Chapter 48- End of the School Year

"Since you removed those memories from Severus, he seems to be less sure of himself." said Minerva as she sat back. "Yet he is still determined to prove he is capable of dealing with whatever comes his way."

Albus thought back to the day that he had removed the memories and Madame Pomfrey who had monitored the boy's condition throughout the process had told him. "Severus is now a nine year old boy who still has a lot to contend with even without his adult memories. He has the memories of his parents still and the abuse he had suffered during his first childhood. These along with the traumas he has had this year will still need to be dealt with."

"Yes I expect he would be feeling that way," said Albus. "With the removal of most of his adult memories he is vulnerable and knows it, even with much of his abilities left intact."

"He should have a real childhood, was it wise to leave him with his adult abilities?" Asked Minerva. "I don't think there are very many children with the extensive knowledge he has."

"He wished to keep his knowledge of potions," answered Albus as he busily shifted around some sheaves of parchment on his desk. "It is the one ability he treasures. Just think of him as a very gifted child."

"He is gifted, I admit that, he made you promise to leave his potion abilities intact, I take it." said Minerva with a half smirk. "Along with his Legilimency and Occlumency."

"Yes and the lessons he learned this year. The rest he will be relearning as he grows. I'm sure he will do even better this time around because he will have support that he hadn't the first time."

"Spoken like a truly proud father figure." Minerva commented fondly. "When Severus is old enough to return as a proper student he should take a different subject in place of potions. I'm sure he would be very bored if the class isn't challenging enough."

"I agree." Dumbledore looked down at the sheaves of parchment on his desk. "I believe Bill Weasley will be returning to his job with Gringotts over the summer, Horace Slughorn is willing to come back to teach potions plus take over as head of Slytherin House till Severus grows back up again."

"I'm sure Aurora would be pleased." said Minerva drily. "She will be quite happy to teach her astronomy classes and give over the position of Head of House."

"Yes I'm sure she will. Horace wants to reacquaint himself with our little Twerp now that Voldemort is gone for good." Albus told her with a merry twinkle in his eye. "I wouldn't be surprised that he will be watching for our Twerp when the time comes and invites the boy to join his 'Slug Club'."

"I bet he does too." said Minerva with amusement, "Are you going to see your brother while you are in Hogsmeade?"

"Yes I am, so I think I'll take Severus with me for company." said Albus, "He really should get to remember Hogsmeade as a safe place not as the one where Lucius Malfoy kidnapped him."

"Of course it wouldn't be so that you could spoil him a little I suppose." Minerva stated as she handed him his cloak.

"Well y-e-s, that too." admitted Albus as he put his travelling cloak on over his robes. "I'm sure he deserves the right to experience a little spoiling."

Minerva smirked as she walked out of the office with Albus who tried his best to look innocent.

ssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sss

Since the battle Severus had been told by Dumbledore to have fun being a nine year old child like he was supposed to be, but Severus was still not sure what he meant. Severus had flown around the grounds on his broom with the Owls following, Hedwig being the closest to him, but with most everyone involved in doing revision for their exams it was still a solitary pastime, eventually he found his way to his locker that had held the potion ingredients he had collected as an adult. He let himself in and stood looking around at the now empty shelves and wondered if he would ever be allowed to make potions again before he came of age.

He sat down against the shelves and leaned back to think. He couldn't remember the old adult nightmares that had plagued him for which he was truly thankful but he also had others that Dumbledore told him he must keep as they belonged to his childhood and recent events. It was part of living and learning to accept some of the pain of growing up.

The sound of softly moving feet coming towards him and a mild cough caused him to look up towards the door.

"Headmaster." he said respectfully as he stood up

"Come with me Severus, a trip to Hogsmeade will do us both a world of good." said Albus Dumbledore as he made sure the twerp was presentable.

Severus looked a little nervous but so long as he was going with Albus, he was willing to go back to the place where he had been kidnapped at the beginning of the year. "No one else is coming with us?" asked Severus with curiosity.

"No, I don't think so but if you want I can ask if anyone else would like to go in with us."

"They may like to but I think the OWLS and NEWTS are a bit more important to them right now." Severus said wistfully as he walked along beside the Headmaster who smiled fondly at the small boy.

"I guess you would like to have a few exams of your own eh?"

"I can't do much now since I am no longer a grownup. Is it all right for me to keep my advanced Potions text and finish copying the stuff I wrote in it when I was bigger?"

"Of course Severus, It is yours after all. I'm delighted to know you still wish to continue your venture." said Dumbledore as they walked down the hallway towards the school entrance. "I think we will apparate to Hogsmeade, It will be faster and afterwards we could walk back if the weather is still nice."

"Good, I think I'd like to do some experi-," Severus's voice went flat. "I forgot I won't be able to do magic now till I've grown back up."

"You can do some while you are here Severus my boy, It will only be two years before you will be back here as a real student again."

"I will be nearly twelve years old by the time I get back." Severus pondered. " How am I to act like a child for the next two years?" He looked up at Dumbledore.

"I know it may be awkward for you since you still have abilities far beyond your age group, but you will learn, I'm sure of it."

"I have to tell you something." Severus looked down at the tips of his shoes peaking out from under his robe each time he took a step.

"What have you done child?" asked Dumbledore as they climbed the staircase to the entrance hall

"I haven't done anything yet, but I have had a few problems keeping my magic steady." Severus sighed.

"You have been having episodes of accidental magic?" Dumbldore asked him as he looked down at Severus.

"A couple, that is why I'm worried. I think I will have to relearn how to control my magic powers."

"You will I'm sure of that. How is your memory regarding potions?" asked Dumbledore as he slipped his hand around the boys' shoulders.

"You think you could pass an exam if need be?" Dumbledore asked in what he hoped was a casual tone.

Severus thought and then said, "Yes I believe I could pass a potions exam, do you think it may be necessary?."

"I will be talking to my fellow magistrates in the Wizengamot about you and your abilities. I hope to work something out that will allow you to brew once in a while if you wished,"

"Is that why you asked me to come with you; so you could ask me about my memory for potion making?" Severus asked as they walked out of the castle, side by side.

"Not just that, I wanted to spend some time with you," Dumbldore said as they left the castle and walked down towards the gates. "I will be busy for a few weeks this summer while you live with the Weasley family. You won't mind I hope, after all I'm sure you will be wanting to be help at the twins new shop."

"They said something about starting the business over the summer. I think they will have a lot of fun." Severus said wistfully. "But I will be restricted by the laws regarding underage magic."

"I'm sure that you will find things to do to help them, in fact I am sure you will." said Dumbledore as they left the castle and headed down the walk towards the gate. "For now let's go and enjoy ourselves in Hogsmeade, all right?"

