All for a Box (Part 1)

It started in the dark room where the Energon was stored. Faint blue lights glowed at the three seekers from outside the room. A purple and black Decepticon was straining to reach a box on the shelf just above his reach, not wanting to activate his thrusters for fear of creating an energy signature. A blue-orange mech that looked almost exactly like the purple one was near the door, looking out for anything that might come across them. Halfway in between them, a red, silver, and black 'Con leaned against the wall, watching the purple bot struggle to get the box off the shelf.

"Don't just stand there, Starscream; Come help me!" the purple one growled, finally managing to get a grip on the box of Energon. The red, silver, and black 'Con gave him a blank look.

"It looks like you have it fine, Skywarp."

"Barely! Now how about some help, please?"

"Just do it, 'Screamer..." the blue and orange one said. "I think I see Ravage coming…"

Starscream sighed faintly and then straightened. He went over to where Skywarp was struggling with the box and easily took it down, being the tallest one of the three.

"Show off," Skywarp muttered, taking the heavy box from Starscream and starting towards the door. Thundercracker ran out of the room and down the hallway at a black cat-like 'Con who'd seen him.

"Ohh Raaavage….." He sang, grinning sharply. Ravage turned his black head towards him for a moment before turning and bounding down the hallway. "Uh oh," Thundercracker breathed, and raced down the hallway to catch the small 'Con. Ravage glanced behind him before sharply taking off towards the communications room.

"Get back here!" T.C. shouted. The blue-orange 'Con chased after the small, black cassetticon, who ignored his yell. Skywarp carefully checked around from the doorway before walking down the hallway as innocently as he could towards their room, the box in his hands. Starscream snickered to himself slightly as he calmly followed Thundercracker and Ravage…

A tall, blue and white Decepticon paused inside of the communications room. Someone's chasing Ravage, He thought, and turned towards the door. There was a sharp crash further away outside in the hallway followed by a loud "Roooawr!" Soundwave hesitated, aware that whoever had Ravage could call on someone nearby to help defend themselves from him.

"Ow! 'Screamer he bit me!" Thundercracker's voice came through the closed door.


" Starscream…" The smaller seeker whined. "Hold still you black cat! Ow!"

"Rooarr!" Ravage growled, refusing to let go of the blue-orange Decepticon's hand. Soundwave made a quick decision, opened the door, and stepped into the hallway. He turned to look at Thundercracker, Starscream, and Ravage, frowning at the smaller two before noticing that Starscream was snickering in amusement.

"……" Soundwave glared at the three of them irritably. I was in the middle of a data entry, only to be interrupted by this? The tall 'con thought in annoyance. He froze suddenly as he became aware that Starscream had a rather evil, plotting smirk on his face. Soundwave shifted uneasily, noting that the look was directed at him.

"Just what, exactly, are you smirking at?" Soundwave growled, giving Starscream a direct glare. The red, white, and black seeker's smirk grew bigger.


"… Why do I get the impression I really Don't want to be here right now?" Soundwave muttered, more to himself than anyone else. Starscream snickered sharply and pulled out a data pad. Soundwave froze, noticing some of the entries on the screen of the data pad in Starscream's hands. "You wouldn't…" He breathed, taking a step backwards, feeling his optics go wide.

"Indeed I would," Starscream sneered, before flinging himself at the taller 'Con.

"By Primus!" Soundwave roared, barely dodging him and running into the communications room, only to find Starscream blocking the way to the console that would notify Megatron.

"I am 'by Primus'," Starscream snickered, and then tackled Soundwave before the bigger mech could attempt to escape again…

Megatron could feel his optic ridge twitching in annoyance, despite the amused grin on his face as he watched Soundwave dancing uncontrollably to the strangely addicting music the communications officer himself was playing. The entire situation was, in itself, odd- but it was amusing nevertheless. Megatron froze as the music Soundwave was playing ubruptly changed to one of the most annoying songs his communications officer had played yet.

"... I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts- there they are standing in a row... big ones small ones some as big as your head..." Soundwave sang, doing a very odd dance that involved swaying from side to side with one finger of each hand pointing at the ceiling while he danced in a circle. Megatron put his face in his hands and groaned.

"Since when did things get so complicated when I leave Soundwave alone for more than five minutes?" The Decepticon leader muttered. He twitched in annoyance when Soundwave changed songs again.

"... Here's a llama, there's a llama, and another little llama... fuzzy llama, funny llama, llama llama- duck!" Soundwave barked as he danced. Megatron shot him an odd look and finally left the room, driven out by the sheer oddness of the song. He paused halfway down the hallway as something strange about the song hit him.

"Where the hell did 'duck!' come from?" Megatron wondered aloud. Then realizing he had the odd song stuck in his head, he swore and headed towards the medical room...

Subi: >P Amusing, yes? Muahaha... ... ... Hopefully the rest of you get to see what happens next; T'would be regretfull if you read this far only to drop it... oo; this was supposed to be a oneshot, but it may end up too long, so i'm going to make it into a short story instead... >D Review for the next chapter if you want it...