-Main Street Bayville-

Ever since Apocalypse had been defeated there had been several shocking changes; most notably X-23 A.K.A. Laura Kinney, and Piotr Nikolaievitch had joined the X-Men, Remy LeBeau had given his life to protect Anna Marie Darkholme A.K.A. Rogue from the murderous Cain Marko, and finally a redemption seeking Magneto became the headmaster of the New Mutants squad, following an almost fatal experience involving Kitty. Although one thing remained constant, it was usually a quiet and beautiful day in Bayville; that is until the Brotherhood shows up.

"Quick Freddy bust open those parking meters," Lance commanded wearing his classic Avalanche uniform, "I ran out of clean boxers three days ago."

Todd hopped onto a parked car wearing his Toad uniform, "Nothing like going on a mission commando." He adjusted himself and smiled.

Freddy walked over and pulled the parking meter directly out of the ground; "Can't wait to be wearing clean clothes again, and wash this uniform."

Pietro sped up to the group and crossed his arms, "At least you guys have your uniforms, I'm wearing a damn bed sheet."

Wanda walked over, her red trench coat swaying gently in the light wind, and put an elbow on her brother's shoulder, "Calm down Caesar, we'll have money for laundry soon."

St. John leaned against a building clad in his flame-retardant orange jumpsuit, "Oih say we burn the laundry, break into more meters, cash in the change, and buy new clothes."

Lance rolled his eyes, "See that's why you don't get a vote at dinner.

Freddy pulled another parking meter out of the ground, "And besides you'd spend all the money on fuel for your lighters and flamethrowers."

Lance looked at the Aussie, "Just like the last time we trusted you with our hard earned slightly stolen money."

Todd chuckled, "Yeah then we'd all be looking like captain bed sheet over there." He said pointing to Pietro.

Pietro glared at his green friend, "You want to see how far that tongue of yours can stretch?"

Wanda looked at her so-called peers, "Hey idiots isn't this going way to smoothly?"

As she finished her question a new voice came into play, "Why can't you hoods just get normal jobs?" The Brotherhood members looked over to see Scoot Summers staring them down with Jean, Bobby, and Kitty standing by his side.

Pietro looked over at his teammates, "Every costumed and sheet-wearing mutant for himself!" he turned around to run but noticed Anna, Kurt, Laura, and Piotr blocking his path; "I mean together forever right guys?"

Wanda looked at Lance, "How are we going to get out of this one oh fearless leader?"

Lance smirked, "Hey Freddy why don't you play catch with Summers?"

Freddy smiled and picked up a nearby car, Lance then turned around and sent a tidal wave on concrete splitting the X-Men that blocked their path. Freddy then launched the car at Scott. Jean caught it with her powers and gently set it down, but the distraction had already worked and the Brotherhood could barely be seen running down the long street.

-Several minutes later at the laundry mat-

The Brotherhood members made a swift stop at the boarding house to pick up their laundry, and then made their way to the laundry mat. Here they had occupied several washers in which to clean their filthy clothes. Each member of the Brotherhood was sitting in his or her chair in his or her underwear, all that is except Lance who wore a newspaper.

Lance stood up, stretched, and yawned, "Can't wait to start wearing underwear again."

Todd tapped Lance on the shoulder, "Hey turn around."

Lance peeked an eyebrow in confusion, "Why, is Kitty here?" he asked hope present in his voice.

Todd looked at his newspaper shirt, "No, I'm trying to read the funnies yo."

Pietro got up and walked to the vending machine, "Hey Freddy how about you shake some food loose?"

Freddy smiled and got up, he was about to grab the machine when the owner stepped in front of him, "No you and your friends have to put clothes on."

Todd hopped onto Freddy's shoulder, "We will once they're done yo."

Before the owner could say anything their fearless leader grabbed their attention, "Dammit all our whites are pink!"

Pietro sped over and looked into the machine, "Here's your problem." He pulled a red thong out of the machine then looked at Wanda.

Wanda glared at him, "It's not mine."

St. John snatched it out of his hand, "Roight cause it's mine, it's moih lucky red Speedo."

Lance just shook his head and started loading the now pinks into a dryer, "No use crying over pink boxers."

Pietro smirked, "Who knows Kitty might like 'em."

Lance perked up, "Ya think?"

The manager walked up to Lance, "The newspaper is not for wearing it is for reading."

Lance looked at the manager, "Um… okay."