"You won't go too far away from me will you?" asked Severus just a little nervously.

"I promise, your safety is of utmost importance to me." Albus replied as he thought about the last time Severus was in Hogsmeade.

Once they passed through the gate he picked the small boy up and held him close with the small arms wrapped around him and the small head tucked under his chin. "Hold on and we will be there in no time," with that said they disapparated with a crack and appeared at the boundaries of the town.

Dumbldore set the boy back down on his feet. "It's going to be fine Severus, I can't promise that everyone is going to like you but I expect you know that already. I can promise you one thing though, this time around your school years will be happier than the first time you went through Hogwarts." Albus told the twerp quietly as they strolled down the street. "People are naturally curious about you so don't be surprised if they ask questions that seem silly to you, all right?"

"Okay," said the wide-eyed boy who looked about with slight trepidation and placed his small hand trustingly into that of Albus's larger one. They walked hand in hand to the Three Broomsticks where Madame Rosmerta the barmaid greeted them warmly.

"You look very youthful Albus, I heard that you had been de-aged by the child known as Perseus Evans. Is it true what the Daily Prophet says; that he is really Severus Snape?"

"That's right Rosmerta, he didn't want me to go on to the next great adventure." said Dumbledore with a smile as he felt the small boy's hand clutching his a little tighter. "At least not yet."

Rosmerta chuckled as she smiled and patted Severus gently on the shoulder, "Set yourselves down and I will bring you a butterbeer and a pumpkin juice for Severus. I will bring you some sandwiches too, all right?"

Severus and Albus sat down at a booth. "Thank you that will be fine, did Alberforth remember that I would be here?" He asked, as he made sure there was a booster seat in place so Severus could sit up at the table properly. Albus wondered in passing if the boy would soon have a growth spurt. He still looked younger than his actual age being so short and thin.

"Yes he remembered you would be here Albus, I'm sure he will be happy to see you at any rate." she glanced down at the small boy whose large dark eyes looked up at her shyly. "You really are a cute child." She smiled and left them to get the drinks. Severus frowned ever so slightly as he caught Albus's twinkling blue eyes watching him.

"I'm not cute, I wish everyone would quit saying that." He hissed in a whisper to Albus who smiled at him gently and looked over towards the far end of the room where some people sat drinking butterbeer and firewhiskey.

Severus glanced over to where Albus was looking and his eyes grew wide as he saw a tall thin man with long grey hair and beard who wore glasses like Albus glaring at him.. He reminded the small boy of Albus except for his very grumpy expression. The man came towards them and Severus had a fleeting impression that he thought Severus was more of a nuisance to be tolerated only because of Albus who introduced Severus to him.

The man looked down at the child who looked up at him with curiosity showing in his large onyx eyes.

"The name is Aberforth," The man said "Aberforth Dumbledore," his tone was not friendly but brusque as he glared at the boy. He turned his head and studied Albus for a moment, he then commented, "Albus, I heard that you were de-aged a little by this child, I see the rumours were true."

"Yes, but even so I don't mind losing fifty years off my life it is better than losing my place on the chocolate frog cards." Albus sounded deceptively mild.

"Leave it to you to worry about your card." Alberforth said as he ignored the small boys presence."I hear you are writing a book too Albus."

"Yes I started writing it when Severus was first De-aged." Albus said with pride. "It will be in print by the middle of summer."

"Well at least he doesn't seem to have caused any harm this time. I will reserve judgment till after I read the book. I just hope you know what you are doing."

Albus said firmly, "Of course I do, I am going to make sure Severus grows up in a better environment than he did the first time around."

Alberforth nodded and placing his hand on his brothers' shoulder said. "I know you will." He looked sternly at Severus and then left the pub after paying for his drink.

Albus reached across and placed his hand over Severus's small hand, he explained, "Alberforth is my baby brother, and the bartender at the Hogs Head." He grinned. "Not much like me is he?"

"He looks a little like you but that's all." said Severus quietly as he watched the brother leave the pub."He isn't happy to see me with you."

"That is his problem my little Twerp." Albus told him. "Not yours or mine either. I think he is a wee bit jealous that I took the time when you were older to become your guardian."

Severus pondered that thought for a moment then with a tiny shrug of his shoulders he asked, "If he is the bartender at the Hogs Head, why was he having a drink here?"

Albus laughed, "You are very observant Twerp. Normally I would see him at the Hogs Head but I have you with me and the Three Broomsticks has not got the unsavory reputation the Hogs Head does."

"Oh." said Severus as the cheerful Madame Rosmerta set some tasty looking chicken salad sandwiches and drinks down in front of them. "Don't you mind Albus's brother, little Snape, he has always been a little bit strange." She smiled and turned to Albus. "I look forward to reading that book you are writing, I'm sure it will be a best seller."

"Thank you Rosmerta." said Albus as he watched the twerp carefully chewing a bite of his sandwich.

The barmaid left them alone to go serve the other patrons who were looking at the Headmaster and the small boy with interest.

"I say young chap, are you really Severus Snape, or do you go by the other name, Perseus Evans?" asked a chubby wizard who was sitting nearby. "I've heard many rumours about your escapades at the school."

Severus swallowed his food and looked at Albus and then at the chubby wizard. "Yes I am Severus Snape." He told the chubby wizard.

A thin and lanky witch looked at Severus closely. "Interesting, you have quite a knack for getting in and out of trouble from what I've heard." Her eyes squinted slightly as she studied the small wide- eyed boy. "I just wonder what you will be like when you grow back up.' she said with a friendly curiosity evident in her voice.

Albus spoke up politely, "Time will tell, I am sure my Twerp will make me proud."

After they ate their little lunch Albus asked Severus if he would like to go to Honeydukes, which he realised was a dumb question as soon as he asked. Severus's eyes glowed with childish delight that warmed Albus's heart as he paid for the lunch and left the pub with his small Twerp.

Re-entering the street, Albus squeezed Severus's hand reassuringly as they slowly made their way towards Honeydukes. There were curious wizards and witches who stopped them to ask after Albus's health and to see Severus who wondered if all the interest was meant to be friendly or if there was those who were trying to find a way to hurt him like that those dark hooded men in masks did.

As it was he felt safe with Albus who was allowing the boy to stop and look at the different displays that caught his eye as they strolled slowly down the street towards Honeydukes.

A bell tinkled as Albus opened the door and ushered Severus inside. The small boy's eyes widened as he surveyed the shelves upon shelves of tasty and delectable sweets. Nougat chunks, pink squares of coconut ice, toffees, loads of chocolate in all flavours, sizes and shapes. He stood on tip toe and peered over the edge of a barrel which he found contained very Flavour Beans and another barrel filled with Fizzing Whizzbees.

