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Chapter 5: The Honeymoon!

It wasn't until seven when Inuyasha finally opened his eyes and realized the beautiful ebony haired woman lying flat across his muscular chest. Her arms sprawled across him as his was safely secured around her, smelling her hair and reassuring himself none of this was a dream, he decided to take a few more moments until waking her up. They weren't supposed to arrive to their honeymoon suite till later in the day anyway.

Finally deciding to wake her up, Inuyasha gently kissed her forehead eliciting a moan from Kagome. She began to stir and lifted her head to peer into a warm amber gaze.

"Good morning mate, sleep well?"

Kagome couldn't believe how he could make these feelings for him come to surface. She didn't want to feel these tingling feelings for him. He was the enemy after all.

"I slept just fine. You?"

"I always sleep well in your presence mate. And as I remember you did too," he said with a smirk.

Kagome began to blush and pulled away from Inuyasha only to have him pull her back.

"And where do you think you're going?"

She paused to control her breathing. The smell of his skin, the way his muscles tightened around her, it was all too much for her senses at the moment.

"I was leaving to take a shower. I feel dirty at the moment," she ended snippily.

"Oh, well I'll just join you then."

Putting a hand against his chest to ease away from him she began, "That's not necessary, I don't want you to come with me."

"Tough," was his only reply before getting up from the bed and sliding his arms beneath her picking her up against his chest.

"Inuyasha! Stop," cried Kagome flailing her arms.

He paid no attention to her protests but simply carried her into the bathroom and put her feet on the floor of the shower as he turned it on and entered with her. Grabbing the cloth on one of the shelves in the spacious area he lathered it with more lavender soap and applied it to Kagome's skin. She started to bat his hands away when Inuyasha grabbed her wrists giving her a stern look.

"Must you do this Inuyasha," she cried.

Looking down into her bewildered eyes he said, "It is a sense of pride for a husband to cleanse their mate. You will do better to remember that in the future."

Another blush followed and Kagome decided to look away from his stair. That was until he lifted her off the linoleum and forced her to wrap her legs around his waist.

"What are you doing," she spat at him.

"Getting ready to make love to my mate."

Her eyes went wide and she gasped, "Now?"

"Why not?"

Kagome couldn't form words until he pushed himself deep inside her. She gasped out again and clenched his shoulders tightly. Unable to hold in her rage at his possession over her any longer, Kagome lashed out at him trying to slap his face. Inuyasha caught her hand quickly jerking her to his mouth in a steamy kiss. Finally pulling away from her he said,

"Why fight me when you know you won't win Kagome?"

"If I didn't fight, what kind of woman would it make me?"

"A wife."

With that, he once again controlled her lips and satisfied his hunger for her once again. After their first climax he eased Kagome down onto the floor content with just holding her under the spray of water. He could still feel her tremble beneath his touch, so he continued to hold her to him in case her legs gave out. As her mate, and provider, he was proud that he could make her lose herself within his touch.

Two tears rolled down Kagome's cheeks as she hoped Inuyasha wouldn't notice, if he wasn't a demon that is, he wouldn't have been able to smell the tears.

Cupping her chin with his hand to have her look into his eyes as the tears continued their descent he lightly kissed her mouth making her lips shiver in response.

"Do I disgust you so much," he whispered against her lips.

Looking into his eyes, once again she couldn't form words to say to him.

"Get out of here mate," Inuyasha said in a low husky voice.

Kagome didn't have to be told twice and she immediately opened the door grabbing a towel from the rack wrapping it around her without even drying off first. Inuyasha sighed and ran a hand through his damp hair.

What am I going to do with you Kagome?

"What are you doing?"

Startled, Kagome spun around from the bed saying, "Getting back into bed."

Inuyasha leaned one shoulder against the doorway of the bathroom only wearing a towel as he crossed his arms in front of his chest. Kagome could feel her heart beat quicken and her breathing become ragged at the sight.

"Unless you want to go for round two I suggest you don't," he ended with a smirk.

"What are you talking about?"

Rolling his eyes and giving off a sigh Inuyasha said, "We're leaving on our honeymoon today. It's time for you to pack."

"Fine, I'll pack later," she said getting back into bed.

Realizing she was going to be very stubborn about this, Inuyasha took the liberty of going to her side of the closet and taking out several garments of clothing throwing them on the foot of the bed. Upon seeing this, Kagome shot up crying,

"What the hell do you think you're doing Inuyasha?"

