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Her translucent body wandered aimlessly in the field when a lone grave came into view. Hyuuga Hinata drifted over soundlessly, and she rested her palm upon the top of the grave. Everything is so familiar, even though it has been years since she last came here. The golden glow of the sun bathed the earth and the grave with its bright glow.

She smiled faintly at the sight of the many paper cranes that surrounded her grave. Her hand slowly slid down from the top of the grave, and her fingers traced the words engraved in the tomb.

Hyuuga Hinata

Gone, but Never Forgotten

Beloved Friend, Sister, Daughter, and Mother

1993 - 2010

Suddenly, her eye caught the engravement on the very bottom of the grave, and her finger traced the outline as well. The engravement looked old and unclear, but it didn't matter. She had read it so many times that she memorized it by heart.

I will come back for you.

Hinata smiled softly, sadly. It was written so long ago that she couldn't remember when. And it had been so long...perhaps he forgot about his promise.

Hinata lowered her eyes and smiled at the sight of a bonquet of blue bellflowers. They were her favorite flowers. Sasuke remembered.

She leaned down and took the bonquet in her hands, bending her head forward to breathe in its fresh, sweet scent. Her eyes leapt from the flowers to the engravement on the grave. She smiled sadly.

"Sasuke..." she whispered quietly, feeling the cool breeze embrace her in its gentle cradle. She closed her eyes, visualizing Sasuke's face, his voice, his half-laugh, his smile. "I will be waiting."

She tightened her grip on the bonquet. Would it be enough for him? To wait? Or did he want something more?

But it didn't matter. He would keep his promise and come for her. She would wait. And even if he didn't keep his promise...she would still wait.

She had been at the grave when he made that promise. He promised that vow every time he visited her grave, and every time, she had been there.

I'll come back for you.

And every time, she had whispered words that no one but she could hear...

I will be waiting...

She whispered the words again, allowing the wind to carry them away, "I will be waiting, Sasuke..." She closed her eyes, picturing their reunion, the happiness in his eyes, his arms holding her, his smile...

"You need not wait any longer, Hinata."

Hinata's eyes widened as the bonquet dropped from her hands. Her right hand flew to her lower lip as she slowly whirled to meet the source of the voice. Her heart fluttered as she stared at the boy in front of her, feeling so many emotions at once that she couldn't name them all - disbelief, shock, confusion, stun, but most of all...happiness.

"...Sasuke!" she finally managed to muster.

"I came back, like I promised."

Hinata tried to rush up to him, to throw her arms around him, to cry into his chest...but she couldn't move. It seemed as if just the sight of him petrified her.

He changed, yet he didn't. His appearance was the same, yet something about him seemed different. He seemed as if he had shed the skin of his old life, and another skin of his new life grew back onto his flesh. Just as she was, his body was transparent and clear, but she took no notice of it.

The timbre of his voice slightly changed, a bit deeper, but still possessing the same soft pitch she had always loved. His eyes were slightly narrow than usual, but they weren't empty and cold anymore, but full of life and warmth. He had a small smile on his face, as if he were trying not to, but couldn't help himself.

He was truly here! He came back! He kept his promise!

Hinata didn't know what to do. She wanted to run to him and scream out her happiness, she wanted to break down and cry, she wanted to touch and make sure he was real and not an illusion. She shut her eyes tightly, struggling with the decision to rush up to him and hug him, or cry out her happiness, or to stand there and do nothing.

"Yes...I knew you would, Sasuke." It seemed as if her energy were drained right from her body. She dropped to her knees, her hand holding her spinning head, her heart throbbing as it struggled to contain so many emotions at once. Sasuke knelt down beside her, frowning in concern.

"Hinata..." Sasuke tried to think of something to comfort her, but could say nothing. He frowned deeply. He had never seen her cry before, but now that he was, he was glad that he had never seen her cry. But..maybe if he did, he would have realized how broken she was inside...

Sasuke cleared his mind of those thoughts. It didn't matter. The past was the past. He was with Hinata now, and that was all that mattered.

"Sasuke...I'm so sorry," Hinata sobbed quietly, clutching the fabric of his shirt. "I-I'm so sorry for hurting you...I know I shouldn't have...It was so selfish of me...but I...Sasuke, I missed you so much. I waited and waited...It hurt so much, Sasuke...I thought you wouldn't come back, but you promised - "

"It's all right, Hinata." Sasuke wiped her tears away with one simple stroke. "It's all right."

She didn't respond, nor did her silent weeping subside. Without any hesitation, he threw his arms around her petite form and hugged her gently. His embrace alone seemed to have soothed her, and the tears vanished, leaving behind dry and wet rivers.

Hinata closed her eyes and leaned her head against his chest. Sasuke breathed in the sweet fragrance that drifted from her hair, pleased and grateful that he could be there for her when she needed him.

"I'd never even think about breaking my promise, Hinata...because I had to see you again."

Fresh tears rolled slowly out of Hinata's eyes again, streaking down her face, leaving new and wet trails of happiness and love. It had been so long since she felt this kind of happiness, a true happiness that would never be destroyed and stolen away from her again.

She had been so used to facing a lifetime of misery and loneliness that this all felt like a dream. It was too true to be a dream, yet it was too real to be a dream.

After all of these years she had waited for him to return to her...it just seemed so...hard to believe he had truly kept his promise. He had come back to her...for her.

"Y-You remembered..." Hinata stumbled over her words in her joyful tears. "...Sasuke, y-you kept your promise..."

"Yes, I did. And...I see you kept yours as well. You waited for me."

"...S-Sasuke..." It was as if his name was the only thing she could say, to fill in the empty yet joyful silence.

"...I came too late, didn't I, Hinata? You waited too long for me..." Sasuke's eyes softened, and she could read his sympathetic and sorrowful apology in his eyes. She smiled softly and snuggled up to him.

"You came for me..." Hinata murmured. "I'm all right with that."

Sasuke looked up at the bright sky, a faint smile on his face. "I would search far and wide for you, Hinata. But I wouldn't need to..."Sasuke's smile widened ever so slightly as his gaze rested on her face. "...because you were with me all along."

"...Sasuke..." Hinata lifted her head and looked straight into his eyes. Those eyes weren't the same cold, empty, sad ones she had looked into so many times when she was alive. They weren't bleak and lifeless...they were...full of live, renewal. She was so happy.

Sasuke leaned a bit forward, while Hinata closed her eyes and lifted her head even more. Just a bit more...and...

Their lips met in a soft collision, and they relished the wonderful feeling of their soft skin caressing the other. They broke away at the same time, streaks of moisture glistening upon their lips from the kiss. Sasuke rose to his feet, and Hinata did likewise.

She took hold of his hand and squeezed it gently. Hesitating and a bit embarassed, Sasuke wrapped his fingers around her petite hand and squeezed it as well.

And they walked away...from their old lives, and into their new ones.



"...Do you believe in 'happily ever after?'"

Hinata blinked in surprise, but smiled. "Yes. Why do you ask, Sasuke?" she whispered softly.

Sasuke smiled and squeezed her hand again. "This is our fairytale...where we make our own paths and walk upon them together...where we create our own world and memories...and where we live happily ever after."

Walking this road,

Without you.

To remake forgotten promises and meet you at roads' end.

Faded memories,

Reconstructed memories.

A dream-a dream of you,

In a world without you.

A scattered dream that's like a far-off memory,

A far-off memory that's like a scattered dream.

I want to line the pieces up-yours and mine.