The man behind the counter watched with amusement as the small boy walked over to the far wall and gazed up at the sign that said special effects sweets. He looked at the shelves loaded with Droobles best blowing gum, toothflossing stringmints, tiny black pepper Imps, ice mice,, sugar-spun quills and exploding bonbons.

The peppermint creams that were shaped like toads reminded Severus of Professor Umbridge who, from what he was told was being kept in isolation at Saint Mungos because of her strange ravings. He smirked to himself and glanced at where Albus was getting himself some Sherbet Lemon, then turned back to make his own decisions as to what treat he wanted.

There were a few other customers in the shop who were cheerful as they gathered what they wished to buy. They smiled at each other as they watched the child trying to decide what candy he would like to have.

"I'm looking forward to the new shipment of chocolate frogs." asked a lady of the cheerful proprietor "I think it is refreshing to have some new series to choose from."

"Indeed madam, we have received shipments of 'The Order of the Phoenix' collection, they are identified by the phoenix flying across the wrapper. The other collection, which is 'The Battle for Hogwarts' is a very limited edition, It features the castle on the cover. He showed the lady the display, which she looked at approvingly. "If you look at the display case you can see some of the cards that I believe will become the most collectible of the series." He leaned over and pulled two cards out and the lady studied them.

"Harry Potter, yes I can see how this card will be a keeper." She looked at the other one and her eyes widened with shock as it changed from a small boy to the very image of Severus Snape whom she remembered as her potions teacher at Hogwarts. "Oh my goodness." she exclaimed? "What's this I don't understand."

"Have you not been reading the Daily Prophet madam?" asked the man behind the counter. "The Professor was de-aged about a year ago. Do you remember when that horrible woman Dolores Umbridge was driven away from the school by the small boy known as Perseus Evans?"

"Oh yes I do remember reading about that, the woman deserved what she got, she was nastier than Snape and that says a lot." the woman said as she handed the cards back to the man who put them back under the counter. "It is hard to believe that nasty sarcastic cruel man could be..." she stopped as she spotted Albus listening to them. She blushed with embarrassment as he had overheard her.

With a quick intake of breath she asked him "Am I to believe that the boy known as perseus Evans is actually Severus Snape? I thought that was just one of the papers jokes." She looked at him questioningly

"No it isn't, the boy really is Severus Snape. I am his guardian and have been for many years." Professor Dumbledore said carefully and politely. "In fact he is with me now."

Albus looked over and spotted Severus gazing at the display of chocolate frogs. Thanking Merlin that Severus was so engrossed in looking around that he hadn't heard the lady, he chuckled "Well he was with me, this is the first time he has been in Honeydukes, I forgot how fascinating the first visit can be."

Severus chose his treats and walked back to where Albus was standing. He looked shyly up at the lady as he handed Albus his choices.

"Are you done choosing my boy?" asked Albus as he set the choices on the counter. Severus said "Yes." very quietly and watched as Albus paid for their purchases.

Albus bid the man and lady good-day and placing his hand on Severus's shoulder kept the boy close to him walked out of the sqtore.

"My, if I hadn't seen the child with my own two eyes; and heard Professor Dumbldore say that was Severus Snape, I would have continued to think that the stories I've heard were false." said the lady.

"I know what you mean. It isn't every day that this sort of situation comes up, but then things may have turned out much different for all of us if he hadn't been de-aged."

"You think so?" asked the lady and a few other customers who had overheard the conversation approached with open curiosity.

"Yes I do and I suppose I could take a little time to tell you the stories I've heard from some of the students who have graced my shop this year..."

ssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sss

Albus and Severus were quite happy to walk back to the castle after making a few more purchases in the town.

"Well now did you enjoy yourself Severus? I hope today was a better experience than the last time you were here getting off the Hogwarts express." said Albus as he walked slowly along enjoying the warmth of the sun.

"Yes I did, most of the people were friendly." answered Severus. "Except for your brother and I don't know about that lady in Honeydukes, she didn't seem to know what to think of me. She obviously didn't like me when I was bigger."

"Sorry Severus I didn't think you heard her. But then there will be those who remember what you were like as an adult and will wonder what you will be like as you grow back up." Said Albus carefully. "I think that most people will give you a chance though to show them the kind of rascal you really are."

"Hey, I'm just a kid, what do you expect?" asked Severus as he sucked on a toffee.

"Hopefully a boy who will grow up happy and content enough to become the man he wants to be and not what others make him out to be."

"Okay, I guess I can live with that." Severus grinned as he tried to lick the stickiness from around his mouth. "I still want to become the best Potions Master I can be, finish copying out those notes from that old textbook of mine, make up new pranks with the twins..."

"Don't forget I have to go to the Ministry and talk to my fellow magistrates about you and your abilities." Albus laughed as he rubbed Severus's hair affectionately. "If they agree to my suggestions, It will be up to you to prove that my faith in your abilities was not misplaced."

"Thanks, I think. I guess no matter what I do, or how well; there will be those who expect me to screw up."

"Of course, but then again you have those who will be proud of you no matter how messed up you get while growing up, its part of the process of learning." Albus reassured him. "You were such an intense child the first time around, very serious. I still see a lot of that boy in you now, I just hope you will enjoy being a child more this time around."

ssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sssssssssss

"Where's the Twerp?" asked Harry as he noticed that the small boy had not come to the Great Hall for lunch.

"He went with Dumbledore to Hogsmeade." Draco answered him. "I overheard him saying so."

"Oh, that's good I hope they have fun." said Harry. "The Twerp must be feeling very left out since the rest of us have been to busy swotting over our OWLS."

Draco grinned and told them. "I think Dumbledore has some plans in place to let our Twerp take some exams of his own, after all he is still skilled in the art of potion making."

"Really?" asked Hermione. "Are they going to ignore the fact that he is only nine now?"

"I think an exception could be made in his case since he has already done them before, even with all those memories removed he is still an old child." said Draco.

"Yeah but he certainly made Mom and Dad think twice about yelling at us when they found Errol had become an Owlet." said Ron. "He just looked up at them with those big black eyes of his and looked so ...I can't explain it really but Mom ended up sucking him up." said Ron with a snicker. " I bet Mom just didn't want to make the Twerp cry,"

"Mom and Dad really do have a soft spot for that little Twerp."

"We bet he could do almost anything and they would find some excuse to forgive him." said the twins.

"Well fortunately for all concerned, Filch told them that Draco and Severus just wanted to make sure the stuff was still safe enough before using the potion balls on Dumbledore." said Harry. "He is certainly happy about getting Mrs. Norris a second chance."

"Exactly, saving Dumbledore's life by testing the potion balls on Errol and Mrs. Norris before de-aging him was the perfect excuse for them to forgive the Twerp and us." said the Twins.