Looking into her eyes he said, "Since you don't want to pack I'll do it for you. Now I suggest if you don't want me to put your clothes on for you, you better get dressed and ready now."

Seeing as how Inuyasha was deathly serious she eased herself out of bed as he tried to stare her down. Rolling her own eyes she walked to him giving him a gentle push saying,

"I can pack for myself!"

"Then let's see it Kagome," he said throwing down another of her shirts on the bed as he went to his own dresser to find suitable clothes to wear.

Within minutes they were packed and ready to go…To where, that was for Inuyasha alone to know.




"He didn't! Tell me he didn't try to pack your clothes for you?"

"Yes he did Sango! I had to bat his hands away to get him to stop!"

Kagome was sitting on one of the bar stools in the cabin of Inuyasha's private jet talking to Sango on the phone. She had just finished reading a few pages from one of her books and needed to vent out the frustrations of the day thus far.

"Ooh! I would have opened a can of demon ass whooping Kagome!"

"Sango, please!"

"Well, where are you guys headed?"

"I don't know, he won't tell me. Says it's a surprise."

"Hmm, the devil is trying to seduce his prey, sounds about right. I guess he really must want that child."

"Don't worry, I'll see to it that a child isn't in our future for a little while."

"Um, I thought it was stated in the contract?"

"Doesn't matter, he can't make all the rules!"

"Be careful Kagome when playing with fire…"

"No need to warn me Sango, I can take care of myself."

"Not as long as your mate is here to take care of you himself," said Inuyasha coming through the door with two flutes of champagne.

Giving him an exasperated look, she told Sango good bye and turned towards him crossing her arms.

"Well, speak of the Devil."

"Demon yes, Devil no…Or in a different aspect, Demon in life, Devil in bed," he replied with a devilish smirk.

Giving a sigh, "Is there something you wanted?"

"Just some alone time with my mate will suffice."

Inuyasha handed her the flute of champagne which she accepted. Raising it to her lips, she looked at him saying,

"Aren't you afraid this would damage the baby?"

"If there was a baby yet, but since there's not, we'll just have to keep trying."

"And how do you know I'm not pregnant?"

He pointed to his nose saying, "Demons can smell when their mates are in heat, or when anything is out of the ordinary. Don't worry mate, I'll let you know when you're having our pup."

With that he winked at her and clicked their glasses together before taking a huge drink from his flute. After he finished the glass in one gulp, he walked behind Kagome and put his hands on her shoulders gently massaging her.

"You're so tense Kagome, but don't worry. I do have a way of helping this."

"You can't blame me for being tense."

"Well, I can help."


Before she knew what was happening, Inuyasha had her in his arms and was swiftly carrying her to the jet's private bed a few feet away from the table.

"Inuyasha! What do you think you're doing?"

"Spending some quality time with my mate."

"Put me down! I'm not in the mood!"

"I can fix that!"

"Put me down or I'll-

Before she could finish, Inuyasha had none too gently threw her on the bed and climbed on top of her, pinning her arms to the soft mattress while tasting her sweet lips. This time their love making started out as a savage awakening. Pure hunger and carnivorous primal urges were put to the test as Inuyasha quickly took off their clothes. Kagome was so stunned by his actions all she could do was lye there as a doll at Inuyasha's disposal.

When he unbuttoned her shirt, Inuyasha spread it open revealing her dark blue bra underneath. Lacy and elegant it only surged his hunger even more. With Kagome's breast heaving up and down showing the perfect amount of cleavage for him to devour, Inuyasha snaked out his tongue towards her chest and began making a trail from her breasts to her naval and back up again. Kagome gave a moan of delight to her surprise, raising her eyes to Inuyasha's.

"I intend on spending as much quality time with you as possible Kagome," said Inuyasha cupping her feminine heat with one hand and pulling her bra open to reveal one peaked tip breast.

"I plan on devoting much of my time to knowing about your delicious body," and with that he tasted her taut breast, ensuing a louder moan from Kagome as she bucked her pelvis into his hand.

"Inuyasha…" Kagome moaned in ecstasy.

"You are so beautiful Kagome, so beautiful," Inuyasha said suckling her tender breast.

Kagome began to tense under his ministrations and tried to stop feeling the pleasure Inuyasha ensued upon her.

