Subi: Since I got so many requests to 'continue' this story, I finally got around to adding a little more chaos to it- though if any of you have suggestions as to where to keep going from anywhere in the story, just PM me the request and I shall consider... In the meantime, enjoy the newest temporary amusement/chaos!

"Just Another Day (part 1)"

"Someone tell me I'm hearing things..."

"Octane and Blitzwing...? Has he lost his mind?"

"What happened to Starscream and Soundwave?"

"Megatron, please, please, tell us you're joking..."

"Ohmigod... Ohmigod... I don't want to be second in command! Ohmigod..." Blitzwing was, quite literally, freaking out over the newest announcement. Octane stared at the Decepticon leader, currently twitching in his 'throne', stunned that Megatron had selected the two triple-changers instead of Thundercracker and Skywarp, or Thrust and Ramjet, or some other more-qualified 'Cons to take over temporary command.

"SILENCE!" Megatron shouted over all of the noise, and it quickly became apparent that it was one of those rare occurrences where he wasn't heard. Finally losing his patience, he fired his forearm cannon at the middle of them as he leapt to his feet with a howl. The assembled Decepticons scattered away from the blast, and trembled fearfully as they looked at Megatron in horror. The silver 'Con was trying hard not to start spazzing out and teaching them all a lesson on why he was in command and not them.

"Now..." He said softly, his optics blazing a crimson red, "I'll kindly remind you that this is only temporary... And if I hear any complaints, the 'Con that dares to voice them will be taking a fatal trip to the AUTOBOT ARK WITHOUTBACKUP AND UNARMED!" Megatron finished with a roar, and firing his cannon again, chased the other Decepticons out of the room. Once they were all 'removed' from the area, Megatron returned to the center of the room and began pacing back and forth, irritated more than he was after a failed Energon mission.

"Damn Soundwave for letting himself get turned into a damned dancing machine!" Megatron fumed to himself. "I don't pay him for his on-the-side skills that aren't useful here! Blast that traitor Starscream for 'reprogramming' him! If it wasn't for him, we wouldn't have failed that last mission in Texas! Slag Optimus for existing! Slag Prime for getting in the way of everything!" The door to the room slid open. "NOW WHAT DO YOU BUGS WANT?.!" Megatron roared, making the three Insecticons who'd entered jump a good five meters into the air.

"W-we's just w-wondering where our Energon cubes are..." Shrapnel began, shrinking away as the silver Decepticon leader advanced on them, looking about ready to rip them apart.

"And WHY don't you go talk to the 'Con who USUALLY deals with your 'payment'?.!"

"Because-cause, Scapper said Soundwave was injured-injured..." Kickback whimpered, suddenly wishing he hadn't come, even if he was ravenously hungry.

"THEN GO ASK SOMEONE ELSE FOR YOUR CUBES!" Megatron thundered, firing at the ground where the Insecticons were standing.

"Let's get out of here-here!" Kickback cried to the other two Insecticons as he dashed out in his robot form.

"Agreed, Kickback. Wait for us!" Bombshell called after him, as they hurried after their comrade, evading Megatron's blasts as he howled endless complaints and curses after them.

"BUGS! INSOLENT PESTS!.! YOU'RE LUCKY WE GIVE YOU ANYTHING TO BEGIN WITH, YOU SLAGGING EXCUSES FOR DECEPTICONS! LEARN SOME RESPECT FOR ME, OR BE TORN TO PIECES!.!" Megatron shrieked, firing off one last shot before they were completely gone. Soundwave, who'd nearly missed getting run over by the Insecticons, ducked reflexively as the infuriated Decepticon leader blew apart a corner of the door frame as the navy-white mech stepped into the room.

"Isolation request, Megatron, or may I proceed?" The still-slightly dazed, unfocused communications officer inquired tentatively. Megatron turned back around to face him, about ready to chew out the mech when he remembered that Soundwave was still recovering from his ordeal the day before. He gave the 'Con a glare instead.

"You're supposed to be recovering," Megatron growled. Soundwave crossed his arms stubbornly, "No; just not leaving the base."

"No nothing! Go to your room and get some rest or something!" Megatron argued. I sound like a spark-parent with that last comment... He noted to himself in disgust.