"Too bad Mad-Eye took the rest of the potion balls away." said Ron. "I think he gave them to his friend to store in the Department of Mysteries at the Ministry."

"It's better this way Ron, at least you won't be tempted to de-age anything or anybody else." said Hermione.

"I guess you are right Mione." Ron admitted. "But then they were the cause for an interesting year. Who knows how miserable this year would have been if it wasn't for accidentally de-aging Snape into the Twerp."

"Right and how interesting will it be ten years from now when he is grown back up and he is still known as the Twerp." said Draco with a merry glint in his eyes.

Ssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ssssssssssss

Severus and Albus arrived back at Hogwarts when they met up with Minerva and Filius who were obviously waiting for them.

"Albus, Severus, enjoy your trip to Hogsmeade?" asked Minerva.

"It was fun." said the tired but happy boy. "I don't think Albus's brother liked me much though."

"Don't worry about Alberforth; he never was a very cheerful sort." said Filius. "He will probably come to like you eventually."

Severus looked doubtful as they walked together down the corridor towards the stairs. Albus seemed to be quite happy and more relaxed than he had been for a long time. Minerva and Filius both thought that the time away from Hogwarts did both Severus and Albus a world of good even if it had been just a little while.

Albus knelt down and taking Severus gently by the shoulders, looked at him with pride, he said "Severus why don't you take your stuff to the dormitory and do some revising, I would like to reassess your abilities before I go before the Wizengamot. Don't worry about those accidental surges, I'm sure that with practice you will be able to control them again. "

"Okay, I will, transfiguration, charms and potions," said Severus. "Will my test in potions be of OWLS level?"

"I will discuss that with the board members and the Wizengamot at the Ministry. An exception might be possible in your case."

"Okay, I will revise as if I was taking my OWLS, just in case." said the small boy whose eyes were shining brightly with hope. Albus squeezed his shoulders gently then pulled him into a quick hug and sent him on his way.

"If I didn't know any better Albus, I would think you were going to rewrite the laws regarding underage magic just for him." said Filius. "I know he is precocious but I also hope you won't burden him with expectations of doing more than he should."

"Don't worry Filius, I want him to be a child but I know he wants most to be able to keep working with potions at the same time."

"I take it you are willing to let him help the twins with their shop this summer." said Filius.

"Yes and if he is permitted to use his knowledge of potions I'm sure he will be able to accomplish even more once he reaches adulthood again."

"Sure Albus, I wonder if he will want to teach potions again once he grows back up or just do research." Minerva pondered."

"Maybe he will do both, it is a moot point right now." answered Albus."I think the most he wants to do right now is create pranks with the twins."

Minerva crossed her eyes. "Honestly, haven't we had enough pranking this year?"

ssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ssssssssss

"A precedent, that is why we wish to discuss the matter Headmaster." Madame Bones, "It isn't every day that a permanent de-aging happens with the results that you have presented."

"I understand Madame Bones. I have as you can see made my report out as to when and why the boy has used his powers. He no longer remember much of his adult years as I have with his consent; removed certain memories and stored them in my pensieve till he is of age once again to understand."

"But you did not take away his abilities and knowledge of Potions," stated a dumpy looking wizard with a large black moustache

"That is right, I did not take them away. Said Dumbledore calmly. "I believe he has the right to keep them intact."

"You can see our dilemma Professor Dumbledore, If we allow him to use his abilities as a child, there will be questions as to why he was allowed to freely use his magic when others of his age were restricted by the Decree for the reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcery."

"I know, I made many of the rulings years ago."

"Yes that is right, you did but then a situation like this never came up before." stated a curly haired witch. "He is underage even for entry into Hogwarts, but he has taken several regular classes this past year."

"I know and this is why I requested this meeting since I know Severus would like to continue making potions."

The members of the Wizengamot chuckled and one spoke up. "Yes we heard of his exploits regarding Dorlores Umbridge. He is quite inventive as are the Weasley Twins."

Madame Bones was silent as she thought over the facts that had been presented. "There is one solution that may be agreeable to the situation. If he is willing and able to take and pass his OWLS in potions thenit is possile that he will be allowed to brew without the normal restrictions."

"Yes I believe that would work." said the dumpy looking wizard. "I believe there are enough extenuating circumstances to warrant this one exception."

"The Minister of Magic Rufus Scrimgeour will have to sign the papers agreeing to allow the exception, but none of us think that will be that big an issue."

Dumbledore bowed to his fellow magistrates in acceptance of their decision, as he knew that it would make his twerp happy.

"The trials of the remaining Death Eaters will be keeping us busy during a few weeks of the holidays, I take it you plan to leave the child with the Weasley family again?" asked Madame Bones.

"Yes I am planning to let him stay there for the duration of the trials."

"Excellent, If the child Severus Snape agrees to take the full OWLS exam both written and practical and passes with at least an E, he will be granted child prodigy status."

"I am confident in his ability to do as good or better than he did the first time around." said Dumbledore with pride evident in his voice.


Severus ran up the stairs to the seventh floor and after giving the password to the fat lady he entered the dormitory where he found everyone hard at work studying for their exams. He quickly took his stuff up to his room and then came back down with his own textbooks and his stuffed black dog. He curled up in front of the fireplace with his little stuffed black dog and started to read.

"Hey short stuff, I take it you will be doing some tests of your own." said Dean Thomas. "It will probably seem funny to take them now and then again in a few years again."

"Severus looked up and grinned and said, "If I'm allowed, I am going to try for my OWLS in potions."

Dean crossed his eyes and shook his head. "Alright and I will do my NEWTS tomorrow and pass them with honours."

Severus jutted his jaw out and glared at the older boy. He clutched his little stuffed dog tight against his small chest and before he could remark back, Hermione spoke up.

"Really, Dean don't be silly you know Severus knows more about potions than any of us. Dumbledore didn't take those memories away from him." she said firmly. "I'm sure he will find other subjects to learn when he comes back here in a few years."

"I'm sure Dumbledore will have Severus's courses all ready planned out in advance." said Neville. "After all he won't be needing to take first year potions if he does get to take his OWLS."

Tomorrow we will be doing our OWLS in Charming and I am sure that I for one would like some peace to study." Hermione said as she read her copy of The Achievements In Charming and wrote down copious notes.

Severus curled up in the corner nearer the fireplace and studied his books till his eyelids started to droop, He closed his eyes temporarily and fell asleep hugging his little dog and his head resting on his arm which was on top of the open textbook.

Harry tucked a blanket around the small boy and gently removed the textbook and closed it. Severus shifted slightly but did not wake. "I think he will be all right here till one of us is ready to go up and can carry him upstairs."