"Kagome, relax, you want this as much as I do," he breathed into her ear.

With that, Kagome gave herself to the feeling of ecstasy, the pure erotic emotion of bliss. Inuyasha may be the Devil of her nightmares, but the feelings he provoked only stirred her want to look into the abyss. If she came back, she didn't care. This feeling was much more than she could handle, it was much more than she ever thought she could feel. How is it possible that Inuyasha could do this to her? How is it possible he could step back into her life as her shattered heart was still mending, and just whisk her away into an endless dream?




Was this a dream or a nightmare? Kagome awoke in bed with her clothes off with nothing but a maroon silk sheet covering her supple body. It only took her a moment to realize she was not aboard the jet any longer but in a beautiful bedroom with the décor of something one would see in a castle from a fairytale. Kagome was instantly captivated by the silken throw pillows and dark wooden dresser drawers just opposite the bed. Since her family's disaster with the restaurant and her relationship ending with Inuyasha, Kagome had not seen something so majestic as this very room. It seemed almost like a fairytale.

"Ah, so you're awake," said Inuyasha coming from the bathroom only clad in a towel around his waist.

The word "fairytale" quickly left Kagome's thoughts.

"Where are we?" Kagome's voice surprised her because it was much sharper than she had hoped it would be.

"Venice, Italy, cara mia."


"That's right."

"Why did you bring us here?"

"I think you know why Kagome. Do you remember our first trip to Italy?"

Did she remember their first trip to Italy? Of course she did! Every fiber in her body remembered that trip!

It was their one year anniversary and Inuyasha said he wanted to do something special for Kagome. He wanted it to be something for her to remember. What was supposed to be a simple date became an adventure. Without telling Kagome he had her luggage packed and stored in a plane to take them to Venice, Italy.

It began as a date at the Italian restaurant Roma's Italian Grill. They were sitting in a round booth table sipping red wine when Inuyasha said,

"I have a surprise for you Kagome."

"A surprise? Inuyasha what did you do?"

"You'll see but right now I want you to put on this blind fold," he said reaching into his jacket pocket and revealing a red silk handkerchief.


"Trust me Kagome."

Trust me Kagome.

Those three little words would haunt Kagome for the rest of her life. But at the time, Kagome did trust Inuyasha. He was her world. She loved him with all her heart and never thought anything would ever come between them, not enough to tear them apart. So she trusted him with all of herself. She trusted Inuyasha enough to tie the blind fold around her head and take her wherever he wanted. Kagome did not mind because she knew Inuyasha would keep her safe, she knew it.

People who use their sight everyday rarely experience what a blind person feels. When Kagome asked where the steps were leading to, Inuyasha said, "We're just going up the stairs to another restaurant." This "restaurant" was actually a table in his private jet whisking them out of the country and straight for Italy. Because Kagome trusted Inuyasha she did not hesitate nor try to take the blind fold off. She wanted to please Inuyasha and knew it would hurt him if she tried to snatch a peak at her surprise. Even when the noises outside seemed strange, Kagome never thought anything of it, but kept thinking of how much time she was spending with the man she loved.

He fed her while on the jet and held her when they moved to take a seat on a plush couch. He would kiss her hair and gently caress her cheeks. He was so gentle with her that it made Kagome wanted to cry out of happiness. She was loved and in love.

Kagome fell asleep sometime after Inuyasha continued to cuddle her. All she could feel and be aware of was Inuyasha's presence, his strong masculine hold, and his smell…A smell so clean, distinct, and all Inuyasha.

She felt a shift in the room and for a moment Kagome believed they were travelling in a car going down a bumpy road. She was groggy after her nap but was ready to spend more time with her love. Inuyasha kissed her head saying, "Wake up my darling we're here."

"Where are we Inuyasha?"

"Venice, Italy."

Kagome's heart began to pound wildly. She believed she heard wrong, it was completely impossible.

"Inuyasha what are you talking about?"

"I'm going to take off your blind fold Kagome and bring you to a window so you can see for yourself."

"So, I guess we're not in car?"

"We haven't been in a car since we left America."

"You're playing this act very well Inuyasha."

And with that he took off her blind fold allowing her to first get used to the light before escorting her to one of the windows for her to look out at.

"Oh my gosh…You weren't acting…"

Kagome saw stone roads and even stone bridges. In the distance she could see people riding on the gondola tours and others sipping what must have been tea in the restaurant pavilions. It was nothing like she had ever seen before.

