-An hour later in the girl's hall-

Pietro walked out of the bathroom only wearing a towel. He strode down the hall and knocked on Anna's door. While he waited he began to lean against the wall. The door opened and Kitty peeked her head out. She looked around and saw Pietro. She smiled at him and held up one finger signaling him to wait. She rushed back into the room and closed the door. He could hear a muffled argument-taking place.

Pietro peeked an eyebrow as the door slowly opened reveling Anna. She leaned against the doorframe and crossed her arms. Pietro smirked at her, "Hey."

She rolled her eyes, "How come you're always naked when we talk?"

He raised an eyebrow in interest, "Cause I'm kinky."

Anna sighed, "Is this goin' somewhere, or can ah get back to my room?"

He removed a few stray hairs from her face; "You know I went to visit the good doctor today." He gently stroked her cheek, "Told me I was perfectly healthy again."

She smiled sarcastically, "And you decided to come tell me only wearing a towel?"

"Well I would've come naked but I didn't want to scare Pryde," He then genuinely smiled at her, "I just wanted to make sure that we were still going out tonight."

She cocked her head to the side, "What about Wanda?"

Pietro chuckled, "You're jealous aren't you?" She blushed a little and turned her head, "Don't worry about her. I have Jean to help take care of her, while you and I go have some fun."

Anna smiled, "Where are you gonna take me?"

He sped beside her and wrapped his arm around her shoulder, "Somewhere the Brotherhood of Evil would never go."

She peeked an eyebrow in confusion, "Since when are you guys Evil?"

He chuckled, "Ever since we decided that 'The Brotherhood of Misunderstood Lazy Drunks Who Like to Fight,' was too long."

Her eyes went wide, "Who told you about that?"

Pietro just shook his head, "Tabby told Freddy, and Freddy told us."

She smirked, "You guys gossip more than Kitty."

He smiled, "It's something to do when St. John's busy re-stealing cable, after they catch us and cut us off."

She rolled her eyes, "So where are we goin'?"

He smiled at her and started walking away, "How about dinner and a movie?" He didn't wait for a response and kept walking down the hall.

She peeked an eyebrow, "Where'd you get the money for this?"

Pietro didn't turn around, "I stole it from Lance when he wasn't looking. I'll pick you up in an hour."

She walked back into her room and shut the door. Kitty practically tackled her roommate, "So did he ask you out?"

Anna nodded, "Yeah now get off me, ah gotta get ready." Kitty squealed and let Anna up.

She smiled at Anna, "Where's he like, taking you?"

Anna rolled her eyes and walked to her closet, "If ya must know to dinner and a movie."

-Lance and St. John's room-

St. John sat on his bed using an extreme amount of focus clipping his toenails. Lance was digging around in his closet. St. John clipped a toenail and watched as it flew into the wastebasket.

He threw up both his hands and yelled, "Goal!"

Lance emerged from his closet holding a shoebox, "Hey keep it down you flame junkie." He opened the shoe box and counted his savings, he then encountered a note, "Dear Lance, have a date with Anna so I swiped some cash when you weren't looking. Your Buddy, Pietro." He crushed the note in his hand, "Damn silver-haired clepto."

St. John looked up from his task, "What's up mate?"

"Maximoff stole the money I was saving to buy a ring," Lance was grinding his teeth as he spoke.

St. John peeked an eyebrow in interest as he clipped another toenail and watched it fly into the wastebasket, "Which Maximoff? Are you buying a doihmond encrusted pinky ring?"

Lance looked at his roommate, "That… is none of your business."

St. John shrugged closed one eye and moved the nail clippers to his big toe, "Big daddy toenail. Corner pocket." He clipped it and it flew straight into the wastebasket, "Poihro shoots and scores!" He jumped off his and did the patented Brotherhood victory dance, he chugged a near by beer, "Ten for ten!"

Lance looked at his roommate as he threw the empty can into the hallway and started doing the running man, "I hang out with a bunch of drunks. Hey Allerdyce toss me a beer."

St. John smiled and opened his nightstand drawer to reveal that it had been filled with ice and several cans of beer and grabbed one, "Here ya go mate." He tossed it to Lance.

Lance caught it with little effort, "Thanks." He opened it and chugged it with incredible speed, "I wonder what Kitty's up to."

