangement. I'll get an heir, your family's debts are considered non-existent, you'll always be in my sights, and you'll always be at my beck-n-call. Everyone wins…

Inuyasha was seated in the lounge of the hotel with a quaint table for two near a window over looking the ocean in Pensacola, Florida. The stars were out and the air was warm, a perfect night for possibilities. As Inuyasha sipped more champagne he looked up to see a dazzling creature before him.

There in the entryway to the lounge stood Kagome Higurashi darning an elegant

strapless green dress descending down to her knees, with a green wrap securely wrapped around her shoulders. Her hair was up in a bun while diamonds hung from her earlobes, and a beautiful green pendant hung from her sleek neck. She was a sight to behold…And yes, Inuyasha would hold her; but he would bide his time.




Kagome noticed him as soon as she stood right outside the lounge. He looked up at her from his champagne glass and she felt her heart plummet deeper into her body. Her nerves were working over time and she was glad Inuyasha came to meet her because due to her present state, she did not know whether she could walk the distance without dropping to the floor.

Once Inuyasha reached her they stood staring like lost children, well she did. He gave his award winning smirk…And if a smile could kill, she would be six feet under by now.

"You're looking well Kagome."

"I feel well." Ok, that was a blatant lie; but he doesn't need to know that.

"Please, join me," offered Inuyasha extending his arm towards their table.

Once there he kindly pulled out her chair and waited for her to be seated before returning to his own. To keep herself occupied without having to look into his golden eyes, she instantly picked up the menu in front of her and began skimming the entrees. A waiter arrived shortly to take down their orders and he briskly walked away taking Kagome's attempt at putting more distance between them. With the menus gone she had no choice but to meet his gaze head on.

"All right Mr. Takahashi-

"Kagome, it's all right to call me Inuyasha."

"Mr. Takahashi-

"If you want to talk to me Kagome, you follow my rules."

"Your rules?"


"And what are your rules?"

"Well, for one, call me Inuyasha."

"Fine…Inuyasha, we need to discuss the loan payments."

"Straight to business Kagome? Don't even want to look back on old times?"

"I'd like for us to talk about my family's current financial situation," said Kagome completely ignoring his question.

"Ah yes…Their loan payments."

"You see, we need more time, we'll get the money it's just, we don't have it yet. Not all of it at least. We just need more time." Don't you dare make me beg Takahashi!

"More time?"


Kagome's breath caught in her throat. For a long searing moment Inuyasha simply looked at her, lifting his glass to his lips; but not once taking his eyes from hers. Once again placing his glass back on the table he gave Kagome another smirk and said,

"Your family must be very desperate seeing as how they were able to get you to come here. Of course, I'm going to assume you came kicking and screaming."

What a bastard!

"It doesn't matter how I came. I'm here aren't I," she replied with snide.

"Not running anymore?"

"Running from what?"

"You ran from me a year ago," shot back Inuyasha leaning back to get a better look at her.

"That was different."

"How so?"

"I didn't need to speak with you and I didn't need anything from you." Oh God, he's looking at me as if he's dissecting me. I can't stand this!

"But you do now," Inuyasha said with such arrogance.

He's playing with me. Oh God, he must know I'm scared. Ok Kagome, get a grip! It's not the end of the world. You can handle him; you've done this once before!

"Are you going to give us an extension or not?"


Relaxing further in his seat, he contemplated her stance. She was obviously nervous; but she held herself together well. That's my girl.

"Well Kagome, that all depends on you."

"On me? How?"

"I have a proposition for you, an ultimatum if you want to call it."

"Such as?" 'Did she really want to know?'

"Why don't you take a sip of your tea first?"

"No, you tell me now."

"I have a feeling you might not like what I have to say."

"It's not going to be the first time."

He thought about this statement for a second and continued,

"You will listen to what I have to say Kagome; but first take a sip or your tea. I don't want your voice to be dry while we're negotiating."

Seeing as Inuyasha was evidently not going to back down she took a sip of her tea and placed the cup back on the table giving him a stare as if saying, 'all right, get on with it.'

Content she obeyed his order Inuyasha began,

"How much do you love your family Kagome?"

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"Oh, it has plenty. Tell me, how much you love them."


"Enough to do anything for them?"

"What are you talking about?" At this point in time Kagome could feel her insides twist into knots. She hoped they could simply talk about an extension and then she could bid Inuyasha farewell; but as always, he had other things planned.

"You're family needs your help Kagome. How far will you go to help them?"

"This is crazy Inuyasha, you're crazy," with that she stood up to leave; but Inuyasha caught her by the wrist before she could go.

"Sit down Kagome."


"Sit down," saidInuyasha tightening his grip.

Not wanting to physically fight with him she did as he said and took her seat.

"I have a deal I want to make with you Kagome."

"A deal?"

"Yes. A deal I think you'll find convenient on both our behalves."


"Well, as you know, I am 32 years old now and it's time I settled down, started a family, an heir to one day take over the Takahashi Corporation."

"What does this have to do with me?"

"Well Kagome…I can't have an heir unless I have a suitable woman to gift one to me," he said with a smirk that would make Hades' blood run cold.

"I don't understand…"

"Oh I think you do. The deal's this Kagome…I need a wife and an heir. You marry me, gift me with a child, and I'll disregard any of your family's debts."

Kagome couldn't even respond. Her eyes went wide and her jaw opened slightly from shock. Taking a deep breath, she said,

"Are you suggesting I become your wife and sleep with you long enough to give you a child? Then what?"

"Naturally you will raise him or her. I require at least seven years of your life."

"Why seven?"

