Events of the Heart—Won's First "Heart" Event

by taitofan

Rated PG-13 for yaoi

Disclaimer: If I owned Harvest Moon, the next game would be titled, "Harvest Moon: For Gay." But since that's very unlikely, it's safe to say that I don't own the games or characters.

Author's Note: No matter what fandom I enter, my OTP almost always ends up as crack… Oh well. So. I was thinking about what it would be like if other couples went through the heart events you go through as the farmer. So I took my favorite couple, listed out their heart events, and came up with this! So this fic will consist of eight rewritten heart events, two random events, and a few ending chapters… After all, we all know what happens after the heart events have been viewed! Chapters will flip-flop from one character to the next, and they will be connected. So until the next chapter, have fun and try to give my OTP a chance!

Flames do nothing but make me laugh, although I'll listen to any CC you have. Please read, review, and enjoy! Finished 07-05-06

Won ignored the flock of squawking chickens as he walked towards the Poultry Farm. He had better things to do than let a bunch of annoying birds intimidate him. For example, he had to try his luck selling his goods to the suckers who lived here. He'd already managed to scam that farmer boy and his sister—Jack and Claire if memory served right—out of a nice chunk of change, and he had high hopes for this family too. He quickly reached the door and knocked swiftly door, ready to charm and swindle whoever opened up.

"We're not open yet!" a decidedly masculine voice yelled from the other side of the closed door. Nevertheless, Won could hear the locks being opened. "If it's not an emergency… Hey, who are you?" The young man who opened the door might have sounded masculine, but his long blond hair and soft facial features conveyed otherwise. He was actually very easy on the eyes… If you were into that sort of thing of course. Which Won most certainly was not.

"Hello, my name is Won. I am a traveling merchant from the East. I'm here today to see if someone as lovely as yourself would be interested in purchasing any of my fine merchandise." The younger man blinked, his glasses magnifying his bright blue eyes; then he scowled lightly, a faint pink blush finding its way to his cheeks.

"I am a guy you know. My name is Rick. I help run this place with my mother and sister. You should try charming them instead." Won's entire career was dependent on his ability to read people and know exactly what to say to make them putty in his hands. And unless he was completely mistaken…

"Oh, be assured kind sir, I immediately knew your gender. However, I cannot imagine that anyone else in your household would be such an exquisite sight as you." Bingo. Rick's face went from pale pink to a bright red in seconds, causing Won to smirk mentally. Oh yes, he was good.

"I, uh… What do you have?" Won put on his pleasantest smile and opened his case. Rick watched as he pulled out a large, shiny red apple. He wasn't all that fond of apples himself, but Popuri and his mom both loved them. Maybe he'd get them a gift…

"I have three very special apples with me today…" Rick listened patiently as Won explained the three different apples. He honestly wasn't sure what the difference between them and a regular apple was, but… "And the price, especially for you, is only 500 G!" It took all of the blond's willpower not to let his jaw drop.

"For all three or for just one?"

"Just one." Rick laughed humorlessly, shaking his head.

"Ah, I don't think so. I'll just wait until Autumn and pick some myself… What else do you have?" Won's eyes narrowed ever so slightly. So Rick wasn't going to fall for his charming words, huh? No matter. He still had another card up his sleeve…

"Oh, of course! I have something much better!" He took out a picture and handed it to Rick, who accepted it curiously. "As you can see, this fine flower vase is much too fragile to carry around with me all the time. But I can have my roommate Zack deliver it to you later today. Such a well-crafted vase is sure to improve your house tenfold! And for you I'm willing to let it go for a mere 5000 G!" Rick was silent for a few moments, merely staring at Won's grinning face, when…

"What! Are you crazy? If you think you can come here, feed me some pretty words, and get me to buy your overpriced junk, you have another thing coming! I'm not some girl who's gonna swoon over you and pay ridiculous prices for apples with silly names and vases that cost more than refrigerators and—" Won stood patiently as Rick ranted and raved. He had nowhere else to be after all… And Rick would run out of breath sooner or later. "—and your hat is funny!" The Asian man raised an elegant eyebrow at his last comment before shaking his head slightly.

"Rick…" He took a few steps forward until there were mere inches separating them. Rick, who was still out of breath from his prior ranting, could only watch as the shorter man lifted a slender pale hand and ran it against his cheek. "Has anyone ever told you that you're absolutely alluring when you're angry?"

When Zack delivered the flower vase later that afternoon, Rick hadn't been able to explain why he'd paid Won's outrageous price further than, 'He's very persuasive.' But as he placed the vase on his bedside table and began arranging Moondrop Flowers in it, he found that he really didn't mind. In fact…

He couldn't wait until Won came around again.