Here's another story. In this story, Sam has ghost powers.

One night Sam was walking home. Getting tired of walking, she looked around. No one here, soo. Sam turned into her ghost self Sammy Spectra. She started to fly home, when she saw a flash. Looking down, she saw a guy holding a camera.

"HEY, WHAT DO YOU WANT!" Sam shouted at the guy. He held up a picture of her turning into her ghost self. Sam gasped, she didn't think anyone saw.

"You'll forget all about Danny, or else, everyone will know your secret. Even Danny, I can't believe you didn't tell him, your best friend. He trusted you with his secret."

Sam's eyes watered at that. Forget Danny! How could she, they are best friends! "YOU WOULDN'T!" Sam yelled at him.

He smirked and said, "Try me, if you don't listen, the whole world will know your secret." Sam was scared and flew away. The next day at school, Dash was beating up Danny again. Usually Sam would step in and stop him, but remembering what she was told, she stayed back. Dash threw Danny into the lockers. Danny slid to the floor with a thud. Dash walked off. Tucker ran up to Danny, but Sam left the other way, trying to "forget Danny" so that no one would find out her secret.

Tucker came up to her later and yelled, "HOW COULD YOU NOT DO ANYTHING TO HELP HIM!"

"You wouldn't understand!"

"OH, WHAT TOO BUSY WITH YOUR 'SECRET' TO NOTICE DANNY!" Sam had told Tucker. For reasons she couldn't explain, she felt safer telling Tucker than Danny. Tucker was the only one that knew her secret so far. She knew someday she'd have to tell Danny, but she didn't want to until she was sure he's understand.

Should I tell him? He proably wouldn't understand. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

"Whatever." Tucker huffed and walked off. Sam hung her head. As she walked home alone, she wondered why she went ghost. Danny does the same but doesn't get caught. But who was that guy? Why was he the only one on that street that night? Those questions she couldn't answer. She walked though the park on her way home.

She sat down by a tree and tried to avoid crying. She looked around at the birds in the trees and the other people walking around the park. She couldn't figure out why that guy was doing this to her. But he did have her picture, and she couldn't risk that getting out. Suddenly a white fox came to her and sat beside her.

"Where'd you come from?" Sam asked as she reached down to pet the little fox. The fox backed up. Sam looked surprised. Must be shy.

"Don't touch the do." The fox said. Sam nearly jumped sky high. A talking fox! "And before you ask how I can talk, know this, I don't feel like talking about it." Sam blinked. The fox continued, "I'm called Hope Fox, and I've been sent to help you." Sam could only nod. "Well, are you gonna sit here or take me home?" Sam got up and led the fox to her home.

That night, Vlad snuck in and kidnapped Sam. He hide her in his house. Sam didn't wake up until the next day. She had no idea where she was. Back at Sam's house, Hope woke up to not find Sam. Hope ran to Danny's house. Hope jumped up to his window and barked until he woke up. Hope tried to get Danny to follow her. Danny would not come, he just shut the window. Hope ran off to where Vlad took Sam.

Vlad had Sam tied up so she couldn't get away. Vlad let out an evil laugh. Back with Danny, something told him he should've followed that fox. He took off flying. He saw the fox running and followed it. He was surprised to find that the fox led him to Vlad's house. He went invisible and looked in. He saw Sam in there. He appeared inside. Vlad looked over at him. Danny charged up an ecto-blast.


Vlad hit him with an ecto-blast. Hope ran up and bit him, giving Danny time to hit Vlad with his own ecto-blast. Hope contintued to fight Vlad, so Danny went and untied Sam. Hope had vlad all beat up. So Danny grabed Hope and Sam and flew home. Danny took them back to Sam's house. He laid Sam on her bed then went back to his home.