Major spoilers up to the most current chapters here! Be forewarned! Here are two little stories, both very fluffy. I like my jealous Sanji.



Of Shichibukai…


If Sanji ever saw Bartholomew Kuma again, he'd personally deliver that giant bear a kind of hell that the Shichibukai wouldn't ever come back from.

The inhabitants of Kamabakka Kingdom hadn't been unkind; on the contrary, they had flanked Sanji like a second skin and with a kind of gusto that barely hedged on psychotic. It wasn't the kind of association he required, however. When the Straw Hats had finally reunited, Sanji had poured all his efforts into forgetting the ordeal forever. But of course, fate had intervened once again. After being divided for such an extensive time, his crewmates had decided to exchange stories like a loose game of cards, and he was forced to relive his nightmare. It hadn't taken much description to arouse Usopp's attentive ears, and the sharpshooter was laughing within moments of Sanji's first words. Zoro smirked at his story, and even Sanji couldn't deny that his was the most embarrassing of the lot.

Nami had taken it in good humor, but couldn't resist the playful jibe, "Maybe you can offer me some makeup and fashion advice now, Sanji-kun?"

He'd been torn by her gentle teasing, and even Robin's amusement was evident. Sanji had wanted to curl up and die in a corner. He offered his tales of misadventure quickly and without much detail, ending in a surly silence that only served to make his comrades laugh harder. Afterwards, he listened to everyone else's stories half-attentively until it was their captain's turn. At this point everyone grew quiet. They had all heard of the breakout from Impel Down, and the subsequent historical battle that took place on Marineford. Even more importantly, they knew that Luffy had been directly involved even though the true story had been repressed; it was only by their captain's dramatic bounty increase that they knew more occurred than was reported. When they had all met up again, everyone noticed the marked change in Luffy's behavior. As exuberant as ever, something still loomed over him.

Zoro had shared a few words on the subject with Brook. "Heavy. His presence is heavier than before."

The swordsman had declared it with all his usual dramatic graveness, but Sanji was inclined to agree for once. And though Luffy was no storyteller, they all listened raptly when he began to speak. Sanji knew he had cut and diced the story to its barest essentials, but they heard everything. Sometimes, he thought to himself once Luffy finished, his captain was pretty damn amazing. The younger man still bore marks of the adventure. He was fatigued by the end of the night, but he didn't show it explicitly. Sanji could see it, though. All of them did, and they chose to turn in early. By unspoken agreement, Luffy wouldn't be getting any watches. The perky captain bounced his way to bed and Sanji took up the first post.

He wasn't at all tired. In fact, his mind was racing. Again, Luffy had gone and nearly gotten himself killed. Sanji had detected that purposely light tone when Luffy went over his first fight with Magellan. Poison. They had almost lost him to Crocodile's poison in Arabasta too. It angered Sanji sometimes, how Luffy took these risks without second thought. He wasn't like Zoro, who seemed to have an innate understanding of Luffy; Sanji could only comprehend his captain's intentions after serious contemplation, but before that he was always just as outraged by Luffy's recklessness as Usopp; the only difference was that he could usually keep his concerns silent. Sanji wished he could plead with Luffy the way Usopp and Chopper could—but that wasn't his nature. He respected his captain too much to let his own meager worries be vocalized.

There was no point protesting now, though. It was all over. They were on their way to Fishman Island. Ace was safe and the Straw Hats were together again. Sanji lit up a new smoke and stared out the glass panes before him.

An hour into his watch, Sanji grew aware of a rapping behind him. He turned around and crunched hard on his cigarette. Luffy grinned at him from outside. Sanji rolled his eyes and reached over to unlock the window. His captain entered the watch post with zest.

"I'm glad Franky made the crow's nest so much bigger. We can fit in no problem here!"

Sanji rested his chin against the palm of his hand. "Why are you here, captain? Chopper ordered more rest for you. That okama's hormone treatment is still affecting you, right?"

Luffy plopped down on the plush couch beside Sanji. The cook could see in the way Luffy moved that he was still exhausted. You would never tell by looking at his face, though; he was beaming like a child who'd just discovered Christmas had arrived early.

"Don't make fun of Iva-chan. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for him," replied Luffy.

Sanji suppressed a shudder. That's right. If it weren't for that crazy okama, Luffy would have probably been dead a long time ago. The irony didn't fail him. He had been traumatized to land on an island full of transvestites, harmless as they were. And here was Luffy who had been saved by the former ruler of the aforementioned island. Sanji sighed.

"You really need to stop doing that."

At his captain's inquisitive glance, Sanji grabbed his cheek and tugged. "Nearly dying. What the hell would we do without you?"

Luffy smiled around Sanji's grip. "I'd hope you guys would continue. You shouldn't give up on your dreams so easily. We're pirates. It's not unusual to face death; you just have to go on."