"I hope his wishes to take the OWLS for potions will come true," whispered Ginny as she watched Harry tuck the blanket around the small child. She then turned and looked at her textbook that she was studying for her fourth year charms test.

"We hope he does too, then he can help us with the shop" said the twins. "We think mom was able to get the premises at ninety-three Diagon Alley for us."

Harry looked over, "So she knows you have the thousand galleons I gave you last year."

"Yes she does Harry, we thought it would be better for her to know that we had the money from you rather than let her think we got the money illegally by trading in stolen cauldrons or something."

"I guess that information had to come out sometime." said Harry quietly. "I hope the joke shop will be successful. You two may not want to come back for your last year of school though."

"We talked that over with Mom and Dad."

"It isn't like we will be following Dad or Percy into the Ministry."

"We barely made three OWL's between us last year so if our shop goes good this summer."

"Mom has agreed to let us take courses at home to finish our schooling if need be."

"Oh wow, that is quite a compromise," exclaimed Ron. "I don't suppose that will apply to me or Ginny."

The twins, who had been looking over their projected plans for the shop grinned at each other then turned to look at Ron.

"Sorry bro, you two have to stay in school."

"It is only because of our natural talents that Mom and Dad have agreed to those terms."

"We fail to get the shop going properly over the summer and we have to return to school instead of taking home courses."

ssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ssssss

A couple days later the OWLS for potions was to proceed. Albus had told Severus to come with him to talk to the elderly examiners.

Griselda Marchbanks the elderly head of the Wizarding Examinations Authority and a member of the Wizengamot; looked very strict to Severus who peeked at the tiny stooped witch from his hiding place behind the Headmaster.

The elderly witch spotted the child peeking out at her from behind Albus's robe.

"Why this must be Severus Snape. Come here child, let me see you." she asked him in a rather loud voice.

Severus looked up at Albus who smiled down at the small boy. "It's all right Sev, I guess you don't remember Professor Marchbanks."

Severus slipped out from behind Albus and looked wide-eyed at the tiny witch who studied him then said, "I remember Mr. Snape, but then, he was a lot taller. And very talented in potions." she told Albus who had kept his hand on the twerps shoulder.

"He still is very talented." Albus said with pride in his voice. "And as I have explained before, I have removed most of his adult memories and stored them away in my pensieve till he is old enough to understand his past life." explained Albus. "His memories and talent for potion making are still intact."

"I wonder, do you think you could pass your OWL for potions Severus? If you think you can, we will test you." the tiny witch challenged him "The school board met and discussed the situation and they wish to have the child take some tests to determine how his schooling should proceed."

Severus looked inquiringly at the Headmaster who looked down at him and gripped the boy's shoulder gently. "As I said to you before, Its up to you Severus. I know how much fun you had making up those pranks with the Weasley twins.

Severus looked back toward the group of elderly wizards who looked expectantly at the small child. "I would like to try." he told the witch. "I did do the revising, just in case if I am allowed." He said hopefully.

"Yes, I guess you can try if you really want to." Albus told him. "But remember, you are a child and now that Voldemort is gone you can take time out to play and have fun."

"I like to make potions." said Severus. "At least I had fun creating a few with the twins this year."

"And you can create more of them this summer, if you do well in the examinations. " Dulmbledore told the boy as his mouth twitched slightly with amusement. "Remember, Molly and Arthur wishes you to stay with them for a few weeks this summer."

"He would be the youngest person to do so in the history of Hogwarts to atttempt writing for one of his OWLS, but to be fair, If he still has the knowledge and skills as you say, then the boy should have a chance to earn the right to use that talent by passing his OWL in the subject." explained the examiner as they walked through the corridor.

They entered the great Hall where the fifth years had gathered for the written test. Severus felt nervous even though he was sure that he could pass the exam. He sat down in front. He could swear that everybody could hear his heart pounding as the examiners picked up the test sheets and after instructing them on the procedures handed out the papers. Severus looked at the sheets in front of him and took a deep breath. His hand hovered over the quill in anticipation of the order to start. Once everyone had been given their papers the elderly examiner gave them the go ahead to start.

The other students were as nervous as Severus or even more so. Hermione remembered the results of the contest and hoped that she would do better with the tests than she did then.

Harry, Ron and Neville were not far from where Severus was writing and each suppressed a grin as they noticed that the small boy was not sitting down but was on his knees as he was just a little too short. His hair was flopped onto the table and he was barely an inch away from the parchment as his hand flew across it writing as fast as he could.

Harry made a mental note to ask about an eye exam for the twerp when he saw Dumbledore.

The morning went by fast and the examiners who had been wandering up and down the aisles smiled at each other as they watched the tiny child marking his answers down.

"Quills down, please!" said Professor Marchbanks. "Please remain seated while your parchments are collected.

"Accio!" She called out and the rolled parchments zoomed into the air and landed onto the large table in front of her. "Thank you, very well, everybody, you're free to leave." She glanced over the students who were getting up and watched as Severus slid off the chair and winced as his legs started to complain about being bent for so long.

Harry, Ron, Hermione and Neville gathered around the boy. Neville picked him up and lifted him to his shoulders. "There we go Severus, I think it will be easier for you if I carry you out. I bet you are feeling like your legs have pins and needles running through them."

"Yeah they do, I think I should have got a pillow or something to sit on, but then its too late now, the test is done."

"Well good or bad we will find out our results in the summer.' said Neville cheerfully. " I just hope I don't blow up another cauldron this afternoon when we do the practical exam."

"That alone would guarantee you an Exceeds Expectations at least" Severus quipped as he sat high above the group on Neville's shoulders. "Ow," he yelped unconvincingly as Neville reached up and smacked his arm while their friends laughed with them.

"I hope the practical won't be something too complicated." said Ron "That written test was hard enough.."

The afternoon practical was not too bad as they took note of the instructions on the board. The ingredients were set beside each cauldron with the utensils. Once everyone had set themselves in front of a cauldron Professor Marchbanks gave them the cue to begin. She noticed that once the boy Severus had read over the instructions he moved with a precision that flowed with experience and confidence. This was the crucial test for him, as he obviously knew. His serious expression and deft movements fascinated the elderly examiner. Inside of two hours the time was up and she had them stop and fill up the flasks provided.

Severus corked his sample flask, labeled it and hoped that his skill didn't fail him. He handed it in and followed the other students out of the Hall and outside where they gathered to compare notes.

"I think I made a pass at least." said Neville. "You guys notice I did not blow up the cauldron?"

"They should give you extra marks for that accomplishment alone Longbottom." teased Draco.

"Funny Malfoy, hey Twerp how did you find the exams?" asked Hermione.

"I hope I did all right, I felt a little nervous during the written part." Severus admitted. "I knew the answers, it was all the writing I hope I didn't misspell too many words."

