Logan took Rory's hand and whispered in her ear, "Let's get out of here"

They walked out of Rory's grandparent's house, away from the socialite party and toward the garden.

"Why are we out here?" Rory murmurred, happily snuggling into Logan's arm as they watched the snow fall gently.

He took off his jacket and wrapped it around her, "To get away and talk, I guess"

"What about?"

"Anything" He whispered as they sat on a stone bench.


"I dunno" Logan laughed, "Favorite color?"

"Blue, you?"

"Silver" He answered, grinning, happy that she was playing along.

"Interesingly unique" She grins back

"Of course. I'm a Huntzberger, I can't have a mundane favorite color" He laughs

"Pets?" Rory asks, getting into the game

"Nope. As if Shira Huntzberger would allow animals inside her home?"

"Good point" Rory smiles sadly for his childhood

"You?" Logan asks back.

Rory startles him with loud hysterical laughter, but once she sees his face, she stops, "Oh. You were serious"

Logan raises an amused eyebrow.

"Well, let me think," She says, "Mom and I once tried to keep a turtle. It shouldn't have been difficult, really it shouldn't have, but it was. Poor turtle. Oh! and we had a hamster once! But it made mom spill her coffee so she stopped feeding it... and cleaning it... and giving it water... Oh! and we had a little baby chick!...but we lost it... Mom pet a dog once!... but then it died... I used to have a pet rock! But then mom ran over it with her car. Oh! Once we got a cat and it lived for a whole day! So to celebrate we got another cat and it lived for a day too, so we got another cat, until we ended up with four cats and they all lasted four days!... but then Jess and I strapped firecrackers to their backs... i wonder if they're still alive..." Rory said to Logan, trailing off, looking into space, truly wondering if the cats lived

Logan looked at her in surprise before bursting out laughing, "My God" He murmurred

"What?" She pouted

"The sad thing is I believe you!"

"What's that supposed to mean?" Rory asked indignantly

"Even Finn managed to keep him pet fish alive for two months!" Logan grinned

"Oh! We had a fishy once! But then it drowned..."

Logan laughed even more, "Fish can't drown, Ace"

"That's what the vet said! But after the examination, she agreed! The fish drowned. I think it had something to do with the time Mom spilled coffee in her tank and we forgot to change the water"

"Wow, Ace. You... wow" Logan smiled

"Thank you!" Rory smiled, "...That was a compliment, right?"