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CHAPTER 1—Zolf J. Kimblee:

Almost Four Months Ago . . .

The lieutenant colonel placed an arm in front of her blue eyes to prevent dust flying into them. That was a small part of the aftermath of an explosion—the building used as the bomb was now in rumbles, burying the people who stood beside it only seconds before. Her eyes tried to see through the thick smoke but it was difficult. Luckily, they caught a glimpse of a hand moving toward her head. She dodged the hand quickly and moved away from the area.

"You're supposed to be dead," she muttered.

"Am I?" The voice belonged to the man walking out of the smoke. He had golden eyes and long dark hair pulled back. His hands containing the alchemic arrays were placed in his pockets. Suddenly one came out and reached for a stone lying on the ground. He picked it up and started tossing it in the air. "Do you even now my name?" Finally there was a glow in his palm and the man threw the rock at her.

The woman snapped her fingers and lightning came right down on the stone from the sky. It shattered into tiny bits of almost nothing. "Don't play games with me, Kimblee."

Kimblee raised his eyebrows in confusion momentarily before it hit him. Then he went back to his usual smirk. "Of course. Naminé Thomson, the Lightning Alchemist. It's been a long time since I've seen you."

He started to approach her, eying her hand cautiously since it was ready to snap. Kimblee had worked with her before during the Ishbalan War. She didn't wear a glove like Roy Mustang. Her alchemic array was tattooed on her back making it harder to stop her in a fight.

Naminé took a step back. "If you come any closer, I'll kill you."

Golden eyes met blue ones. "Try it, babe." There was a clap and the whole street exploded. The lieutenant colonel fell down into the darkness of the sewers.

Present . . .

Colonel Thomson had been moved to Central the week before. After King Bradley died, there had been some changes in the government. Archer was being charged of several crimes; the case of the mysterious death of Brigadier General Hughes was at its closing; a new Fuhrer had been selected—Roy Mustang; Edward Elric had left the military unexplained. All these changes in the military didn't bother the new colonel—it were the ones in her life.

Mustang, being a friend, had decided to move her from Southern Headquarters to take her away from the painful memories and get her mind on something else. He even tried to get some of his military buddies to date her (all of them denied). The fuhrer was worried she was slipping into a phase she wouldn't get out of. He knew about her relationship with Zolf J. Kimblee before the Crimson Alchemist was announced dead and the expected baby he had left her. He thought a change of scenery was good for the Lightning Alchemist.

Naminé thought otherwise. Her new office wasn't finished—boxes still were unpacked and things weren't sorted out yet. Plus she was getting asked out too frequently by random people within the military. She hated it. The colonel didn't want a third relationship with someone who was a dog of the military. The first two she could say she was in love with both died during times of war.

Naminé was heading to her office to finish unpacking. When she opened the door, she saw her friends inside putting stuff away. She thought about the situation for a second before walking in. "What are you trying to do?" She asked, looking at them.

Roy, no doubt the head of the plan, looked up from a box with his good eye. "Nothing much. We're just trying to help you out a bit." He had lost his other eye in a fight with Pride and now he wore an eyepatch covering it.

Breida lifted up a box and dropped it on top of the long, wooden desk. Then he started to search through it. "You got a lot of documents to put away by yourself. Fuery and Havoc are trying to set up the cabinet for your things. They're almost done." Without being asked, he started to organize the documents the way he thought she would want it—in alphabetical order.

Her eyes left Breida and watched as Riza went over from across the room to Roy. The lieutenant showed him what appeared to look like a thick, square sheet. But Naminé knew better. It was a picture, one that the fuhrer winced at it. They looked up at her and then back at the photograph. The colonel watched as the fuhrer took the photo and placed it face-down on the desk.

Havoc came up to her. "So, do you want those cabinets in a specific place?" He pointed at the ones Fuery was checking to make sure was secure and sturdy.

Her blue eyes locked with his lit cigarette. "No. Just . . . open a window for me."

He got the hint right away and grinned. "Sorry," he said as he removed the cigarette from between his lips. He dropped the cigarette in an ashtray he had brought with him just incase. "I'll get on that right away."

Naminé shook her head. "It's alright. I'll take care of it myself." She was about to walk over to the windows but the blond caught her by the wrist. The colonel looked back at Havoc surprised. Her mind believed it knew what was going to come out of his mouth. If it was corrected, it would be the fourth time he had asked.

Havoc looked away, thinking about his words. Then he looked back at her. "Are you busy tonight? Because I was thinking we can go have dinner together."

Her wrist slipped out of his grip as she took a step back. "I'm sorry. I'm pretty busy this week." She could have said just that one night but she didn't want to get asked again tomorrow, then the day after that.

Havoc sighed before grinning sheepishly. He had never been turned down so often before by one girl. Usually they crack after the second time. "Of course. I'll get back to work now, Colonel."

"Yeah." She let out a sigh and went back to opening the windows. Naminé opened all three of them and sat on the middle windowsill. She supposed she should be helping them with the room but she wasn't in the mood anymore. Zolf J. Kimblee had come into her mind and he wasn't going to leave anytime soon.