"You? You're worried about passing a potions exam?" asked Ron, "Amazing!"

"It just might escape you Ron, but I am just a kid now." said Severus. "I seem to have forgotten a lot of things I used to know."

"Don't worry, I'm sure that you did fine Twerp." said Draco as he lazily stretched out on the still warm ground.

Hermione spoke up, "I don't think Dumbledore would have even let you try the OWLS if he thought even a little bit that you couldn't do them."

ssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ssssssssssssssssssssss

Meanwhile in the great Hall Professor Marchbanks and her fellow examiners had taken Severus's parchment and flask to grade them separately from the other students efforts.

"We don't normally let the results be known before the summer but in Mr. Snapes case the board and the Ministry wish to have the results early." explained the tiny elderly witch. "From what I observed of his technique during the afternoon, the results could be very encouraging."

"Thank you Griselda, I will look forward to learning how well he did." said Albus.

"We should be able to let you know within a day or so." said Professor Tofty who was looking at the tiny cramped writing.

Ssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sss

Severus was happy to have finished his exams as was every other student. Unlike them though, he knew he was not to come back as a real student till he was of proper age. He waited with anticipation for the results of his one OWLS exam. To be able to prepare and create potions without worrying about being an underage wizard would be for him, a relief.

At end of year feast the noise level in the great hall was deafening as everybody was discussing their plans for the holidays and wondering whose house had the house cup this year. It was obvious that Slytherin and Gryffindor were very close and the anticipation was growing intense as the Headmaster arrived. He waited till the noise of chattering died away. Students looked at him expectantly.

Another year gone!" Dumbledore said cheerfully. "And I have to admit it has been quite an eventful year." He stopped and smiled as cheers erupted here and there throughout the Great Hall. I do believe that before we begin to eat our end of term feast there is to be an announcement as to which house has won the house cup."

He took a moment to look down towards Severus who was sitting on the side nearest the Slytherin table and noted that students were quickly returning to their own house tables as they had been mixed together before he arrived.

"Due to the courage and ingenuity shown by members of all the houses in the face of great adversity during the year, the points were close this year and I must say only ten points separate the last house from the first." His eyes twinkled as the students waited with bated breath for the announcement.

I have to tell you that for the first time in history of this school there will be no third or fourth place positions."

He ignored the confused looks as he continued with a merry twinkle in his blue eyes.

"With four hundred and sixty-two points each, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw has tied for second place this year. Which means that with four hundred and seventy two points each, Gryffindor and Slytherin each have tied for first place."

Everyone was shocked into temporary silence as Dumbledore clapped his hands and in an instant the huge green and silver hangings with the Slytherin Serpent and the scarlet and gold hangings with the Gryffindor lion hung together in harmony, alternating one then the other down both sides of the hall.

Once the facts sunk into the minds of everyone there was an abundance of cheers and friendly interactions among the houses, which warmed the elderly wizards heart as he observed them.

Later when the wardrobes were emptied and the trunks packed; Severus stood outside the castle and said his goodbyes to his friends till later in the summer after Albus and he enjoyed traveling around together on a well-earned holiday. He then stood with Minerva and Filius while he listened to the talking and laughter echoing in the air as finally everyone heading to the Hogwarts Express boarded the carriages, which headed down the driveway towards the open gates. Minerva and Filius looked at each other and then looked at the small boy standing between them and thought about how different it was since the last day exactly one year ago when Severus was de-aged. The houses were now united, Voldemort gone, many lives had been changed and best of all Severus was going to get a real second chance to grow up and hopefully become a happier adult than he had been before.

Minerva reached down and gently squeezed the small shoulder. Severus looked up at her and the three of them turned and went back into the castle.

The comradeship had grown even more since the great battle and those whose parents were in Azkabahn were not ostracized, as one would expect. Neville Longbottoms grandmother had invited Montague to visit for the summer. Crabbe and Goyle were excited as plans were in place to allow them to attend a special summer camp for wizarding students. They had never gone to anyplace like it before.

Sirius Black was looking forward to having Harry and Draco staying with him for at least part of the summer. Draco wrote his mother and told her that he would prefer to stay in Britain. The Weasley twins offered him some work helping in the shop and even though they could not afford to pay much he was quite willing to help even if it was just for the experience.

By now it was a well known fact that his father had disowned him and he knew that everyone would watch to see how he fared without the Malfoy money backing him. He was up to the challenge.

ssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sssssssssssss

"Well for a while we were wondering if you would be joining us up here on the wall," said Everard Proudfoot who watched Albus as he was packing a small duffle bag. "I take it you be taking time out to relax?" he said with approval in his voice.

"Yes right now I want to take a couple weeks and explore the country with my little Severus." said Albus happily, "A respite before dealing with the trials coming up."

"We will look forward to hearing of your myriad of adventures when you get back." said Phinius. "After being with that little bundle of energy I am sure you will be looking forward to the peaceful start of the new term."

Albus smiled and said, "I wouldn't have him any other way."

Epilogue: Twenty odd years later

Severus woke up and looked bleary-eyed around the little room that he still slept in when he visited the burrow. Today was the first day of the new term and he was going to be the new potions master and head of Slytherin House like he had been years ago. He swung his long thin legs out of bed and sat up. Yawning he stretched and then blinked the sleep out of his eyes as he stood up.

Going to the closet he pulled out his Potions Master Outfit that had grown along with him. He dressed and stared at the full length mirror that resided against the wall. Filius Flitwick certainly knew his charms, The Outfit still fit perfectly.

His large dark black eyes glared back at him from the image in the mirror, It had been twenty odd years since that fateful day when he had been returned to childhood. He studied his image carefully. In spite of Molly's attempts to fatten him over the years He was still thin and his thinness was emphasised by his height and the slightly less pallor of his skin. After studying his features he sighed and with lengthy strides, strode out of the room and down the winding stairs.

Molly had just retrieved a stack of freshly baked pastries from her oven and with a flick of her wand sent them squarely on top of a large warm platter that sat in the middle of the long wooden table when she caught sight of the lanky wizard, "Twerp I declare you look quite foreboding in that outfit now." She said as she appraised his looks. "It hardly seems like any time has gone by since you came here as a small child in that very outfit." Her memories were taking over as Severus came towards the breakfast table.

Severus who now towered over the red-headed witch gave her a boyish hug, smirked and reached over to snitch a tasty looking pastry from the platter and bit into it as he managed to sit down and get his long legs under the table.

"Now there seems to be something different about you Severus." said Remus who had come to the burrow the night before with Tonks and Sirius. "Yet I can't put my finger on it."

Sirius leaned forward chin in hand his elbow narrowly missing the plate in front of him. "I think so too. It isn't the nose it still looks like a large beak and the hair is still a little greasy."

