Daddy's Girl

Summary: Rose and the Doctor have a child, but Rose dies during child birth. This is told from their daughters' point of view, years later.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything from the show.


I'm Jennifer Tyler. Tyler is my mothers' name. My father doesn't have a last name, or not one which he tells anyone. Not even me. It's a secret.

And that's fair enough. I hope it's worth keeping. But to everyone who isn't him, it's The Doctor.

My father's a Time Lord, almost the very last one. He comes from a planet named Gallifrey, which is in the constellation Kasterborus. He travels through time and space in a big ship called the TARDIS, which looks like a 1950s earth police box, but it's much bigger on the inside and can more or less defy all laws of time and space. She's a beautiful ship; I can't describe her so you'd understand. It's kind of a Time Lord thing. See, I'm a Time Lord too.

Sorry if I'm going to fast for you. I'm not very good at this sort of thing.

My, mother was a human named Rose Tyler. She wasn't supposed to love my dad and he wasn't supposed to love her, and they certainly weren't supposed to have children together. A human/Gallifreyan hybrid? I shouldn't even exist.

But I do. And that's why she's dead. Creating something which shouldn't exist takes huge amounts of strain. She died during childbirth. She only got to name me, "Jennifer" before her heart gave out.

The was 14 years ago, roughly. I'm grown up now, well, as much as I'm going to really. It was hard on my dad, raising me, but luckily I wasn't too fussy and I wasn't his first kid. But I know I ruined it for him. I made Time Travel domestic, he doesn't say anything, but I know I did. I'm sorry.

I look like him, my dad, in a girl way. He's a very handsome man, tall, slim. I've got his hair. Usually with Time Lords, your first regeneration is a mish-mash of all your parents past regenerations, and when you regenerate it's something different. I have my mum's face though, and because she was human, I'll always have it.

I'm glad. My mother was beautiful.

So I'm not completely Time Lord, I'm only half. I have less regenerations, I'mless inquisitive and slightly more easily fooled than my father, but only a little. I have two hearts, but my left one is much smaller than my right.

So I live with my dad, on this wonderful, beautiful, intelligent ship. And he teaches me how to work it. There's a lot to learn, I don't think even he knows everything about it. But that's thing about the TARDIS, it's a living creature, with a mind. It's changing all the time.

So my dad teaches me about it. I'm not too good when it comes to controlling her, but I'm brilliant when she's broken. I'm almost better than him, she prefers me when she needs fixing, see. He's too manic; I'm a lot gentler, so she feels more comfortable with me.

And there are those times, those times when I fix her up and he's standing there beside me, with this huge grin on his face, watching. And he says "Jenny, you're a natural". And he hugs me proudly and I laugh and we set the co-ordinatates for where we go next.

But he doesn't love me.

Because I killed the woman he loved.