She walked for several hours before stumbling upon a new town and a new set of people. She walked in, she looked terrible, her black corset and her white under blouse was grass-stained and dirty. Her pants were slightly torn, but not too bad and her boots were scuffed and muddy. Her hair however lay perfectly messy on top of her head. The people looked at her and then away. They kept their distance. She saw a man leading a fine looking horse. She didn't look twice, she was so tired.

She wandered into a small tavern where she saw a boy about her age getting a drink. She slumped down into a table on the side of the bar where no one was at. He looked at her curiously and then came over.

"Have' a drink ya look terrible," he said with a thick British accent.

She gladly took it, "What's your name?" she asked.

"Connor," he answered.


"Beautiful name, it means worthy of love,"

"I know," she said taking another drink.

They talked for hours and kept getting more drinks finally after she was totally wasted and he was just beginning to show signs of being drunk he ked her out. They walked down the street to where he lived. On there way they passed the beautiful horse again.

"Look at that horse! Fine specimen, indeed," she slurred almost falling over. (AN: picture Captain Jack Sparrow and you've got a drunk Amanda) "Now if I were to take this horse, I could get a free sword, and free bag of food. Now hold on wait a minute," she said. Suddenly letting out a shrill whistle. The horse whinnied in reply. "That's Ally!" she shouted.

"Now I don't think…" he started.

"No its her," she said falling, but leaning against the horse for support.

"Hey get away from my horse!" a man said with the native accent of the country.

"No way she's mine!" Amanda argued.

"I found her this morning so I say its mine!" he shouted back.

"Listen, Mr. er ah," she started.

"Millsing," he stated.

"Mr. Millsing, let's say we call an er agreement," she reasoned putting her arm around his shoulders.

"Nah, no agreement!" he commanded.

"well then I didn't want to have to do this, but…" she drew back her fist and threw a punch that hit him square in the nose. He fell backwards and didn't move.

"We definitely need to work on your people skills," Connor jokes untying the horse and leading her down the road.

"Yea sure whatever," she yawned leaning on him.

They walked back to his small house on the outskirts of town and put the horse in the stable for the night. Connor left a small amount of hay and grain in the feed bin and a bucket of water. He then helped Amanda to a spare bedroom. As he took off her coat he noticed blood stains on her left shoulder. He saw a hole in her clothes and then saw a nasty wound.

"MOM!" he shouted.

His mother came rushing up and saw the wound.

"Oh dear, Connor, go fetch me some warm water and a few wash clothes," she ordered.

She began to strip off Amanda's clothes. Connor walked in on them. He stopped dead as he stared at her naked back. He couldn't see anything, but just the thought made him a little weird. His mother turned to see him.

"Oh now get out!" she said.

He turned to walk out and then glanced back, he then caught his mother's stare and shut the door.

"Now I don't need your help," Amanda argued.

"Shush, you do so," she replied.

"Will you please," she tried.

"Drink this," she said thrusting a bottle Amanda's hands. Amanda looked at the foul liquid and slowly forced it down. It made her instantly relax and she started to drift into a peaceful sleep. The last thing she remembers is having Connor's mother wrap her wound in cloth and tuck her into bed after giving her a shirt to wear.

In the middle of the night she awoke to hear voice coming from the open window, it wasn't cold enough to close, yet not warm enough to have open all the way. She silently snuck to it and looked out. She could see two men on horseback walk by.

"You think she could have come this way?"

"I don't know, but she's got to come this way eventually.

"Yep and when she does all the people will be looking for her,"

They both laughed, she glared at them. She didn't know what they were talking about, but she guessed it was about her. She went back to bed worrying that by morning she may not have a head. She slowly fell asleep and woke to birds singing. She got out of bed slowly, wincing at the pain in her shoulder. She went down the stairs and saw Connor's mom in the kitchen and Connor sitting at the table. She didn't enter, but instead looked for her clothes. She didn't see them.

She finally went back upstairs and saw her once ruined blouse and corset, sewed and renewed. She changed back into them and proceeded down stairs. Upon entering they looked up at her and smiled.

"Sleep well?" Connor asked.

"Why yes thanks," she said smiling.

"Why don't you have some breakfast, dear," Connor's mother reasoned.

"No thanks," she said, "I think I'm gonna head out this morning catch an early start,"

"Well that's too bad," his mother said.

"I guess if you're going than I'll go help you with your horse," Connor said solemnly.

"Thanks," she said.

They walked out to the barn talking amongst themselves. They were almost there when Connor stopped her, "I love you," he stated.

"What?" she said.

"I love you," he restated.

She looked at him with a bit of confusion, when all of a sudden his lips met hers. She returned this to him, letting his tongue explore her mouth. Soon he led her to an empty stall where they had more privacy and that kissing turned to a very messy rough sex. ( AN: Not going there)

As it was all done they stared at each other. His love for her was genuine , her's was more than that. She felt that she's known him all her life. Suddenly she heard a man's voice.

She sat up, "Their coming this way," she quickly put her clothes on and snuck to her horses stall. Connor had his clothes on faster and ran out to meet the guest.

Amanda heard their conversation as she tacked up Ally.

"I want my horse back kid,"

"I don't know what you're talking about,"

"You know exactly what I'm talking about,"

She grabbed Ally's reins and led her down the hall to the back entrance. She took her out and jumped up on her. She walked past the front of the barn just as The man turned to go inside. He didn't even see her. Connor looked at her smiled. She smiled back. And then raced off into town. She trotted down the streets and to a local clothing shop, she entered and received strange looks from everyone there. Some of them even cleared out and left, she grabbed a two new corsets, a red one and a violet one and a new under blouse before walking to the store clerk and paying for them.

"Sorry, Connor," she whispered as she handed the money she had retrieved from his pocket while their clothes were off.

She walked out the door and to her horse, she put the things in the burlap sack and walked her horse back down the streets. She walked past a window of a local shop and saw something that captured her eye. She looked at it. She saw a picture of her along with a message.


Amanda Van Helsing




She stared at it in disbelief. She then proceeded to get up on her horse and get the hell out of there in a matter of minutes.