"Why did you bring us here Inuyasha?"

Looking into her love's eyes, she saw something she could have only wished for. She saw intense love, the type of love only seen in movies or read about in fairytales. The look he gave her would stay with her for a lifetime.

His eyes seemed to be endless. His mouth was curved in a gentle smile meant only for her. And his voice was smoother than a rolling brook.

"Because you said you wanted to visit Venice, Italy one day. I thought that day could be today."

It was the most romantic experience of Kagome's life. Inuyasha had them stay at the Villa Patriarca Hotel over looking a beautiful court yard filled with red roses and stone statues of angels. The place seemed to scream a Lover's Paradise.

Inuyasha gently picked Kagome up and placed her among the silk sheets of their King sized bed that seemed to engulf their bodies. He lay beside her and stroked her cheek more times than Kagome could remember. The touch was so feather like she wondered if he was still in his demon form.

He leaned down ever so lightly and kissed her rose petal lips sucking on them till Kagome's body became mush. Continuing his administrations he kissed her and teased her tongue with his own. Without knowing it Inuyasha began touching her breast and out of pure primal urgency lifted her from her spot and placed her on his hips as they sat on the bed trying to fulfill their animal appetites.

It seemed as if they could not touch each other enough to satisfy their needs. Each garment they peeled off seemed never to be enough, even when Inuyasha slashed through Kagome's red silken brazier to reveal her supple white breasts. It was never enough.


Inuyasha knew he heard something but was hoping it was not what he thought she said.

"Inuyasha, please, stop."

He was working her taut nipple when he lifted his face to Kagome's wondering what was wrong.

"Did I hurt you Kagome?"

"No Inuyasha, it's not that."

"Then what is it? Do you not like this?"

"Oh Inuyasha, I love what you're doing but…"


Kagome's cheeks turned red as she looked away from Inuyasha's gaze unable to see his reaction when she reminds him.

"You know how I feel about my virginity."

And there it was. Inuyasha was giving her the world, all of himself, tempting her with extravagant places, fine foods, and luxury hotels, but Kagome was still Kagome…Not just Kagome…His Kagome. And all she would rather have is her integrity and to be married before she gives him her virginity.

"I know. Do you want to stop?"

"Are you going to be mad?"

"I can never be mad about something like this, a little disappointed, but I can never be mad when you are doing only what your heart is telling you. It's one of the reasons why I love you so much."

"Thank you Inuyasha."

As she snuggled back down into his chest still trying to collect herself, Kagome could not believe how extraordinary Inuyasha really was.

"I will never hurt you Kagome. I love you too much to ever hurt you."

With that he kissed her hair and they fell asleep within each other's warm embrace.

"What are you thinking about over there?"

It was like crashing back into a nightmare. You know those dreams within a dream you normally have and think that everything is fine until you enter another part of it? This was one of those times.


Kagome shook her head and realized where she was again. She was not on their one anniversary, she was not on a romantic adventure between lovers…She was with her husband.

"You ok, you look a little spaced?"

Inuyasha immediately walked over to the bed and was checking her forehead to see if she had a fever.

"I'm fine!"

Kagome spat her words while trying to remove Inuyasha from her body. He was a little too close for comfort at the moment while she was on the bed completely naked.

"Maybe you're experiencing jet lag, or a since of déjà vu."

"Déjà vu?"

"Don't tell me you don't recognize the room? I picked this one especially for us."

Come to think of it, as she surveyed the room it did have an air of familiarity.

"It's the same room we were in the first time we came to Italy," Inuyasha said with a smile.

"So it is."

Hearing the tone of her voice, the way it sounded so sad as if remembering the way they were before all the nasty business of-business came into their lives. Feeling her pain he asked,

"You must be hungry after your nap, I can order room service or we can go out if you'd like?"

Feeling the need to get out of this room, Kagome agreed to go out for dinner. After getting dressed with one more time having a shower with Inuyasha, they entered an exquisite restaurant de Carletto Restaurant. The room was golden with lavish marble pillars and silk drapes. The table clothes were also silk and this is a true shocker…The napkins were also made of the same fine imported silk. Everything was utterly expensive! It screamed Inuyasha Takahashi! His tastes were always of the finest sorts!

"Inuyasha, this place is much too extravagant. I don't know if I'm comfortable with this."