"Remaining and recovering."


"Very well." Soundwave calmly walked towards the main computer console on the other side of the room, much to Megatron's dismay and annoyance. In fact, the 'Con leader looked about ready to strangle him. "Get out."



"You three couldn't catch us if you tried!" a voice outside in the hallway challenged.

Megatron furiously spun around towards the door and fired just as Rumble, Frenzy, and Swindle ran in.

"Holy slagpits!" Rumble yelped, barely escaping the shot thanks to his height. Frenzy had narrowly missed getting a first-class ticket to oblivion as well, having dodged to the side as he came in, thinking that the shot had come from behind him, not the other direction. Swindle wasn't quite so lucky, getting clipped in the side from the blast and stumbling back into the wall beside the door. Soundwave let out a yelp as the older Casseticon ran into him, knocking them both over. "..."

"Ow... what'd I run into?" Rumble mumbled, and looked over at a sparking Soundwave, who was glaring at him as he tried to get back on his feet.

"... Frag," the purple-blue mech turned to escape back the way he'd come only to stop short, finding Megatron in the middle of the room was still fuming, and that their pursuers hadn't escaped the same fate.

"Oh man... Remind me to hold back on the rocket fuel next time we go chasing those three," Motormaster groaned, twitching in his sprawled position on the floor. Skywarp activated his optics and found himself in his own personal crater next to the wall. Astrotrain blinked up from the floor for a moment before Megatron stepped into his line of sight, the 'Con leader's optics burning with a deadly look in the slightly darkened room.

"Slag..." Skywarp muttered, using the dented wall for balance as he struggled to stand.

"Uh... heh... Greetings, Megatron?" Astrotrain supplied nervously from the floor, wishing to Primus he'd just ignored Rumble, Frenzy, and Swindle's tauntings when he went to get his Energon cube. Megatron simply glared at him and was about to reply when Rumble interrupted sarcastically, "Oh yeah, greetings, isn'it, Astrotrain? This was just all fun and games, wasn'it? Me and Frenzy didn' do nothing that would have upset you three, and Swindle wasn't tryin' to swindle a cube of Energon out of you guys either, right? Just playing around fer once--"

"Oh shut your vocabulator, Rumble!" Skywarp snapped.

"Who're you tellin' to shut yer trap?.! Just 'cause your brother isn' here doesn't mean that--"

"My brother is here, and you'll leave that traitorous glitch out of this conversation!"

"Oh yeah? Whatcha goin'ta do about it, huh? If Starscream's here, then why isn't he here, huh?" Rumble retorted, "Hah! I bet he isn't here! I bet Megatron kicked his cybernetic aft back to Cybertron to run the trash compactors! Starscream always was a wimp! After all, just look at the effect he's had on you--Meep!" the purple-blue Casseticon squeaked as Soundwave himself kicked the miniature mech at the seeker.

"Silence requested," the communications officer intoned, seeming to sway unsteadily for a moment before catching himself. Soundwave then took a step towards the other five 'Cons, red optic-visor glowing, "Request to disassemble them, Megatron."

Megatron continued to glare at Astrotrain, Motormaster, and Swindle. "Granted to your Casseticons, Soundwave. The others have a... different punishment in store for them-- Except for Skywarp..." Megatron paused for a moment, noticing that the black and purple jet was no longer in the room.

"Target warped, Megatron."

"I'm AWARE of that, Soundwave!" Megatron snapped back. "And YOUthree!" Rumble, Frenzy, Swindle, Astrotrain, and Motormaster all jumped to attention in alarm, not sure who Megatron was referring to. "You have one breem to get your afts in gear and ready for a 'skirmish' right outside the Autobot's Ark! Now get out!"

Two Combaticons and a triple-changer made a mad dash for the doorway, somehow managing to not run into each other as they fled the room. Rumble and Frenzy shrank back against the wall as Soundwave advanced on them with the look of a demented hunter come to avenge some lost cause...

Megatron gave the navy-white Decepticon one look and left the room, not particularly interested in the idea of finding out what sort of diabolical, agonizing torture Soundwave could come up with when the 'Con's logic circuits were still on the fritz and clearly wasn't in a 'good' mood... ... ...