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As Joanne watched Maureen go up onto the dance floor to dance with Mark, she felt extremely confused and stupid at the same time. She couldn't believe that she'd actually thought that she might have had a chance with Maureen. In half an hour, the girl had already danced with two guys. Guys. Which meant………that Maureen probably wasn't interested in girls.

Suddenly, Joanne remembered that Roger had only told her that Maureen 'wasn't her type,' not that she was straight. So that meant………that maybe she was a lesbian? Or that she was bi? After thinking about it for a minute, Joanne decided to just go and ask Roger. He and Mimi had only been gone for a minute, so she figured that she might be able to catch him before he "got Mimi's sweater."

"I'm………uh— going to the bathroom," Joanne said to Benny before getting up and walking out the door, not waiting to see if he'd heard her.

She saw Roger and Mimi just ahead of her in the hallway. "Roger!" Joanne called as she sped up to the two of them. Mimi looked obviously upset that Joanne was there. "I just wanted to ask you………you know when we were talking about Maureen before?"

"Yeah…….." said Roger, looking confused.

"Well you never really told me— is she straight?"

Roger bit his lip. "Well," he answered, "none of us really know. She was always kinda hitting on Collins, and she does that with a bunch of other guys, but at the same time she very—um, friendly— to everyone, if you know what I mean."

"Okay," said Joanne slowly. "So does that mean………"

"It means whatever you want it to mean," said Roger with a shrug. "If you want to try something, go right ahead."

"Uh………thanks, I guess," Joanne said. "I'll just let you guys go………get Mimi's sweater then."

And with that, Roger and Mimi walked further down the hall, and Joanne went into the girl's room, because she figured that she needed to think thing's over.


Mark was in heaven. Pure, real heaven. He could hardly believe that he was dancing with Maureen. Maureen. This had been his dream for years. And now it was finally happening.

He had subconsciously decided that he needed to take in every small detail of this experience. From the way that Maureen's hair was gently falling onto her shoulders, to the amazing chocolate brown of her eyes that he was staring so deeply at, to the way she oh-so-nicely filled out her short green dress, Mark was sure that he would remember it all forever.


Maureen was getting very sick of having her feet stepped on. She realized that Mark was probably a bit tired, having just led an entire service in another language, but she still didn't understand why he had to stare so intensely at her face, while at the same time not paying any attention to where is feet were going. Was Mark even conscious? He was just staring, without blinking, at her eyes.

"Um………Mark?" Maureen asked after getting stepped on for the fourth time. He blinked. She figured that that was some form of reply. "You keep stepping on my feet." He blinked again.

"Oh— I'm sorry," he said with a very apologetic face after processing the question for a moment.

Well, maybe it was a bit cute the way he seemed to like her so much. But— ouch— (he stepped on her foot again) did he have to be so weird about it?"


Angel and Collins, on the other hand, were not paying the least bit of attention to Mark and Maureen. After Mark had left, the two of them had been talking nervously, all the while not taking their eyes of each others faces.

Angel suddenly realized that Collins might almost consider it rude that he had been wearing his jacket the entire time. What if Collins had wanted it back and had been afraid to say so? Almost immediately, Angel stood up and began to shake of the jacket.

"Is something wrong?" asked Collins, looking alarmed.

"N—no," answered Angel, already feeling a bit stupid. "I just thought— that you might want your jacket back."

"I'm fine, really," said Collins.

"Well— I have my own that I could be wearing………"

"Oh," Collins said, looking confused. "Then do you— uh— want to go get it?"

"Oh— yeah, I guess," Angel answered, feeling even more stupid. He had just started the most pointless and awkward conversation ever. "It's in the coat room." He stood up. "Do you………want to come?"

"Yeah," Collins said instantly.

Inwardly, Angel breathed a sigh of relief. So this hadn't been that pointless. Now they got to spend more time together! And Collins didn't hate him either! Trying his very best not to smile like an idiot, Angel led the way out of the ballroom.


The song changed from a slow one to a fast one, and Maureen tried her best not to show how excited she was. "I'm………gonna go sit down now, okay?" she said to Mark, already taking her arms off his shoulders.

"Y— yeah, that's fine………" Mark answered, still with a dazed look on his face.

Maureen quickly walked over to the table and sit down next to Benny.

"So………you and Mark, huh?" Benny said to her with a smirk.

"Oh, shut up," Maureen told him, rolling her eyes. She realized that they were the only ones sitting at their table. "Where'd Joanne go?" she asked Benny.

"I don't know………I think she said the bathroom?" he answered with a slight question.

Maureen immediately perked up. "Thanks!" she said with a smile, before bouncing up and leaving the room.


"It's right in here," Angel said to Collins as they approached the coat room. Angel grabbed the doorknob and pulled the door open.

"Shit, it's dark in here," Collins said as they walked into pitch blackness.