"Kagome, you look beautiful and as long as you're my mate you will have the finest in life."

With that he kissed her an offered her seat by pulling it out for her. The seat even looked more expensive than anything she ever bought for herself back home. She wondered if it was fine to even sit in such rich material.

She seemed so out of place like a fish out of water. Everyone in the restaurant seemed so use to the things around them and really looked as if they were enjoying themselves. Kagome wondered if she would ever feel joy again.

"You're doing it again."


Kagome had to shake her head again to come back to life.

"You have that far away stare again. It looks as if something is troubling you."

"If anything is troubling me I have you to thank for it."

"Happy to help," said Inuyasha taking a sip of his wine.

It was more than he could take. She was acting so sad since the moment she woke in their suite. Was this marriage really taking its toll on Kagome? Is she losing the spark that he finds so infuriating but at the same time so irresistible?

They finished their meal in peace despite his attempts to start a conversation. He had to do something, something that would light a fire under her and bring his Kagome out of this fit of self pity.

"Kagome when we get back to the suite I want you to take off all your clothes and wait for me on the bed. I'm going to order us some desert and join you shortly."

"What did you just say?"

"You heard me Kagome. I want you on the bed without your clothes as soon as we get back into the suite. You'll have five minutes."

"Inuyasha, what is with this Neanderthal tone all of a sudden?"

"It's not Neanderthal Kagome, it's demon. And I plan on being one tonight with you in bed. So do as I say and you won't be disappointed."

"You know what Inuyasha, I've been disappointed since the moment you walked back into my life and I probably have a little bit of depression from the fact that I am now your wife, and losing my virginity to you probably spiraled me into a lifetime of therapy, but this attitude that you continue to have, this need to dominate my very being, this takes the cake Inuyasha! I am not going to stand for this! You think just because I'm a woman you can just take advantage of me! No! You aren't the boss of me, you're nothing to me!"

And there she was, his beloved Kagome in all her fury. If she couldn't feel happiness with him, if she couldn't find that spark of joy, then she'll feel some sort of spark at least, whether it is anger or excitement, she was going to feel something other than pain.

"You're not just a woman Kagome; you're my woman and remember your place!"

"My place is home with mother, Sota, and Grandpa, not to be insulted by the likes of you!"

With that Kagome immediately stood up from the table throwing her silk napkin in her plate and storming out of the restaurant. Inuyasha just continued to sip his wine as if nothing out of the ordinary happened, even when the customers were looking at the scene.

All Kagome could think to do was get out of there, away from the on-lookers, away from that horribly fancy restaurant, and above all else, away from the most aggravating man in the world.

Without realizing it due to Kagome's fuming and ranting to herself she nearly collided with another person, not just another person, but another woman.

"Oh excuse me-

"Oh no it was all my fault-Kagome? Kagome Higurashi?"

It couldn't be. Not here, not now, not in this place. First Inuyasha, now her…Is this some punishment for something done in a previous life, something she did not do?

"I can't believe it, Kagome Higurashi after all this time."

"Yep, that's me, Kikyo."

Kikyo Rumiko, Kagome's old rival in life. The last time they were face to face was when she was in Inuyasha's arms, on that fateful day when everything seemed to come crashing down.

"You look…Well, it doesn't matter how you look, what ever are you doing in Italy Kagome Higurashi?"

"That's Kagome Takahashi now Kikyo. Thank you for finding my wife," said Inuyasha walking up to Kagome placing his arm around her.

"Your wife Inuyasha? Oh yes, I think I read something about it in a tabloid. I never believe those vicious little things; you never get all the facts."

"No you don't" said Inuyasha looking down at Kagome who was piercing daggers through her eyes at Kikyo.

"I was just asking Kagome what she was doing here in Italy Inuyasha."

"Well, we're here on our honeymoon, celebrating old times."

"Oh, how romantic and sweet of you Inuyasha. You always know exactly how to pleasure a woman don't you?"

"The right woman, Kikyo. Speaking of Italy, what are you doing here?"

"Well, only for the most expensive and gaudy fashion show you'll ever find on the planet. It's a charity fashion show with a ball to be held afterwards. All donations will be given to countries that need more material for clothing. I'm surprised you don't know about it Inuyasha?"

"I already donated to your fashion show Kikyo, my secretary already wired the money before we left."

"Ah yes, how is Kagura these days?"

"She's doing well, still the same I guess."

