I know it's not much, but I wanted to give them a proper send off.

Daddy's Girl


I haven't yet found out what happened when he was away. When I was left at Jack's. He hasn't said and I haven't asked. He'll tell me if I need to know.

"Tell me you'll come back soon," Jackie says. She's already said goodbye to dad, he's inside, and getting the now fully fixed TARDIS ready.

"Sure," I tell her, with a hug. "You know how it is. I'll be back in ten minutes, just you see".

She nods, hopefully, but we both know it's not going to happen that way.

"See you then," I say as we break apart. Then, I turn to the Blue Box that I call home, and leave her outside.

He's facing the console when I enter, but turns when he hears the door closing and smiles, and jerks a lever, bringing the console to life. I suddenly remember something.

"We have to go to Jack's".

He turns to look at me in surprise. "What?"

"I told Mickey I'd be back soon," I explain. "Jack and Saffron will be worried, too. We'd best see them first".

He nods, thoughtfully. "Well yeah, we could do that first," he says. "Or we could do that later…"

Something in the way he says it makes my breath catch. "What do you mean?"

He takes a step towards me. "I've stuck in random co-ordinates. Could be to any time or any place and we won't know until we get there. And now, all that has to happen is…" he points to a button on the control panel in front of me "For you to press that button there". He smiles again and it's like he's daring me to say yes.

I stare at the button, doubtfully. I even reach out, my finger just above it. Ready. Bu'd I'm uncertain.

He's changed. I'm guessing this is the man he used to be. Who Jack used to tell me about in stories. I've spent so long wanting him to be like this again. Wishing it.

I could push the button. Or I could cancel it and go to Jack's first. I could let them know we're both ok. Tell them what's happened in the past day. I could see Saffron, Jack...

I could see Mickey.

I could do the right thing. The "Responsible" thing. I should.

I look back up at him. I meet his eyes. He nods, as though telling me to do exactly what I want. I take a deep breath.

And I push.

I know, I said I'd be telling you the name of the sequel here. But I can't think of one! Just keep a look out, I've written that beggining and it should be up in a couple of weeks.