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CHAPTER 13—The End . . . And a New Beginning:


Kimblee lied on his bed while Naminé sat on the foot of it. She had come in to keep him company. This made things a little easier for him. He had decided to tell her what Archer's orders were for him. He had to go into Lior and cause the civilians to retaliate.

"Tomorrow I'm going to go make some fireworks in Lior. You can come and watch."

Naminé turned around and glared at him. "You haven't changed at all and Archer is just encouraging your behavior."

"Your point?"

"Argh! Don't you care about the innocent people you might kill?!"

He stared at her before shaking his head nonchalantly. Zolf earned a murderous glare from her but he shrugged it off. "You were the same in Ishbal," he noted out loud.

"Unlike you, I have my morals."

Zolf snorted but didn't say anything. As much as he would like to retort, Zolf thought it would be best to allow her to calm down. After two minutes of complete silence, he tried again, this time a little more gentle. "Naminé?" She looked back at him, meeting his golden eyes. "Sorry."

Naminé crawled over on the bed to him and lied down beside Zolf. "I'm sorry, too," she said, kissing him on the cheek. "But . . . I still don't want you to go."

Their eyes met, blue to gold, before Kimblee was on top of her. "What could happen?" He asked as his face drew closer to hers before they kissed.


Corruption knelt down beside her and studied the look in her eyes. She was only semiconscious now. "You know," he said, his hand passing by the side of her cheek, "I'm surprised that you tried to kill me." Casually, he yanked a spike from her body and threw it aside. Then he pulled out another after that. "Too bad you didn't do so well." He ripped a third one out of her.

Naminé felt like her body was heavy and her vision slipping out of focus before fixing itself. She could hear his voice and smell the scent that came from him. She had felt his touch against her skin. Now she could feel the spikes being taken out of her body—barely.

Corruption's dark teal eyes examined her body, perverted thoughts running through his mind. He came down over her face and brush his lips against hers. His eyes focused on her parted lips before shoving his tongue between them. He pulled away slowly and reluctantly. "Now you want to die? At least give me one moan before you do." His hand slid to her thigh. Then it moved upward to the waist of her pants. His hand slipped under the waistband and into her underwear. He thought he had heard a slight gasp. "That's it? I know you're capable of more than that."

"PIG!" Someone yelled.

The homunculus looked and saw a stone hand coming for him. Soon it had him in its grasped and hit the wall.

Vi came out from behind the crates and pulled Naminé from underneath the stone arm. "Are you okay?" She asked while gently patting the side of her cheek to wake her up. It took her a while to realize all the blood on her clothes. "Oh shit," she said, mostly to herself. "Hang in there a bit longer. I wish I had brought Mel back with me."

After a minute of struggling in the stony grasp, Corruption broke free. The fragments fell unto the ground. With an extension of his arm and a swing, the stone arm broke and crumbled into smaller bits. For the heck of it, he cracked his neck. The homunculus grinned when he saw who was responsible for that transmutation. "This must be the first time we've come face to face. Vi, right?" He started to move closer to the two women.

Vi quickly but gently put Naminé on the floor. Then she started to draw the simplest array she could think of. Once down, Vi clapped and placed her hand on the array. There was a yellow light before another stone arm shot out of the ground.

Corruption's arm turned into a blade and easily destroyed it. "Come on. You think I'll be that easily fooled again?"

Vi's red eyes opened wide from the shock before she tried another transmutation. The second stone arm was destroyed as well and he kept coming closer. She stood up, having a strong feeling that the attack was pointless now. She started to move away from Naminé's body. Vi noticed that the homunculus' teal eyes were following each of her movements. I'll give you some time to recuperate, Naminé, she thought. I'll buy you some time because I know you want to finish the job. Suddenly she made a run for it.

At first, the homunculus didn't move. He wanted to kill the woman but he didn't want to leave Naminé alone. Corruption wasn't finished with her yet. However, his mind was sure Naminé wouldn't wake up any time soon. So he went deeper into the warehouse after Vi.

Naminé's blue eyes snapped open. She thought she had heard a scream. As reluctant as her body was, she managed to sit up. Her whole body was sore but she felt a bit better than she did before. She wished she knew how long she had been knocked out because the homunculus was gone. Her head turned and she saw the pocket watch in the corner. Naminé began to crawl her way over to the pocket watch. Along the way, her hand passed on some chalk. She frowned at this and gazed down. It was then she saw the transmutation. She looked around to see what had happened. The Lightning Alchemist saw chunks of stone lying on the ground and some crates had been destroyed. Who could be here now? They're not supposed to be.

By the time her hand grabbed the pocket watch, she heard footsteps returning to where she was. The footsteps slowly came, one after the other, echoing. Naminé forced herself to stand up but found herself leaning against the wall for support.

Suddenly a body was thrown out into the open before the homunculus was visible. He looked down at the body before turning to face her.

She didn't notice the look in his eyes. Her bottom lip was quivering from fear from the possible truth. " . . . Vi?" Already, Naminé could feel tears rolling down her cheeks although her mind was steadily denying it. It was just too much to take in. "Vi!" She found herself yelling, hoping she would answer but there was no response.

"She's dead," the homunculus grinned. "She's in what I call an eternal slumber. It's a pity she's not going to wake up."