"Oh come off it guys you know I can't help my hair." growled Severus as he finished the pastry and reached for a cup of hot sweet tea. He rolled his eyes and drank the tea while Molly fussed at him for eating so little especially today when he was going to start his new position at Hogwarts.

"His temperament hasn't mellowed as I would have liked." said Remus. "A bit short for somebody who is going to give up a peaceful career in research to teach Potions to a bunch of 'dunderheads'. " he said teasingly.

"Maybe if we could get the twins to recreate their de-aging potion..." said Sirius "This time make him even younger than before and..."

"Hey I'm not going through childhood again, what you see is what you've got, deal with it." snapped Severus as he pouted slightly. Molly looked at Sirius warningly as she placed a large platter of Pancakes with sausages in front of Severus.

"Now you two, behave yourselves." she said. "I don't think Severus minds having a chance to have a different future from what he had faced but to start over once again! Now that would be a bit much."

"Watcha mean different future Molly?" asked Tonks with a merry glint in her eye. "He has managed to experience childhood twice,besides being allowed to produce potions while still underage. He has even done research after graduating , yet he has also decided to go back to Hogwwarts to teach...potions and become Head of Slytherin House again!"

Remus turned to look at Molly. "You may not have been able to fatten him up Molly but I think your cooking has added an extra inch or two. Lengthwise. I am amazed as to how he has managed to escape gaining weight considering..."

Molly shook her head warningly at the rough looking werewolf and sighed as she looked at the slim young man who was ignoring the gentle teasing and eating a sausage as he poured some syrup onto the pancakes.

"I didn't think you were ever going to try teaching again once you grew back up my boy." said Remus. "I take it your research was not as fulfilling as you were hoping?"

"I am still going to do research, It's just that I want to try teaching and see if I like it. Besides I think Albus really was hoping for me to come back to Hogwarts."

"To think when I heard about you teaching at the school after I escaped Azkaban the first time around. I couldn't believe it." Sirius said. "Harry had complained plenty about his classes with you and how unfair you were."

"That was then and now I don't have the same stresses as I did then. For one I am now totally free where then I wasn't. As Albus said, I had a role to play that meant I really had no control over my own life." He shuddered slightly as he recalled those times he and Albus studied the memories in the pensieve.

"So Albus finally guided you through some of those terrible memories." said Arthur who noticed the slight shudder, "I do hope you will just look on them as a history lesson more or less and not fret over what had happened."

Severus looked over at the patriarch of the Weasley family and said, "Don't worry, That was another me in another time. As Albus said circumstances were different and I didn't have the help I needed in that first life to avoid the mistakes I had made till it was too late."

"I hope you will manage to make your classes a little more enjoyable this time. You were pretty hard on your students when you taught before." said Percy. "I would like to hear good reports about you this time around."

"I can't promise that I won't be hard on the students, after all potions are not to be taken lightly. An error in judgment can cost a students life." Severus said silkily.

"I'm sure that you will be quite capable of controlling them." Molly said with confidence. "Changing the subject, do you think you will ever get married and have children of your own Twerp?" asked Molly hopefully as she sat down to have her breakfast. "To hear the pitter patter of your own child's feet is wonderful."

Severus sighed knowing that he would not be able to change Molly's habit of calling him Twerp. "For now if I want to hear the pitter- patter of little feet, I'll put shoes on some cats I have been acquainted with." said Severus as he glanced at Percy who had just recently became a father once again. "I don't want to rush into any situations that I can't get myself out of. I had enough problems when I was a Twerp."

Molly smiled fondly as she reached over and patted him gently on his cheek. "You will always be our little Twerp, Severus. I also know you will in time find somebody who will put up with your temperamental personality. To think, today you will be going back to Hogwarts as the Head of House and teach my little grandchildren potions. I do hope they won't give you any trouble."

Ignoring her hints about matrimony, Severus smirked as he looked up from his breakfast "Oh yes that's right, you have several grandchildren there all ready." He gave Sirius and Remus a sideways look as he said, " It is amazing how much time has passed since I last saw James Sirius and the twins Albus and Severus." He paused a couple of seconds. " Professor Slughorn warned me about their tendency to emulate George and Fred when he found out I was going to take Albus up on his offer."

"Harry told us he warned his boy's about upsetting you. He told them that it wouldn't matter how fond of them you were, you would gladly make them clean cauldrons and prepare potion ingredients for hours on end if they step out of line." said Sirius.

"Oh sure and now that I will be their teacher, they will test that theory to the limit. On the other hand I haven't forgotten how mischievous they can be. " said Severus with a smirk. " But thanks for warning me anyway, I shall be prepared."

The merry group had a hard time keeping from laughing as Molly gave the now grown up twerp an exasperated look.

ssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sssssss

Albus had been pleased with Severus's decision to finally take him up on his offer and return to Hogwarts. The staff was basically the same as it was that fateful year. Even Mad-Eye wanted to return if only to see how Severus made out this time in his position as Head of Slytherin House.

Albus stood up as he had every year and welcomed the students after the sorting hat did his thing and introduced Severus as the returning Potions Master and Head of Slytherin House. To Severus Snapes surprise the whole hall burst into applause. Most of the students had recognised his name as that of the famous Twerp who helped bring down Voldemort with Harry Potter. Those who did not know were filled in quickly by their neighbouring classmates and the proud ghosts who floated about. The Bloody Baron and Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington were both bursting with stories about the snarky Professor who had been de-aged and grew up again.

Severus wondered in passing if he had made the right decision to return to Hogwarts and looked over at the Headmaster who was obviously enjoying himself and decided that yes he did, even if there were some people and ghosts who had been at school the same time as him were itching to tell of the adventures he had gotten himself into while a student. He was thankful that this time around had been somewhat better and the fact he had been carefully guided through his old memories that were stored in the pensieve by Albus. He had his extended family to help him understand and come to terms with the past.

The first of term meal was eaten with much chattering among the students and it was obvious that the main topic was about the new stern looking potions master whose life was well documented due to his activities in the war against the evil Voldemort.

Soon the meal was completed down to the last pudding. Dumbledore stood up and gave out the usual start -of-term notices before telling the now tired students it was bedtime and dismissed them.

ssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sssssssssssssssssss

The first day of the new term, Severus took a deep breath as he looked at the door where his first class sat, and then slammed the classroom door open as he strode through to his desk at the front. He quickly turned and looked around at the new first years. Inwardly he groaned as he realised that not only were Potter's red headed twins who grinned up at him innocently there was also Neville Longbottoms son who from what Severus remembered was just like his dad. Severus remembered that there was another set of Weasley twins in second year. Severus hoped that he would be able to curb the tendency of the twins to follow their uncles footsteps, he cringed a little, deep inside when he thought about his own contributions to their mischievousness. He looked over at where Draco and Hermione's girl was sitting, Severus smirked as the slim bushy haired girl opened her potions text book which he knew she had read from cover to cover and probably memorized just like her mother had.