"Two years if need be to conceive, and then five years to raise the child till he or she is old enough to start school."

"Then what Inuyasha?"

"Then we are free to divorce; but the child stays in my custody. You'll have of course visitation rights and all the money to have you set for the rest of your life. You'll never have to work again if you did not want to."

By this time Kagome was shaking her head in revulsion at the mere thought of what he was proclaiming.

"If you're going to be so diplomatic and heartless about everything, why not just take me to a sperm bank and have me artificially inseminated? We wouldn't even have to touch each other!" She said with such viciousness, it was hard to sit still in her seat.

"Oh but Kagome…We'd miss all the fun. I promise you're getting the better end of the bargain."

"You spineless bastard! How am I getting the better end of the deal?"

"Well, you'll have access to all my funds, anything you need will be at your disposal, a suitable home being my mansion of course, and you'll be sharing my bed every night," he ended with another smirk.

"And my family's debts?"

"Would be no more of course. You would be my wife, and I would take very good care of you."

Kagome looked away from his intense stare to gaze out at the ocean.


What he asks is far too much! Marrying him is one thing; but to bring a child into a loveless relationship…It's crazy! I would be a monster if I agreed to his demands!

"I'm being very generous Kagome. All I ask is for one simple thing…You."

"I'm not a possession Inuyasha!"

"As I see it, you belong to me. You owe me money Kagome. Money I intend to get whether you pay me with your hard earned efforts at work, or whether it is with your hard earned efforts in my bed!"

Standing up from the table to look down on him she said,

"How dare you say such things to me? I won't sit nor stand while you do this! I won't hear it!"

With her standing over him Inuyasha felt compelled to show her who was really in charge thus standing to his full height to match her animosity.

"You'll hear every damn word I have to say Kagome! I've waited a year to finally have you crawl at my feet and you will either submit to my demands or face the consequences!"

Getting right in his face she dared say through gritted teeth, "Take-your-best-shot!"

With that Inuyasha placed his hands on either side of Kagome's face and pulled her forward in a heart wrenching kiss to end all kisses. She could feel her knees begin to buckle and felt her head swimming in ecstasy. The feel of Inuyasha's lips on hers teasing and enjoying made her senses whirl. Coaxing her bottom lip with his tongue demanding entrance, Kagome complied and had him enter her mouth, absorbing all her tastes, making sure not to miss any detail of her beautiful, sensuous mouth. Pulling back to look into her eyes, both breathing heavily, neither knowing what to say or do.

Kagome, still swimming in pure delight was aroused with desire and a need longing to be fulfilled. Looking dreamily into Inuyasha's deep golden orbs she finally realized…This was Inuyasha, the man who betrayed her, and was now using her for his own twisted game.

Snapping back into focus she regained her composure while Inuyasha lowered his hands from her face. She finally let out a growl, reared her palm back and slapped him right in the middle of his left cheek, leaving a huge red mark. Inuyasha didn't even flinch from the attack but appeared to be laughing, not only was he chuckling; but his eyes even held that glimmer of pure malice.

"Hot enough for you Kagome?"

Still breathing heavily she managed to get out,

"You're nothing but an animal!"

"Well Kagome," said Inuyasha licking his lips and showing his fangs, "you do bring out the animal in me!"

Frustrated, confused, tired, and bewildered, Kagome let out a groan and stormed out of the lounge. Inuyasha called to her still standing where he was,

"You have twenty-four hours to comply, Kagome! I'll call you tomorrow at this time and you better have an answer for me!"

Not looking back she continued out of the hotel and into the parking lot where her white Mazda was parked away from all the other vehicles only to find a certain hanyou had beaten her there…

"What are you doing," stormed Kagome? She had forgotten about his demon attributes concerning his physical fitness compared to mere mortals. He was fast, strong, and horribly vicious. She'll have to remember more cautiously who she's dealing with from now on.

Inuyasha propped himself up against the driver's side and waited for her to come closer.

"I was waiting for you Kagome."

"My car does not concern you, so get your damn paws off it!"

Inuyasha raised his clawed hands in defense and stepped aside only to take Kagome's keys from her hands.


"Shut up," said Inuyasha as he opened her car door motioning for her to get in.

Kagome gave him a hard glare, one in which he spared no emotion for. Seeing as how she would not win this round against Inuyasha she stepped into the vehicle as he grabbed her seat belt fastening it for her. In the instant he was pulling the strap across her breasts, he touched them with his claws. Whether it was deliberate or far from his intention, Kagome didn't know. All she did know was from that one caress came a vibrant shiver that Inuyasha noticed and if at all possible, his smirk widened. Content she was strapped in he closed her door, still holding onto her keys.

"I was only protecting what's mine Kagome. Anything can happen in the night."

"I hope that's not a threat Inuyasha."

"Come now Kagome, you know me far better than that."

"Do I?"

They stared at each other for what seemed like eternity before Kagome motioned for her car keys.

"Do you mind? I can only stay in the presence of swine for so long."

Inuyasha handed her the car keys in one hand while moving his right hand across the nape of her neck pulling her in for another kiss. This time, strictly for possession purposes; but no doubt leaving Kagome weakened. Once Inuyasha let go Kagome asked,

"What was that for Inuyasha?"

"Merely showing who you belong to Kagome."

"I'll never belong to you!"

"Once we're married you'll carry my mate mark, no doubt you'll belong to me then."

"If you aim to divorce me, what good does a mate mark do?"

"It states my territory and lets others know not to mess with what's mine."

With that, Kagome started her car; but not before Inuyasha could grab her arm.

"Twenty-four hours Kagome…"

He let her go allowing her to speed off into the night…

End Chapter 1!

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