"Poor thing, I'm sure you've put her through further hell since the last time we were together."

"Kagura is well compensated for her duties, Kikyo."

"I'm sure she is. In any case, I do hope you show up tomorrow night Inuyasha. The event is one of my finest. I'm combining Italian Operas with fashion of today's styles."

"I'm sure it will be an event worth seeing Kikyo."

"Then I will see you tomorrow night at eight Inuyasha. I will look forward to our meeting. Ciao!"

With a wave of her hand she was walking past the couple and into the strip of Venice's night life.

With a look of pure malice, Kagome quickly turned on Inuyasha.

"What the hell was that?"


"Ok, I was mad at you when I stormed out of the restaurant, but now I'm just damn furious at you! How could you?"

"And I ask again, what?"

"How could you think I would want to spend an evening with that, that-



"I'm sorry, my mistake."

"Inuyasha, you know what you and Kikyo had that led to us-

"Kagome, Kikyo and I never had anything!"

"Don't tell me that Inuyasha, I saw her in your arms!"

"You're in my arms right now but does that mean I'm trying to jump into your pants?"

"Inuyasha! That's it! I'm leaving you!"

Kagome kicked him in his shin and began to run. She did not care where she ran to just as long as it was away from the situation. Facing her past with Inuyasha again was more than she could bare, and seeing Kikyo just minutes before was causing her to have a mental breakdown.

"Haven't we done this before?" Inuyasha called out as he watched Kagome run away.

She continued to run even when she lost both her pumps on the pavement and had dozens of people looking at her as if she were insane. Kagome did not care, she just wanted out!

With the speed of his demon skills Inuyasha grabbed her arm and spun Kagome around until he was holding her by her wrists.

"Now you listen to me Kagome! You're my wife and I'm your husband till death do we part!"

"No till our contract expires!" With that she spit in his face.

Gasps followed from the people watching the spectacle. With the patience only a man in love would have, he bit back his rage and did not do anything to harm her…much. His animal instincts told him to possess her and that's exactly what he did. He kissed her with more force than he knew he could ever put into a single kiss. He kissed her so hard and powerful that he watched Kagome's eyes roll back and felt her limbs go limp under him. A kiss so strong it sent Kagome's mind reeling as she fell into a faint sleep.

Later when Kagome woke she was back in the same suite as before and it was morning. She wondered how long she was asleep and how Inuyasha's power could over come her like that. She could feel his anger; feel the malice in his kiss. For a moment it scared her. She did not know whether he was punishing her, possessing her, or killing her.

The door to the bedroom opened with Inuyasha walking in with a tray of food.

"As much as you have slept on our trip it is hard to believe this is actually our honeymoon," Inuyasha quipped.

"What did you do to me?"

"Relax Kagome; it was a simple dominance spell."

"Dominance spell?"

"It's one of my ways of commanding my bitch."

"Your bitch? Your bitch!"

"Before you want to get into another argument you are once again not prepared for, let's have some breakfast and afterwards if you still feel like biting my head off we'll wrestle in bed."

"You are the most arrogant-

"Kagome, I have cinnamon rolls with your name on them."

Inuyasha took off a silver covering to reveal eight cinnamon rolls frosted in the most sugary content she had ever seen in her life. He knew all the buttons to push and tempting her with sweets was one of the lowest acts he could do. Inuyasha knew it and she knew it, but Kagome was so famished she could not help but take into temptation. She can always fight Inuyasha after breakfast.

Inuyasha settled onto the bed with the platter and sat down with Kagome to enjoy a semi-peaceful meal together.

While eating the cinnamon rolls she kept getting frosting around her mouth and lips. It was making Inuyasha want to pounce on her and lick every single particle off those lovely lips and perhaps sprinkle some frosting on other areas of her body.

"You have frosting on your lips."

"Do I?"

Kagome reached for a napkin until Inuyasha stopped her with grabbing her wrist.

"Don't bother Kagome."

With that he kissed her lips and began to lick them until snaking his tongue inside her mouth.

"Your lips always taste sweet."

"Stop Inuyasha."

"Stop kissing my mate?"


"Why? Does it still disgust you?"

"It will always disgust me Inuyasha, but that's not the reason this time."

"Oh and what is the reason this time?"

"I still have three cinnamon rolls to eat."

Kagome gave a cute little smile and continued eating her cinnamon rolls while Inuyasha chuckled at how amusing she was.