-Several hours later in the girl's hall-

Pietro walked down the hall, and immediately heard music coming from the Brotherhood room. Curiosity soon took over. He walked past a few female students who peered out of their rooms. Jubilation, Rahne, and Laura soon cut him off. Each girl glared at him like he was responsible for disturbing her beauty sleep.

Pietro eyed each female until Jubilation spoke, "What are your friend's doing? It's one o'clock in the morning! Some of us have lives to get to when the sun comes up!"

Pietro peeked an eyebrow and remained silent. Using some of his speed he maneuvered himself around the three slightly angry girls and then walked the rest of the distance to the Brotherhood room. When he walked into the room he was extremely surprised to see a strange topless woman dancing around on the Brotherhood coffee table.


The Brotherhood boys and Wanda turned around to look at their astonished teammate.

Pietro stood in the door way and looked at the topless woman, "Even I don't know how we're going to get away with this one."

Freddy turned back to the stripper, "Don't worry we got it all covered."

Todd nodded vigorously, "Yeah her car broke down and we scarred off a bunch of thugs yo."

St. John cackled, "And she wanted to repay us mate!"

Pietro looked at his friends and sister, "So how are you keeping this little 'meeting' a secret from your girlfriends?"

Lance in his infinite wisdom responded, "They're not the bosses of us." The other Brotherhood boys nodded and cheered in agreement.

Wanda rolled her eyes at her so called peers and began eyeing Pietro; "So how did your date with the Rogue go?"

Pietro starred at his sister with a completely blank expression, "Fine." He put his hands in his pockets and turned towards the door, "I'm going to bed." He walked out of the room.

-A few of hours later in Wanda and Pietro's room-

Pietro had been lying in his bed since he changed into his sleeping attire of blue pajama pants and a white t-shirt. When Wanda finally left the party she had asked him why he wasn't interested in the stripper. He told her about how well his date had gone and how Anna had confided in him and how they held each other in the movie theatre.

Pietro threw the blanket off his body and got up slowly so he wouldn't wake up his sister. He threw a few pillows on his bed and covered them with his discarded blanket. He finally made his way to the door and paused as he heard powerful footsteps approach the room next to his.

He heard a knock, "Hi Freddy."

"Are you sure about this?"

There was a small laugh; "Yeah St. John took Amara to the that room you guys confiscated from the Professor."

Pietro cringed, "Note to self; don't sit on couch." He heard the door close, so he quietly turned the doorknob and slipped into the hallway after closing the door.

He snuck through the hallway and saw a door opening. He threw himself under a table and watched the scene.

Wanda walked out of Jean's room and turned to kiss her, "Thanks for listening. I didn't think I'd share any of that with anyone except Pietro."

Pietro watched at Jean ran her fingers through Wanda's hair, "I'm happy you thought you could tell me."

He watched Jean close her door and watched Wanda until she got back to their room. He got out from under the table and dusted himself off. He began his journey to the stairs, moving like a thief in the night. As he descended the stairs he heard two voices.

"So what do you say Pretty Kitty? Will you marry me?" Pietro was so shocked he almost fell down the rest of the stairs.

"Oh Lance. Of course I'll marry you."

Pietro watched as Lance placed a ring on her finger, "Nice rock," he whispered. As they hugged he quickly slipped passed them into the hallway leading to the kitchen.

Suddenly he heard another voice, "Oh Todd, to the left."

He paused outside the door and smiled. "Go Toad," he whispered to himself.

Pietro shook his head, "Focus," And started walking towards the kitchen. Throwing caution to the wind he used his super-human speed to escape through the door and across the backyard to the gazebo.

He stopped to admire the beautiful figure that stood before him.

"Did ya have any trouble gettin' out?" The figure stepped into the moonlight revealing Anna.

Pietro smiled, "You wouldn't believe what the Brotherhood is up to after dark." He walked up to Anna and embraced her in a warm hug.

She looked into his eyes, "Why does this feel so right?"

"I'm everything you want," He kissed her. "I'm everything you need," He kissed her again.

She blushed, "So what's next?"

Pietro appeared deep in thought, "Well I can't see the future but I think we're going to have a lot of fun… together."

She smiled and nuzzled into his chest, "So Kitty tells me you and Lance have been readin' my diary."