Aeon Flux created by Peter Chung

Aeon Flux © MTV

Text © Timon Constantine



Aeon Flux opened the big door and entered into the large room, her FUG raised for any opposition. After making sure the room was clear, Aeon closed the door and stepped into the center of the room. She noticed a large computer on the far north side of the room. An open doorway to her left led to another large room where a large computer sat against the west wall. She approached the computer to the north and began to access its information. As she tried to hack into the computer, a window several floors up opened and mercury-colored water slowly started to leak out, a small droplet at a time. It fell and fell, passing by the window to the room where Aeon was, but she didn't notice. At ground level, a lizard slowly crossed the grass. It paused for a brief moment. The water droplet hit its back…

Aeon grumbled as the screen flashed: "Please see Computer 2." She looked to the computer to the west, but it was labeled "Computer 3." A door to the south of the west room contained Computer 2, however. When she began to access this computer, a fly buzzed outside her window idly. It hovered for awhile before suddenly crashing to the ground many floors below. Aeon, of course, didn't notice it at all. Computer 2 ran through many programs before telling her to see Computer 3. She trotted on over, and finally managed to get into the mainframe. She scrolled through the pages, scanning idly by information. She stopped when she found an image of Trevor Goodchild holding up a phial of mercury-colored water. She then read quickly through the paragraph next to the picture:

"Seen here is our beloved leader, Trevor Goodchild, holding up a phial of his potent and patented Spirit Elixir. This miracle water is so powerful, that even a drop will work wonders. Effects range from no depression to absolute happiness. This is truly a day for science. Side effects include—" Aeon turned from the page, thinking she heard footsteps. It came from where she entered. She pulled out her FUG and sneaked over towards the entrance. When she saw two Breen soldiers, she opened fire and ran for the window, her only escape. She climbed out, fired off a few more shots, and dropped down, quickly reaching for her grappling hook. As she attached it and turned it around, her eye caught something glistening, coming down towards her. It was so small though. She didn't bother with it and shot the hook. When it got a hold of a window edge, she was jerked roughly. She looked up again in time to see a mercury-colored water droplet come falling down and splashing into her eye. She grasped her eyes and let out a surprised gasp. Her grip, of course, off the grappling hook. She was dead before she even reached the ground.

Written by Timon Constantine