"Hello Takahashi residence," said a cheerful Rin on the phone.

"Rin, it's me Kagome. Um, why are you answering your own phone?"

"Oh, I gave the staff the week off. With you and Inuyasha on your honeymoon, Sesshomaru and I decided to give ourselves one too."

"That's so romantic, I'm happy for you."

"Thank you Kagome. How are you and Inuyasha?"

"We're…Well, we're still alive."

Rin began to laugh saying, "Oh Kagome, you have such a witty sense of humor. I heard about Kikyo Rumiko's fashion ball tonight in Italy are you and Inuyasha attending?"

"Yes, we're going as a publicity thing, just to keep appearances."

"It will do you some good to be seen in the public eye again with Inuyasha. You two were voted as the most popular couple of your time in the tabloids."

"Back when we were a real couple and didn't hate each other."

"Oh Kagome, you two love each other so much. Why are you both so intent on fighting this?"

"Rin it's most certainly not love we feel for each other. But while we're on the subject of love…I was wondering. This has been on my mind since two days ago at the wedding."

"Yes Kagome?"

"You said you know how I'm feeling. Will you tell me how you became Sesshomaru's wife?"

"I remember that day as if it just happened yesterday."

"Please Rin, I really want to know. Did Sesshomaru trick you, use you, and buy you, what?"

"Kagome, I don't know if we should talk about this right now while you're on your honeymoon. You should be spending your time with Inuyasha, not talking on the phone with your sister-in-law."

"If this was a real marriage Rin, but it's-

"Kagome, I know you feel right now the wedding is a mistake, but trust me, it will be fine. I'll tell you the story some other time ok Kagome? But for now as your older sister I suggest you go back to your husband. Send my love to Inuyasha."

All Kagome heard on the other end was the dial tone. She could not help but wonder what was so secretive about how Rin and Sesshomaru became mates. Was it just like what is happening now? Do all the Takahashi men weasel deals between women to have them as their mates?

On that note her mate walked into the room saying, "Kagome, it's almost time for the ball, come take a shower with me."

"Do you ever get tired Inuyasha Takahashi?"

"Not when I'm with you Kagome Takahashi. I can devour you all night."

His smirk was so irritating it made Kagome want to smash his face in. How can one person get under your skin so much and cause you to act in ways you never thought possible? How can one man turn a women into a different person altogether?

"Well, hurry up mate, we have to get going."

Kagome looked at the clock on the night stand.

"We have three hours till the party Inuyasha. What's the rush?"

"No rush, just wanted to spend more time making our baby."

Inuyasha walked over to the bed and picked Kagome up slinging her over his shoulder as she protested.

"Inuyasha! What are you doing?"

"You weren't moving fast enough."

He continued to carry her into the shower and turned the water on.

"Ahh! Inuyasha, I'm still in my clothes!"

"Good! I like them wet, but I like them even better when they're off!"

And with that he sliced through her clothes in one swipe of his claw. Her clothes melted from her body like butter and gathered in shreds around her feet.

"Those were Chanel Inuyasha! You bought those for me to wear!"

"I know, now they're scrap material."

"How can you just do that? How can you just act as if money isn't a problem when there are people all over the world who would love to have what you do?"

"Kagome, I do give what I can to charity if it's a matter of good will."

"No, it's not just that. It's how flippant you can be. I know you've worked for everything you have Inuyasha, but you still act as if nothing has any value. You even worked for me and you treat me as if I have no value either!"

This statement knocked Inuyasha off course. He was not expecting Kagome to hit him with such an honest response. He knows he has always been far from frugal, but does he really come off as a man who does not care about others? A man who treats those around him as objects?

He will have to think about this later. Right now he has a stark naked Kagome in front of him and he is not about to let her body go to waste.

"Kagome, you are my wife and that makes you mine. I treat you like my mate."

"You treat me like I'm-

Before she could continue Inuyasha captured her lips and began his sweet tortures upon her body.

"Why do we always have sex in the shower?"

"Hmm, you know, I really don't know. Maybe we should go to the bed."

"Let's not and say we did."

"I'll let you get your way sometimes Kagome, but this is not one of those times."

For the sake of his pulsating libido he had sex with Kagome once in the shower before carrying her back out into the bedroom, but because he could not wait to get to the bed he dropped her on top of the couch and began to make love to her again and another time after that.