She thought she was going crazy. She kept seeing him everywhere she went, even when she went to sleep. And each time brought memories, some of them pleasant, some of them not. Naminé even thought she was seeing him looking up at her outside. Her heart started to race. He seemed so real, so solid, so alive and she wanted to jump down there to see if it was a figment of her imagination. She bit her lip as thoughts of his physique ran through her head.

A quiet voice asked from behind her, "Are you okay, sir . . . ma'am?"

Naminé turned around to face Fuery and nodded. "Just fine," she managed to grin, although everything wasn't.

The man saw the woman turn away from the window. She looked so familiar to him but there was no explanation for it. When he looked at her, sometimes memories would play in his head so vividly. They either included her yelling at him, kissing, or sleeping beside her. And to make things worst, he had strong feelings for her.

He had been following her for a week and knew she came to this building every day to work. He even knew where she lived. The guy didn't know if she noticed that he was almost everywhere she went, watching her movements. But he only did so to find out their connection and that could only be accomplished when they came face to face. He headed inside Central Headquarters with that exact intention.

"Thanks, for helping me," Naminé said as she stacked the last empty box in the corner of her office. It hadn't taken as much time as only one person was doing the job. The extra help added more free time to her schedule to take care of some papers that needed signing. Her eyes wandered to the photo still laying face-down on her desk. She walked over to it but didn't pick it up yet. "You can all leave now . . . except the fuhrer."

Breida raised an eyebrow at the order and glanced back at Riza. "But he's taken . . . " He felt all eyes on him and he wanted to take back what he said instantly. He could see the Lightning Alchemist twitching a bit. "I mean, not like you would want to . . . " He gave up. Breida didn't want to worsen the situation.

Naminé closed her eyes and counted to ten in her head. It was a classic trick for calming down when needed. She took deep breaths with each number. She even added zero to make sure she wouldn't use alchemy against the defenseless guy. "Look," she said calmly, "what I wanted to tell the fuhrer is to stop sending guys to ask me out. I don't need any man. I'm fine by myself."

"Naminé," Roy tried to explain, "maybe you haven't noticed the change in you over the last few weeks, but we have. You're not yourself."

"Oh, you supposed that having another guy in my life will make me forget him!" Naminé snapped. "Well I can't just do that! So why don't you all just leave me alone?" To add emphasis to her statement, she pulled out a book from a bookshelf nearby and chucked it in their direction. It missed their heads but almost got Roy's by an inch.

Roy picked it up and looked at the front cover. It was a book on alchemy, detailed in making arrays for different purposes. He began to flip through the pages to see what kind of things were in there. "Tell me this—have you been thinking about human transmutation?"

Naminé didn't bother answering him. Instead she reached for the picture and finally looked at it. It must have been taken by someone Naminé couldn't remember since she was in it with Kimblee. He had his arm around her waist and his lips to her cheek. She was laughing in the photo, one hand on his shoulder. She reminisced how after the picture was taken the way he had then kissed her on the lips roughly and hungrily. Suddenly, she felt like ripping the picture in two but she couldn't. But she took it and place the picture in a drawer of her desk.

"You can all go now," she said loud enough so everyone could hear. The door was opened and closed in a matter of seconds. That made her happy because she was alone and she wanted to cry for the first time in two weeks. Naminé sat in her seat and placed her head on the desk. She sobbed loudly, not thinking about who could have walked in and seen her.

How can you just go and die? She thought as she cried harder. You said you wanted to marry me. Didn't that mean anything to you?

Suddenly there was knocking and her head bolted up from the desk. Immediately, she started to wipe away her tears. Then she cleared her throat and said, "Who is it?"

There was no answer but the door to her office opened up. The man she had seen outside the window was now standing in the doorway. He had on black pants and a black button-up shirt. His hair was jet black and worn in the same style as Kimblee's. And his piercing eyes were a dark teal. The guy closed the door behind his back.

Her heart started to pound against her chest as he approached the desk. Naminé got out of the chair. "Who are you?" Her eyes followed as he started to walk around the desk to get to her. Instinctively she started to back away, ready to snap her fingers.

The guy shrugged toward her question and threw aside the chair placed in his way. "The first person I saw called me 'Zolf.' But what would you call me?"

"I don't know." Naminé was still backing up but now for every step back she took, the guy took two steps forward. He was closing the gap and she felt she would die even if he didn't reach her. Then the man finally stopped walking. She did, too but only because she backed up against a wall.

The man looked like Kimblee and she hated that. The same type of eyes, the same smirk, the same physique. Wild ideas were running through her head—ideas he was alive, ideas this was a twin, ideas that he wasn't Kimblee at all but just a lookalike.

He gazed into her irises. "Who are you then?"

"Why do you care?" Suddenly her eyes widen when she saw how closed he had moved in on her. Their bodies were only separated by mere inches. She picked up his scent from where she stood. Even his scent was like Kimblee's.

The hairs on the back of her neck stood up as his face went to the side of hers. She tried to move away from him but something pierced the wall beside her. Her eyes followed the thing to his shoulder. The connection was made that it was the guy's arm. "You're not human, are you?" She said in a low voice. Naminé felt her mind couldn't think straight. Nothing made sense anymore the way they did ten minutes ago. Instead of thinking how to escape, it was on the man and how could he look so much like someone.

The man ignored her question and wrapped a free arm around her body. "I think I love you," he whispered into her ear.

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