Her grip on her pocket watch tightened as she silently cried. Her shoulders moved with each whimper. She slid down the wall, her head hanging low, her face scrunched up. Why this? Anything but this would have been better! Am I the one to blame for this?!

Corruption's eyes flickered as his grin widened, revealing his pointy teeth. "'You let them live and eventually they come back to kill you.' Wasn't that one of Kimblee's reasons why he killed?"

"Shut up! You don't know him! You're not him!"

The homunculus let out a laugh. "I know that. I'm Corruption, an imitation of the Zolf J. Kimblee that you and everyone else around you knew. Aren't you glad?" His hand changed into a blade again as he approached Naminé. "That you get to see his face one last time?"

He now stood in front of her before he knelt to be eye level with her. The woman was refusing to look into his eyes and this ticked him off. "Look at me, babe . . . Look!" The blade pierced the wall beside Naminé's head, causing her to gaze at him. Corruption smirked when he saw the tear-stricken face. "When you see your beloved, tell him I say hello." With that, he kissed her on the lips gently. His other hand turned into a blade and aimed it for her stomach. Then he thrust it at her.

Naminé felt blood trickled down the back of her hand as a second hole was made there. The homunculus had not only pierced through her hand, but also the pocket watch containing Kimblee's lock of hair.

"You . . . bitch," Corruption managed to say. His face wore an expression of horror and shock from the instant he had touched it.

The thunder rumbled outside again.

Naminé closed her blue eyes. There was no rush; she knew the homunculus couldn't move because of the paralysis. Suddenly, they were open again and she stood up, almost falling down. Then the Lightning Alchemist clapped her hands and placed it on his shoulders.

The rain pelted the window as she felt more tears rolling down her cheeks.

"There was . . . a time that I wished I had died with him . . . but now I know I can't because . . . because it wouldn't be fair to our child." Her hands had been tingling for a minute but they were ready to send the charge through his body. The voltage ran through the homunculus's body, twenty times more than the lethal amount it would take to kill a human.


The room was dark when she woke up in the bed that Kimblee had been sleeping in the last couple of days. It was so dark probably because it was about after three in the morning. Her eyes adjusted to the lack of light and made out Zolf sitting on the bed, putting on his boots. "Zolf?" She sat up, clutching the sheets against her bare chest. "Where are you going now?"

He looked back at her. "To Lior."

"I'm . . . still worried about you going. You might be---"

Kimblee placed his finger on her lips. When he was sure Naminé wasn't going to say anything, his finger moved away from her lips. "Don't worry about it. I'll see you later this morning. I promise."

" . . . Maybe I should go with you."

Kimblee shook his head. "Don't bother. Just go back to sleep, babe." He then kissed her on the cheek and was about to pull away when her arms laced around his neck.

"Don't leave," Naminé whispered, "At least not yet." She kissed him on the lips. Soon she felt his hands on her waist which began to move on to explore the rest of her body.

Weeks ago, when he had first touched her, she had believed he was thinking about blowing her up. Time had built a trust between them. That was why, despite the feelings in her heart, she believed him when he said:

"I'll see you later." He took out his silver pocket watch and handed it to her. "Hold this for me till I get back."

"Okay," she said quietly.

"I love you."

" . . . I love you, too, Zolf." She watched as he headed for the door. His hand gripped the door knob and then-—

Kimblee looked back. "Bye." He walked out the door and started his journey to Lior for an encounter he was expecting.


"Hi, Zolf," Naminé said to a grave labeled 'Zolf J. Kimblee'. She was dressed in all black, She had on a black dress that stopped just above her knees and a black hat with a veil that fell over her eyes. A chrysanthemum was held in her hand.

"You probably weren't expecting me to come here. But I had to come by to talk.

"I just came from Vi's funeral. It was big. A lot of my childhood friends were there. I didn't know if I wanted to go. I wasn't quite so sure if I can handle another death like yours.

" . . . Maybe you didn't know it then, but I am pregnant. Then there was this fight against a homunculus that looked a lot like you. I lost a lot of blood during that fight and I was worried about our child . . . But the baby's okay. I guess it was luck that we didn't die there in the warehouse . . . we're doing a lot better now.

"I don't know how to move on from this point. I think it's best, for a while, if I just don't see anyone that I could fall in love with. I still think of you on a daily basis. I suppose it's only natural that I do. However, I can't move on till I get my life straight again. And that might take some time. So . . ."

Naminé stared at the grave for a minute in thought and reminiscence. Then she laid the flower down in front of it. "I'll hopefully come back soon, maybe with the baby by that time. Goodbye, Zolf."

"Oh," Kaili said. "There she is, Mel." The two of them were dressed in black as well. They had been among those who attended the funeral. Her mother's had taken place yesterday, one that surprisingly Naminé had offered to go to. She had cried at that one but not at Vi's. Maybe it was because she wasn't as close to Vi as Mel and Naminé were.

Mel, whose eyes were red from crying, looked up. She wiped away the tears again. She didn't want her friend to see her like this.

Naminé soon reached them with a tiny, sad smile on her face.

"You're ready?" Mel asked, not wanting to rush her.

Naminé looked back before looking forward again. "Yeah."

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