He wanted to feel her, be inside her, and make her want him. He turned her over on her stomach and spread her legs for him ready to enter her from behind. She was too weak to spout any protests and with one knee she was the submissive bitch he wanted again and again.

He entered her in one quick thrust and penetrated deep into her core. She moaned the loudest cry he ever heard from her and continued to enter deeper and deeper. His pelvis moved back and forth in a dominating motion taking her body for a long and sensational ride.

His member pulsated inside her, spilling his seed deep within her. She never thought ecstasy could feel like this. So exhilarating and free, like finding your inner self. It was a feeling of immense bliss and only became better each time Inuyasha pumped inside her.

After his last administration to her body he collapsed on top of her, not enough to hurt her, but his body laid upon hers while he held her. Inuyasha kissed her cheek as their breathing was still erratic and both still trying to come back to earth and regain their composures after their exercise.

If they could not agree on anything else it was that when they made love together they were two parts that made a whole, a completely and utterly orgasmic whole.

After coming down from his high Inuyasha said, "Ok Kagome, we only have forty-five minutes to get ready for the party, so I'll try and pry myself away from you long enough to get into your gown."

He gently kissed her lips and lifted himself off her body.

"Do we really have to go now? I don't think I can make it. Everything from my stomach on down is sore."

"When we get home tonight we'll go straight to bed ok? For now, we'll go, have a few drinks, mingle, and come back home."

"You promise we'll go straight to bed when we come home Inuyasha?"

"Scouts honor," he said with a smile.

But Inuyasha was never a scout so he may not be able to keep his word.

Within minutes Kagome wore a beautiful Blue silk dress cascading to the floor with her hair up in diamonds as her husband wore an elegant black formal suit for the occasional.

He extended his arm for her saying, "Are you ready?"

"Does it matter?"

"I was only asking just in case you needed to do any of your girlie things before we go."

"My girlie things?"

"Yeah, I don't know maybe more hair spray or gel or mousse or whatever the hell you women put in your hair."

"My hair is fine, now can we just go?"

"After you my dear," he said with a wave of his hand.

Kagome stepped through the door first with Inuyasha following closely behind. As they were walking toward the limousine, Inuyasha put his hands on her shoulders forcing her to look at him.

"Kagome, before we go to Kikyo's event-

At the mention of that woman's name Kagome looked at the ground unable to meet his gaze.

"Kagome" he said gently moving her face back to his gaze, "I want you to know you are my mate Kagome. I will not hurt you. Do you understand? I need you to understand this Kagome."

"Why are you telling me this Inuyasha?"

"I know how you feel about Kikyo and whatever you think it doesn't matter right now. All that matters is that you know I am your husband and your mate and there is nothing in this world that could make me hurt you, not Kikyo Rumiko, not wealth, not my pride. Do you understand?"

"Even if I were to trust you Inuyasha, it would have no meaning coming from you and our past history together. But if trying to say this so I will act like the 'loving' wife I am suppose to be, then don't bother Inuyasha. Will smile and I will mingle with everyone to save face and the only ones who will know this is a sham marriage is you and me. So don't try and tutor me on how to be a mate in public. I think I can act much better as your wife than you could act as the love of my life."

"That's not what I was trying to say to you Kagome."

"Just forget it Inuyasha, let's go pretend to have a good time."

Inuyasha was truly hurt by her words. Him, Inuyasha Takahashi, hurt by his own mate. A man so full of power and strength and yet her words with such spite all towards him…It really did hurt. Not because of his pride or his ego, but because this was his Kagome a woman he would die for and yet she still could not show a signs of coming around to their marriage even after all his doings to try and please her.

He was beginning to think there was no hope for their marriage. No point in trying anymore. She obviously hated him with every muscle in her body and nothing has been able to change this. Not money, not sex, not a ring on her finger saying she belongs to him.

What more can he do? He's the one who is supposed to be mad at her. He's the one who has every right in the world to despise and want to humiliate her, but after all that's happened all he wants to do is love her.

So I will continue to love you Kagome. I will continue to work towards our marriage. And if along the way I end up having to punish you for not submitting to my will, then that is the way our marriage will be. From now on, we're not playing a game; we're fighting in a war. And this is one war I intend on winning Kagome Takahashi. I will make you submit to me in more ways than just your body. Your will and your heart will all belong to me. I will make sure of this!

End Chapter 5!

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