Severus started class by taking the register. Each of the children answered as he called out their names. He then closed the register and after giving each of the students a stern look started his speech.

"You are here to learn the subtle science and exact art of potion-making." The class was silent as they listened. Those that knew the wizard standing in front of them did not want to trigger off an explosive temper that lay hidden deep within. Their parents had told them of what he had been like before he was de-aged and what the consequences would be like if he started back down that road. The muggleborns who had never heard the stories before took their cue from the way the others sat respectfully and listened.

"As there is little foolish wand-waving here, many of you will hardly believe this is magic. I don't expect you will really understand the beauty of the softly simmering cauldron with its shimmering fumes, the delicate power of liquids that creep through human veins, bewitching the mind, ensnaring the senses ... I can teach you how to bottle fame, brew glory, even stopper death..."

While Severus was teaching the first years Albus was in his office talking to Scrimgeour who still retained the title of the Minister of Magic

"So Rufus, do you think we made the right choice in allowing Severus to retain his potion making abilities when he was nine?" he teased the Minister.

"You know it was Albus, honestly it is hard to believe that he has agreed to come to Hogwarts to teach and take over as the Head of Slytherin House once again. It is if time has been set back again."

"Not quite, this year he has to contend with Neville Longbottoms son and two sets of Potter twins, remember last year? I think Fred and George Weasley have influenced their little nephews to follow their footsteps." Dumbledore chuckled. " Horace was not too pleased with them but I am sure Severus will handle them all right, after all he is also a master prankster also."

"Yes I noticed that the Sorting Hat kept him in Slytherin House, the boy could have been in Ravenclaw with his intellect."

"Well he may be brilliant but he still was very ambitious. He spent much of his spare time creating potions and improving existing ones."

"Yes I noticed that ability the first time I saw him at that rather enlightening contest. I hope you noticed that the Ministry had approved the usage of Snapes book for advanced potions in the syllabus."

"Oh yes, Horace said he would use the book in his classes and was very proud of the fact that he knew Severus the first time around and had taught him the finer arts of Potion making. You know how he likes to collect talented students."

Rufus rolled his eyes, "Still, I believe that Slughorn was grateful to go back into retirement. After all those extra years must have been very frustrating."

"I think he thought it very rewarding, after all he was able to find a lot more new members for his 'Slug Club' and even although Severus never took potions this time around, he did treat Horace with respect as befitting his Head of House.

"Let's see what the future holds for the little Twerp now that he has managed to regain his adulthood. I'm sure your brother Alberforth has given you his opinion many times over the years." said the portrait of Phineas Black.

"My brother was always a bit disapproving of the situation, but he has developed a grudging respect for Severus and his attempts to make us proud of him." Dumbledore said with pride.

"I suppose I should be thankful that you haven't turned him into a Gryffindor." grumbled the painting. "He has the makings of a fine Head of Slytherin House once again."

"I doubt that he could ever be anything but a Slytherin, even if he ended up de-aged again, he has too much cunning, determination and stubbornness to be anything else."

ssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sssssssssssssssssssss

"Why did they put Severus Snape up here on the list and not under the house he was in?" asked a small girl from Hufflepuff..

" It is because at that time he was only nine and the Headmasters ward." said a tall cheerful looking boy who looked distinctly like Lee Jordan. "He hadn't been sorted.."

"I wonder if this Professor Snape is related to the greasy bat of the dungeon that my dad told me about." said a young lad with the last name of Finnegan, who was also looking down the list of names.

"Honestly doesn't anyone ever read? " said a small prim and authoritative voice. The students turned and looked at the small bushy haired girl who was standing with them in front of the commemorative plaque that hung in the Entrance of the great hall. "The newly revised edition of The History of Hogwarts has all the information about the battle for Hogwarts and the Defeat of Voldemort."

"And that will answer my question?" asked Finnegan.

"Partly, as it tells us who was there and what it was like then, but there is another book that the Headmaster had wrote called "Return To Childhood" It deals with how the Professor was de-aged and how that event had helped bring down Voldemort. It is in its eleventh printing already, there should be some copies in the school library."

Severus Snape was standing nearby with Minerva McGonagall listening to the youngsters. Minerva smiled and said. "Some things just never change do they?"

Severus turned to her and scowled which amused Minerva to no end. " No they don't seem to do they? I'm teaching children who know me too well and naturally being the first day Neville's son managed to emulate his father and melt his cauldron, with a simple potion to cure boils yet. It brought the class to a standstill. I was ready to tear into him but I didn't this time, just snapped at him a little and then cleared up the mess and sent him up to the hospital wing." He sighed and grumbled, "I think this is going to be a l-o-n-g year "

Minerva had a hard time not bursting out with the laughter that was welling inside as she said. "Now that is different, In the old days you would have turned him into a quivering terrified wreck, then sent him to the hospital wing. I suppose you took points off Gryffindor for his stupidity."

"Of course I did, hopefully he will be more cautious next time, though I sincerely doubt it." snapped Severus. "He is a menace just like his father was with potions, He will probably be great in Professor Sprouts class though, he knows quite a bit about herbology from Neville."

"Hmmm, you are getting a little of your old self back too I see." said Minerva calmly. "Returning you to childhood smoothed out some of your edges but not all."

""Potions should not be taken lightly, it is a very dangerous and complex course, much like transfiguration." Severus told her smoothly. "If I was to go easy on the little Dunderheads I would not have a classroom left and I would hate the paperwork that would be involved if a student got killed."

"I think we better go get our lunch before the afternoon sessions begin, I know you will be looking forward to those classes." Minerva said with a mischievous gleam in her eye as she smiled at the young wizard.

Severus's eyebrow rose slowly as he glanced at the elderly transfiguration teacher. He then smiled a little as he offered her his arm and they continued on to the Great Hall for lunch. No matter whatever happens he was prepared to deal with anything that came up. After all experts had trained him and best of all he still had his extended family.

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This story has finally been completed on the sixty-first birthday of Alan Rickman who has portrays the snarky Potions Master so well in the Harry Potter movies.

Thanks to everyone for reading my little attempt at kiddifiction. I appreciate knowing that it has been read as many times as it has been. The reviews are also very much appreciated as they encouraged me to continue. I am sure the Twerp had a marvelously intense time growing back up and going through Hogwarts again, but now I must return Professor Snape and his companions to J.K. Rowling. (SIGH) . I guess she has her own plans for our beloved snarky Professor.

the next installment of the Twerps Adventures is called Twerps Summer Holidays