This is just a quick little oneshot… standard disclaimers apply.

(Jan. 23) Happy birthday, Shino-kun♥

Hearing Voices

"Hey, baby- ya come here often?" the stranger sexily crooned, wrapping his arms around the woman's lithe form.

Hinata gasped and cringed at the same time, the vibrato of the man's words still hummed in her ears. Quickly, she ducked out of his grasp, turned around, and threw a chakra-laden punch aimed for his chin, sending the man headfirst towards the nearest wall.

"Konnichi-wa, Akamaru-kun!" she cooed moments later, as the large nin-dog happily jumped onto its hindlegs and rested its paws in her lap before settling down at a place near her feet.

Wincing, Kiba got up from the floor, dusted off his pants, and grabbed a stool next to his teammate. Rubbing his sore jaw, he began to whine. "Oi, Hinata-chan- that one really hurt this time!"

"Maa, Kiba-KUN!" she shouted into his ear, rubbing her own lobe to relieve herself of an itch. "I hate when you do that voice!"

"But I keep tellin' ya- it sounds just like Bug Freak's!" He tried his impersonation again, this time zipping up his hoodie for the full 'Shino' effect. "I'm Shino. I have bugs. I think I'm so smart and mysterious because I wear sunglasses at night. See? That was SO Shino!"

"No, it's not like that at all, Kiba-kun," Hinata sighed wistfully, getting starry-eyed as she rose above her chair. "Shino-kun's voice is strong," she declared with conviction. "And, um… d-deep..."

The Hyuuga teen blushed a healthy shade of red, folding her hands just over her heart to keep it from leaping out of her chest.

"And don't forget sexy…"

Kiba rolled his eyes before they widened in recognition.

"H-hai," Hinata drawled breathily, losing her equilibrium for just a moment before righting herself. "Shino's voice is so sexy it makes my knees weak," she unwittingly admitted, getting lost in her "Shino fangirl" moment as she lightly bit her lower lip.

"Really, Hinata-chan?" the owner of said voice answered amusedly, taking the empty spot next to her.

"S-Shino-kun!" Her shocked expression was priceless as she stumbled and fell backwards into Kiba's lap. She quickly scrambled her way back into her seat and faced the counter, unable to look either of her teammates in the eye in sheer mortification.

Kiba prayed that some higher power would swoop down and take Shino away.

Hinata was too busy quietly berating herself for not being aware of Shino's presence.

And Shino… well, Shino did the unthinkable.

"Hey, baby," he sexily crooned, wrapping his arms around Hinata's lithe form as Kiba stared, stammered, and pointed at his so-called 'friend' in utter disbelief. "You come here often?"

The end.

Don't you just love the rumbly sexiness of Shino's (Japanese seiyuu's) voice? --Melts--

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