A Story By A Very Huge Fan

Chapter1: Mental case Diaclaimer- I don't own Yu Yu Hakusho.

Well to tell you the truth I have no clue what so ever what I am going to type about, this is just a bordum thing, so sorry if you were exspecting somthing really really good 'cause your probably not going to get it.

Anyway, one day a not so mary sue girl walked down a not so crowded street, in the middle of the night, on the night of the fullmoon, which was really really stupid seeing that she was a girl and there were plenty of weirdos around.

So, anyway, she was walking and walking and of course walking, not noticeing the big guys behind her.

"Look behind you, you dumb ass!" Yelled the extra vioce in her head!

Girl: Why?

"Just do it!"

Girl: Ummmm, no.

"Look now!"

Girl: Nope!

A man grabbed her from behind! The girl swung her head around faceing the big man and big friends!

Girl: Shiiiiit.

"Told ya!"

Girl: Oh shut up!

Man: Look guys, this crazy girl is talkin' to her self.

Man2: I like crazy girls (licking lips).

Girl: God, help meeeee! Ahhhhhhh!

The man that grabbed her yanked her back!

"This is what you get for not lisening to me!"

Girl: (wisper) Shut up!

Vioce: I hate scum like you.

Man3: Looks like shorty wants to fight.

The girl of course couldn't see who was talking because in her opion the "big jerk ass dumby" that was now holding her was in the way! But a second later she heard something big hit the ground and the big guys yelling! She was dropped on the ground because guy went to go help the other big guys, so she could finally see what was happening!

Basically she watched a shorrt kid with spiky black and white hair "beat up" the now seen as 5 big men until they were all knocked out!

Guy: Pathetic.

Girl: That was awsome!

Guy: Hn.

The guy, also known as Vioce, started to walk away leaveing the girl still on the ground. The girl jumped up and ran after him.

"Your going to regreat this."

Girl: Hey! Thanks for savin' me!

Guy: Hn.

Girl: My names Emi (smile), what's yours?

Guy: Hn.

"Told ya."

Emi: Shut up!

Guy: Hmp (half laugh, half hn).

Emi: Hey! What's so funny?

Guy: Hn.

Emi: I'm going to follow you until you answer my questions!


Guy2: So Hiei you finally got a girl!

Emi: Soooo, your names Hiei?

Hiei: Grrr.

Guy4: Yeah Urameshi, I didn't think any girl could like Hiei.

The vioce in Emi's head was laughing it's ass off.

Emi: I'm not datin' him. He just saved me. and You shut up in there!

Yusuke (Urameshi): And you got a crazy blond too.

Emi: I'm blond! Oh no, I'm blond! Shit, shit, shit, I'm blond!

Thoughts: How can she not know she's blond?

Emi: I hate when this happens!

"You look like an idiot."

Emi: Shut uuuuuup!

They heard a door close and another guy walked in.

Guy5: Hello, I'm Kurama (what ever his last name is).

Emi: Oh! Umm, I'm Emi Koe (voice). Well actually it's just Emi, my names just kind of Koe.

Kurama: It's a pleasure to meet you.

Emi: (blush) Same.

Yusuke: Sorry Kurama, but she's Hiei's.

Emi: Look! I ain't datin' him!

She stomped over to Hiei, grabbed the sides of his head, and kissed him on the lips!

Everyone: 0.0!

Emi: Now I'm datin' him.