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"For this next dance, we'd like to ask Mark to ask that one special lady in his life to dance with him."

Mark sighed and looked up at the DJ, who shrugged his shoulders at Mark, as if to say "Hey, they ask me to say those things. It's not my fault." Taking a deep breath, Mark got up and walked across the dance floor to where the adults were sitting. If it had been his choice, he would have asked Maureen to dance, considering that's what he'd been dreaming about for the past seven years. But since everyone knew what was expected of him, Mark went up to his mother and extended his hand.

She took it with a smile, of course, pretending that the entire thing hadn't been planned. Together to two of them walked up to the empty dance floor. Trying not to think that Roger and Collins were never going to let him live this down, Mark began to dance to the first slow song with his mother.


Across the room, Angel was tugging at his collar. "I can't believe that my mom made me wear this." He was wearing a white short-sleeved collared shirt and dress pants that were just a little, little bit too tight.

"Oh, it's not that bad Angel," Mimi answered. The two of them were the only ones sitting at their table; everyone else had gone to get drinks.

"First it all yes it is, Mimi," Angel said. "And second of all, don't call me that here!"

"Oh, come on, no one's going to hear me," Mimi replied. "And if they did, so what? You're planning to come out publicly next year, aren't you? You might as well do it now. And you could have done it by wearing one of my skirts, like I told you to."

"Well, maybe………but no." Angel gave Mimi a look. Mimi opened her mouth like she was about to say something, but then decided against it.

"Anyways," Angel went on, obviously trying to change the subject. "Why don't you ask Benny to dance later? He keeps hinting that he wants to go out with you."

"Erg, Benny?" asked Mimi making a face. "No way. He's smart and all, but he's just too………boring for me. But then other times he keeps acting like he wants to get into my pants. It's just weird."

"Alright, fine," Angel answered. The two of them were quiet for a minute. Suddenly, Angel asked Mimi, "Who's that guy over there? You know, talking to Maureen?"

Mimi looked to see where he was pointing. "Um………I don't remember his name. He's in my English class. Why? Do you like him?"

"No," Angel answered. "Besides from the fact that he's fucking gorgeous, I don't like him at all."

Mimi smiled. "Do you know you that guy is? Sitting next to Fucking Gorgeous?"

"Yeah, that's Roger. He's all right……….kind of moody, and I don't know, he's a little bit of a bad boy."

"Well I'm bad," Mimi answered with a mischievous smile.


"I'd like to now ask all other couples to join Mark and his mother on the floor," said the DJ through his microphone, as he started up another slow song.


A few tables away from Mimi and Angel, Maureen had been making fun of Mark with Collins. She kept hoping that Collins would notice how low the top of her dress was, but he didn't seem to care. "C'mon," she said to him after getting a bit bored of teasing Mark. "Dance with me." She grabbed his hands and stood up.

"Uh………do you really want to?" asked Collins, looking very unexcited.

"Well I asked you, didn't I?" answered Maureen. "Please? Just as friends?"

"Fine," Collins said with a sigh. He stood up, and caught Roger's eye, who looked as if he was trying his best not to laugh. Collins gave Roger the finger, and then walked over to the dance floor with Maureen.


"Shit," Angel muttered as she saw Fucking Gorgeous go up to dance with Maureen.

"It doesn't mean anything," said Mimi patting him on the arm. "The two of them are like, best friends." Angel gave her a look. "Really, you still could have chance." Angel gave her another look, this time a very skeptical one.

Suddenly, Benny walked up to Mimi and Angel. "Would you like to dance?" he asked Mimi, extending his hand. Mimi bit her lip, looked at Angel, and nodded. With a sigh, she got up with him and the two of them walked over to the dance floor.


"Mark sweetie, what's wrong?" asked Mrs. Cohen as the two of them continued to dance.

"Oh, it's………nothing," Mark answered, trying his best not to look at Collins and Maureen. How could the two of them be dancing together? Collins knew that Mark had been madly in love with Maureen since kindergarten. How could he do that to him?


Over by the tables, Joanne had gone and sat next to Roger. She was basically wearing the same thing as Angel, except her shirt was a little bit more girly. "Hey Joanne," he said to her as she sat down.

"Hi," she answered. The two of them were quiet for a moment. Roger was taking turns looking at Mark and trying not to laugh and staring at that gorgeous Hispanic girl who was dancing with Benny. "Roger?" Joanne asked suddenly. "Who's that girl dancing with Collins?"

"Oh, her?" Roger answered. "That's Maureen. Why?"

"Just— just wondering," said Joanne.

"She not your type," Roger said immediately. "Trust me. She's loud, and really opinionated."

"So? I have opinions. There's nothing wrong with a girl having a mind, Roger."

Roger rolled his eyes. "I know that," he answered. "Anyways, who's that girl dancing with Benny?"

"Mimi," Joanne said. "She's also a little headstrong………well, I just mean that she doesn't let anybody influence her."

"I don't have a problem with that. Besides, she is hot………"

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