Wanda sat down on the washer, "Lance quick question." Lance nodded to show he was paying attention, "How is it that you ran out of boxers but you still have gloves?"

Lance smiled at he closed the dryer door, "Magic plain and simple magic."

Freddy walked over with Todd still perched on his shoulder, "If your gloves are magic why don't you fix our washer and dryer?"

Lance chuckled, "First off Freddy, that is one ugly bird on your shoulder."

Todd glared down at Lance, "Hey!"

Lance went to sit down, "Second, someone threw dynamite in 'em."

St. John's head shot up as he heard the second point, "Hey if dynamite was dangerous they wouldn't have sold it to an idiot like me."

Lance rolled his eyes, "I refer you back to the smoldering heap of metal that used to be our washer and dryer."

-Several hours later at the Brotherhood Boarding House-

A vending machine sat in the Brotherhood living room, while Lance sat in his armchair and St. John fell asleep on the couch with a book covering his face entitled 'Jean's Diary.' Pietro and Todd tried desperately to break into it.

Freddy looked at it, "I can't believe I ran all the way home carrying that thing in my boxers."

Pietro turned around and looked at the now full dressed Freddy, "I can't believe you have Batman print boxers."

Freddy shook his head, "Shut up and stand back." He proceeded to punch through the plexiglass, "I got dinner ready!" he shouted so Wanda could hear him from upstairs.

Wanda ran down the stairs, "Hey idiots we got company."

Todd looked at her and put down his bag of chips, "Who's stupid enough to come here yo?"

Pietro sped through his powdered donuts, "Yeah we beat creditors, the government, and the girl scouts. Who could possibly make a move against us?"

Wanda looked towards the door, "A building inspector."

Lance rose from his armchair, "The Brotherhood's only enemy more hated than the X-Men."

Wanda suddenly became infuriated, "That's not all Xavier and my father are with them."

Suddenly they heard a pounding at the door. Lance being the fearless leader that he is went to investigate. Upon opening the door he saw a weasely little city-worker holding a hammer. In confusion Lance looked at the door and noticed a paper nailed to it.

Lance's facial features shifted from shock to anger, "What do you mean this building is being condemned and is scheduled for demolition!"

Wanda stood next to Lance, "How do you know what kind of shape it's in?" she asked accusingly.

The building inspector adjusted the glasses on his long narrow nose, "They told me." He motioned towards Eric and Charles.

Lance glared from the porch down to the two older men, "And why do you suddenly care?" Freddy, Todd, and Pietro gathered behind Lance and Wanda to show unity.

Charles wheeled forward, "Scott informed me about your skirmish earlier today, and your need for fresh laundry."

Todd stepped out from behind Lance, "Now ya tell us we coulda been at the arcade."

Freddy backed up his little buddy, "Yeah instead of wasting our time washing three outfits each."

Charles looked at each member of the Brotherhood, "Eric and I have discussed it and we thought it would be best if the Brotherhood moved into the institute."

Pietro sped in front of Freddy and Todd, "Didn't leave us with much of a choice did you?" he finished by pointing to the city-worker with his thumb.

Eric sighed, "Honestly Pietro would any of you have come if we simply invited you?" Pietro turned around and exchanged looks with each of the present Brotherhood members, "I thought not." Just as Eric finished his sentence a rather large storage van drove up the driveway. Scott and Jean came out and walked to Eric and Charles.

Charles smiled at the Brotherhood, "Would you like to join us?"

Everyone looked at Lance, "What do you think Lance?" as Wanda asked from his side.

Lance shoved his hands in his now clean pockets, "Brotherhood meeting."

They walked back into the living room. Lance rubbed the back of his neck, "What do you guys think?"

Pietro leaned against the couch, "Well it would be nice to have hot meals."

Todd nodded in agreement, "Be nice to have A/C and a working heater too."

Freddy looked down at his shoes, "We'd still be the Brotherhood right?"

Wanda crossed her arms, "Of course."

Lance rubbed his chin, "I'd be closer to Kitty."

Todd crouched down, "So we're really going?"

Lance looked down at his green friend, "We'll vote on it." No one disagreed so he continued, "Everyone who wants to go say 'I.'"

Systematically each member of the infamous Brotherhood said 'I' followed by a snore from St. John.

Todd looked at the sleeping mutant, "Does that count?"

Lance only nodded and walked out of the door with most of the Brotherhood following closely behind him.