Some of you asked for a glossary, so I am procrastinating doing my homework and making one. Heehee…Hopefully this will clear things up a bit.

Arabesque: One of the most beautiful figure skating moves, when a skater glides on one foot, with the other leg stretched out behind her.

Camel: a type of spin in which the skater spins around with one leg stretched out behind them, like a spinning arabesque.

Crossovers: a basic skating maneuver, when skaters cross one foot over the other and back again repeatedly while in motion. This helps a skater make wide turns or skate in a circle. Backwards crossovers are the same thing, only, well, backwards.

Flying Camel: when the skater turns, jumps, and simultaneously throws the other leg around so that the skater becomes almost horizontal in the air, and lands into a camel spin.

Lay-Back: A beautiful spin in which the skater spins on one foot while leaning back, and curves her other leg up.

Sit Spin: If you've ever watched figure skating, you've almost definitely seen this. The skater spins, and simultaneously is lowering herself down on one foot, as if sitting, hence the name, "sit spin."