"Ew, what'd I just step on?" Angel squealed pulling his foot up.


"Sorry Collins, was that you?" Angel asked with a worried look on his face.

"No…….." he answered slowly.

"Then who………wait, I remember seeing a light switch before." Angel felt along the wall to the right of the door for a moment. "Oh, here it is!"

The lights flickered on. Angel and Collins looked around to see Roger, lying on the floor, with Mimi sitting on his waist with her legs on either side of him. Roger's tie and jacket were lying next to him.

Roger looked up at the two of them with his mouth hanging slightly open, a look of shock on his face. Mimi looked a little bit embarrassed until she got Angel's eye. Angel raised as eyebrow at her, giving her a small smile. Mimi grinned back with a look that said, "Well, I told you I would." Collins, on the other hand, just burst out laughing.

Angel quickly crossed the room, took a jacket off its hanger, and started to head out the door. When he realized that Collins was still standing there laughing, he grabbed Collins' hand before dragging him out the door, turning the light off as he did so.

As soon as Angel shut the door, the two of them leaned back against it, Angel still holding Collins' hand. Collins raised an eyebrow at Angel.

"Hey, I just wanted to get my jacket," Angel said to Collins. Angel started laughing, resting his head on Collins' shoulder as he did so. Collins quickly joined in.

After a few minutes, the two suddenly looked at each other and simultaneously dropped their hands. Angel straightened up. "We should………probably go back in there now, right?"

"Oh— yeah," Collins answered. The two of them began walking back down the hallway in silence, Angel half a step in front of Collins. "You're tag's un-tucked," said Collins suddenly.

"My— what?" asked Angel. "Oh!" he realized, bringing his hand up the back of his neck. Strangely, he didn't feel a tag.

"Never mind, I'll do it," said Collins hurriedly, reaching over to the back of Angel's neck. He pretended to tuck in a tag, which was pointless, because they were both wearing collared shirts, but it was just an excuse for Collins to slowly bring his hand down Angel's arm so that he could grab his hand again.

Angel looked up at Collins. Neither of them said anything. Still holding hands, they slowly walked back into the ballroom.


After Maureen had left, Mark had stayed on the dance floor for a few minutes, letting everything that had just happened sink in. He wasn't sure if he was even alive anymore. If you're alive, there's always some sort of thing that's worrying you, or something that's going wrong, but Mark felt none of that. He only felt pure happiness.

Still in a daze, he slowly sat down next to Benny. "Where'd Maureen go?" he asked suddenly, realizing that she had left him.

"Uh………bathroom?" Benny answered with a shrug.

"Oh………okay," Mark said faintly. He leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes,

forcing himself to remember every single detail of the last five minutes.

He didn't open his eyes until he realized that more people had come and sat next to him. He opened them to see Collins and Angel sitting next to him, both looking at each other with small smiles on their faces.

"Where'd you guys go?" Mark asked the two of them.

"Oh………uh, coatroom," Collins answered, still staring at Angel.

"Why— never mind," Mark said.

"Oh!" Angel said suddenly, wrenching her gaze away from Collins to look at Mark. "Guess who was in there?"

"A talking coat?" asked Mark.

Angel rolled his eyes. "Roger and Mimi," he said smiling.

"You mean— oh," answered Mark, starting to laugh.

"That's right," Collins said, also laughing.

"Well, I guess I should've seen that coming," Mark said with a shrug. None of them noticed Benny trying very hard not to listen to their conversation.

The four of them continued talking for awhile. Mark noticed that Angel and Collins kept looking at each other with the same look that he'd been giving Maureen before. But Mark knew better than to say anything; if they wanted to be a couple, it was fine by him.

After a couple more minutes, just when Mark had begun to notice that Maureen had been taking an awfully long time in the bathroom, Maureen and Joanne suddenly came back into the ballroom together.

"Hey Markie," Maureen said with a smile as she bounced over to him and sat down. Joanne followed her, looking suddenly confused.

"Hey guys………what took so long in the bathroom?" Mark asked looking from Maureen to Joanne.

"Oh, it was nothing, just girl stuff," Maureen answered with a wave of her hand.

"Maureen, you were gone for like fifteen minutes," said Mark.

"We were just fixing our hair and stuff. Markie, don't worry about it. It wasn't anything important." Behind Maureen, Joanne looked slightly insulted and confused, but she didn't say anything.

"Okay," Mark said slowly, deciding that they probably had just been putting on more makeup.


Later that night, after everyone else had left, Mark and his family were walking out to the car. Mark was still reliving the four minutes that he had spent dancing with Maureen.

"Did you and your friends have fun, sweetie?" asked his mom, putting her arm around him.

"Yeah," Mark answered after a minute. "Yeah, I think we all did.

And so we come to an end. Poor Mark, huh? I love you all!