Zoro was right. Luffy's presence was heavier than before. Sanji couldn't stop staring at him. Eventually he let go of his cheek and laughed.

"Did you get a little smarter, Luffy?"

The rubber man grinned. "If it helps… I really don't plan on dying anytime soon."

Sanji watched him through a narrowed gaze. Luffy always said that. Then he was always the first person to go and sacrifice his well-being for someone else. It was understandable. Ace was his brother. But how many more times would Luffy do this? Sanji knew the answer. As many times as it was required.

"When I first joined this crew, I never imagined my captain would be the son of the most wanted criminal in the world. And that he would be brothers with the son of the former Pirate King."

Luffy was beginning to doze off beside him. Sanji pulled a blanket over him.

"… I knew Ace wasn't my real brother, but he was still my brother," replied Luffy, his voice muffled. He rested his head against Sanji's shoulder, eyelids fluttering closed. "I'd do it all over again if I had to…for you too."

Sanji smiled despite himself. He turned a little and pressed a kiss atop Luffy's head. The dark locks had been cleaned recently and he inhaled the fresh scent, treasuring it. God knew how much longer they would experience this kind of peace. Their reputation was rising fast and the New World was within their grasp. Countless new kinds of the threats would plague them, not including the Marines; they would all have to get stronger. Sanji reached down and entwined his fingers with his captain's. Luffy murmured in his sleep and snuggled deeper against him.

"You don't have to do it alone the next time. I'll be there," he said quietly.

He was scared for Luffy. For all of them. Sanji didn't know if they had the strength to reach the top. But thoughts like those came and went quickly. Perhaps they didn't have the power, but they did have something else; they had Monkey D. Luffy, son of a revolutionary, grandson of a Marine hero, brother to the son of the Pirate King. They might not make it, the rest of the Straw Hats. Alone at least. But if Luffy was there with them every step of the way—

—then what the fuck couldn't they do?

Sanji breathed out a cloud of smoke. He looked down at his sleeping captain. "I think we're getting a little excited because of you. What a clever guy you are after all…"

If he ever saw that damn Shichibukai again, maybe he'd thank him instead.


and Love


"So that's Boa Hancock, eh? She's a beauty all right…"

"And she's in love with Luffy? Well…I guess stranger things have happened."

Nami raised an eyebrow incredulously as the female Shichibukai embraced Luffy's hand, all attention solely on him. Franky whistled beside her. Obviously, he was impressed that their captain had managed to score a woman like her. Nami was too. In fact, she still couldn't believe it, but the evidence was bright as day right in front of her. She shook her head, nonplussed.

"The sea is a mysterious place…"

"Luffy-san is quite the scoundrel isn't he?" quipped Brook.

When they decided to visit Amazon Lily at Luffy's behest, none of them had expected this kind of greeting. Luffy had given them his reassurances of course, but doubts remained. The island was notorious for a reason. Even Sanji had only ever fantasized about visiting the island because everyone knew the truth: On Amazon Lily, outsiders were nothing more but fodder to be swept aside without a second glance. Luffy was the one exception. How that happened, none of them knew, but it was Luffy; he excelled at being the exception. And even though the inhabitants had supposedly given their blessing for him to bring along his crew, said crew couldn't help their skepticism.

Nami had navigated them through the Calm Belt in the slowest manner possible in the hopes of deterring Luffy from his goal, but he remained dead set. When they finally touched upon land, all of them had taken arms in surreptitious methods. Only Luffy appeared confident and cheerful. He stood atop Sunny's head, arms crossed, waiting to be hailed.

And when that hail came, oh, it came.

Even Zoro had begun to draw his swords when the cries came. It sounded like a murderous mass was approaching them; such was the roar and tremor in the ground. But then Luffy laughed and looked back at all of them.

"Here they come! They're really great guys, all of them! You'll like them!"

It fast became clear that the screaming and yelling weren't war cries; they were the cheers of fans coming to greet their greatest idol. Because that was what Luffy apparently was on this island. An idol. It was the simplest term Nami could come up with, and it certainly fit the situation. Even after graciously welcoming the rest of the Straw Hats, all the women's attention was on Luffy. They hugged him—touched, prodded, poked—and laughed with him. A few of the women even bore chopsticks extending down from their nostrils to the gums of their teeth—Luffy's trademark trick. It seemed that being the first man to land on Amazon Lily in generations had left its impression fixed and firm.

Nami was unaccustomed to seeing her captain in such a state. He was irrevocably, and most assuredly, popular with an entire island of women. They accepted his eccentricities and even imitated them with the utmost eagerness. The notion made her head swim, and she couldn't help but look at Sanji.

The situation was satirical but Sanji wasn't laughing. Nami only patted his back, effectively conveying to him this message: "Yes, it seems Luffy's actually beat you when it comes to women. Well, good fight anyway—not that there was much of a fight." Of course, the real kicker came when Boa Hancock entered the scene.

