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Vlad slowly walked up to them. He grabed Sam. Danny ecto-blasted him. Vlad dropped Sam, but soon picked her up again. He gave Danny a sharp kick to the side. Then walked over and put Sam in a machine. Danny charged at him. "Uh-uh Danny" Vlad sneered as he grabed Danny and threw him in a cage.

Vlad turned on the machine Sam was in. Sam yelled as the machine zapped her and pulled out her ghost self. Danny watched on in horror. I've gotta get out and help her. Danny thought. Danny thought about how he'd get out, when suddenly it hit him, his ghostly wail. Taking in a breath, he unleashed the wail. The cage soon broke. The wail threw Vlad back, and broke the machine Sam was in. The machine had Sam's ghost self half out when Danny hit it with the wail.

Danny stopped the wail and flew to Sam. He put Sammy Spectra back in Sam. Then held Sam. Hope ran over to them, barking like mad. Danny looked up. Vlad had recovered from the wail. Danny couldn't go ghost yet, he was still drained. Hope jumped up at bit Vlad, to buy Danny time to get his energy back.

Sam went ghost and stood in front of Danny. Sammy blasted Vlad and dodged his attacks. Finally Danny was recharged, he went ghost and joined in. Hope kept fighting too. They had Vlad weakened. Danny froze him. "This time, I'm putting him into the thermos." Danny sucked Vlad into the thermos.

With out saying anything, the three of them went home.