Nami wasn't a jealous woman by nature. She was confident in her own beauty and abilities. She never felt the compulsion to engage on trifling rivalries, and she could always acknowledge another woman's endowments without resentment. So when Nami first saw Boa Hancock, it surprised her a little when she felt that iron-clad grip wrapping around her stomach. She was struck by envy for the first time in a long while, and though it made her feel petty, she couldn't help it. The woman was, in fact, gorgeous. Plain and simple.

Naturally, Sanji was all over her in a second.

And that was when the Straw Hats were in for the second treat of the day. Hancock quite literally sidestepped Sanji and walked straight to Luffy, who had offered his hand in greeting. He was grinning widely and Hancock's sudden transformation from regal princess to fawning subject had been…eye-opening to say the least. She shyly took Luffy's hand within her own, batting her eyelashes feverishly.

"Luffy…I'm so glad you have returned. I've been awaiting the day I should see you again," she said in soft, demure tones.

The Straw Hats had nearly keeled over in shock.

"Yo, Hancock! I told you I would come visit again. And you finally get to see the rest of my crew!" replied Luffy, utterly immune to her wiles, but enthusiastic nonetheless.

Hancock had spared them a pleasant smile and polite greeting, but her focus went back to Luffy in a moment's passing. That was when the elder Nyon found them and briefly explained Hancock's infatuation.

Nami wasn't surprised really. One second of watching the Hebihime around Luffy was a dead giveaway, but the truth still stunned her. She cocked her to the side, still watching the other woman engage Luffy with all her infinite charm.

"I thought it was odd when Luffy told us about how a Shichibukai helped him, but…I guess that explains it. He very clearly omitted quite a few details."

Robin smiled. "Probably because he didn't think anything special of it," she said.

Nami groaned out loud, pressing a finger to her temple. "That idiot. All that worrying for nothing!"

"Well, look at him," pointed out Usopp, grinning. "Do you really think he's even the slightest bit aware of Boa's feelings for him?"

Nami regarded the loving scene closely. Yes, the affection was definitely one-sided. Luffy wouldn't know a crush if it punched him in the face. Nami sighed. "I almost feel sorry for her."

"The cook's about to blow," remarked Zoro with perceptible glee.

Sanji hung about behind them, cigarette put out. His hands dug into his pockets and he kicked at a stray pebble. He was sulking all right. Nami felt for him. Luffy could be unconsciously cruel at times.

"And there's Sanji! He's the best cook ever!"

Nami watched as Luffy brought Hancock over to where the blond was lounging.

"Oh, this is gonna be good," she heard Usopp say from somewhere close.

"A sudden lovers' quarrel? I feel a song coming on…"

"Be quiet, Franky! I wouldn't miss a second of this for the world."

"Cook-san doesn't appear very happy does he?"

It was as if a storm suddenly descended upon them. A sudden tension filled the atmosphere and everyone held their breath. Nami bit her lip as she saw Sanji smile at Hancock with all his usual gentlemanliness. But Hancock's own smile was decidedly less warm. There was a chilling quality to her words as she looked upon Sanji, eyes narrowing.

"He makes the most delicious food, Hancock! You'll let him use your kitchen won't you?"

"Oh, of course, Luffy. I look forward to it!"

Sanji bowed gallantly. "I aim to please, Hebihime-sama," he replied. Then he wrapped an arm around Luffy's shoulders, pulling the compliant captain to him. "It's amazing my captain has never mentioned you before. I would never think of you as anything but unforgettable."

Nami could have smacked Sanji for his gall. He was plainly screaming out "He's mine!" in front of the Shichibukai, and everyone could see it. She laughed to herself. Well, it wasn't anything too unexpected. Sanji was so predictable sometimes.

"That ero-cook is really serious," commented Zoro with passing approval.

Robin's eyes crinkled as she smiled. "It's true love, no?"

"Man, I never thought Sanji would taunt a woman," remarked Usopp.

"Yohoho! He's too honest with himself!" laughed Brook in obvious delight.

Chopper was in awe. "Luffy's really amazing."

"I guess it's refreshing to see Sanji actually antagonizing a woman for a change," added Nami thoughtfully. "He must really like Luffy."

"Like? Don't you think you're being a little soft there?" inquired Franky, raising an eyebrow.

Nami shrugged. "There's too many men on this ship."

"Hey, guys! What are you doing over there? Come on, Hancock's gonna let us stay at her castle!" cried out Luffy suddenly.

As they followed after the princess, Nami couldn't resist from grinning as Sanji stuck on Luffy like glue. Even as Hancock spoke with Luffy, the cook remained firmly attached to his other side, listening to every word she said. When Sanji asked Luffy to light his smoke for him, Nami had to fake a cough to stifle her laughter. The look in Hancock's eye as Luffy bent over intimately to light the cigarette was absolutely deadly. Oh yes, Nami thought, it was a good idea to come to Amazon Lily after all.