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The Feminine Program!

Chapter One:

A Lesson to be Learned!

When eyes heavy with exhaustion glanced at the computer's clock, it read 2:28 A.M.

But then he regretted checking up on the time, since it made him even wearier than he was prior.

Dr. Hikari Yuuichirou groaned exhaustedly at his work desk, his fingers reaching up to massage his tense temples. Electronics buzzed excitedly around him and at certain points, he could barely make out the various NetNavis in the system calling out results from tests or yelling orders at each other. On nights- or early mornings- like this, all he ever wanted to do was to unplug all the computers, smash all the PETs and run around manically before calmly sitting back at his desk to act as if nothing happened.

But that would bring upon the possible circumstance that he would be fired the second he even touched his chair.

But it might have been worth it, he thought tiredly. For known reasons, he felt even more on edge than usual, his mind rushing and causing a headache along with his stomach growling at improper nourishment. He supposed he shouldn't have eaten those week-old leftover ramen noodles… but then again… there had been nothing else to stuff in his mouth… and he hadn't felt like ordering out…

Dr. Hikari sighed before nosily stretching in his chair to see if he could gain some awareness back into his system. A little did, but then being the all-knowing doctor, he should have known it would be so. It didn't hurt to try though.

Guess it's time to get back to work, then…

The doctor's brown eyes found themselves staring at a bright, glowing screen, causing his to flinch slightly and he pondered if he should start wearing sunglasses to work. His eyes were already on the verge to failing him completely, so maybe it wouldn't harm them anymore.

Drumming his fingers on the wooden desk, he watched as the Navis analyzed the new program he was currently working on. He hardly noticed that a few had already finished, posting the data on the screen in a new window.

This was going to be perfect.

He had been on the phone with his wife, Haruka, only a few hours before, talking to her about their newest predicament; Netto was growing up and the other day, she had seen something that startled her.

Sakurai Meiru had come over to study with Netto for a test the next day and had done the usual routine; eating a snack, talking a bit, and then hitting the books. It had been all fine and dandy, she had told him, until she noticed how Netto treated Meiru. He didn't use any special words or anything else. In fact, he acted as if she were another one of the guys, joking along and poking fun at her when she blushed at some of his inappropriate comments. After a few times, Haruka promptly told her son that if he couldn't act better, he would be grounded for two weeks. Though he did act better, Yuuichirou still figured that his wife wanted their son to learn a lesson.

And a lesson he would learn indeed. He had spent the rest of the night and some of the morning creating a program that would change Netto's world completely. His son would experience a complete twist in his life and, whether or not he liked it, Netto would learn how… complicated women could be. But Yuuichirou almost hated to do it to the fifteen-year-old boy. This was his son, after all, and this plan that he had concocted seemed harsh and cruel, but this 'punishment' was necessary, since he couldn't figure out any other way to go about it.

A few more minutes of contemplating and observing the progress, and the NetNavis all turned in their reports, every part of the program operational and up to spec. No bugs, viruses, or anything else could be found and the doctor couldn't help but grin at his work. Now, it was time for a test before downloading the program onto a disk and taking it personally home to the unknowing young man.

"So… now that the program is finished… which one wants to volunteer?" he asked, faking 'sweetness' in order to calm whatever fears the NetNavis might have. However, his efforts were futile, as all but one quickly sped out of his computer to transport to the main server. Poor little slow NetNavi gulped nervously, his body stiff as a statue as his eyes closed tightly. "It's not going to hurt…" the man said sarcastically, not really in the mood to keep up his smile. Sighing once more, he took the mouse in his hands and clicked on the program before typing in the commands for it to apply to the innocent victim.

Dr. Hikari's work was a complete success. No side effects, no nothing. So, the program was copied to a disk and the guilty yet happy doctor placed it into his bag before walking over to the couch and sleeping until dawn.

"Dr. Hikari?" the Navi called timidly, "there isn't a cure for this, is there?" The doctor in question just grunted before rolling over onto his side, drowning out the sobs of the NetNavi with his snores.


"Netto-kun? Netto-kuun?"


"Netto-kun!" A groan in annoyance resounded in the Navi's ears, telling him of what was to be done with the lazy teen. He couldn't help but laugh at how dumb the human was for letting himself fall into the same trap for the millionth time.

"Netto-kun! … WAKE UP!!"

"AH!" Rock smiled mischievously when he heard the crash from his Operator, signaling that the brunet was now awake. He always found it satisfying to wake up Netto on Sunday because he knew that the young man hated it most when he woken up at eight o'clock on such day.

"Rockman, you know I hate it when you do that!" Netto bellowed angrily, rubbing his head with his hand while pushing himself up so sit with his other. His narrow eyes met gleeful green ones and, once again, he found himself in the same predicament as he always did on Sundays.

Rock's lovely little wake-up calls.

Over the years, Netto had become more apt to listen to his Navi and would get up only five minutes after he was yelled at for being lazy and that he was going to be late for school or whatever else he might possibly be tardy for. But Sundays were off-limits, or at least Netto wished they were, for any yelling, beeping, stomping, and banging Rockman might do in order to wake the teen. But no matter how much he tried (he even recalled that one time he removed the speaker from the PET and computer), the blue-clad Navi still found a will and a way.

"Well," Rock started 'hurtfully,' crossing his arms around his chest, "I guess you don't care that your father sent an e-mail saying that he would be home soon, since you want to back to sleep so-"

"Wait-! Papa's coming home?!" Netto exclaimed in disbelief, hoping that he had misinterpreted Rock's words. Giggling, Rock nodded ecstatically, knowing full well that his Operator was fully awake now. "He said in his e-mail that he would be home some time this evening," Rock said, watching the brunet grin happily at the thought of seeing his father. "He also said something about a new program he wanted to install…"

"Papa hasn't been home in nearly a year… A new program? I bet it's to make you even better at battling than before!" Netto bellowed triumphantly before standing quickly and thrusting his tightly-closed fists into the air. "I can't wait!"

"At least I know your awake now, Netto-kun…" sighed the Navi as he smiled gently at the brunet. Netto always seemed to be in higher spirits whenever he heard that his father was coming home, since it happened so rarely. Yes, the teen did visit his father at work, but it seemed to be better when the busy scientist was at home. However, Rock couldn't argue against the reason why since it was as obvious as daylight why the presence at home was more satisfying than one at the labs.

But right now, thinking about such things were trivial with Netto's trademark grin pastered across his face as he took the blue PET into his hands and began running out of his room and down the stairs.


The teenager's day had been spent jumping around the house, eating both breakfast and lunch and going out to rollerblade throughout the town with his friends before coming back for dinner, hoping his father would show soon. It was about six-fifteen when he walked through the door as the sun began to sluggishly descend towards the horizon, each second ticking closer to the long-awaited arrival of Hikari Yuuichirou.

Finally, Netto heard Yuuichirou walk through the front door around seven that evening, yawning loudly as he shut the door behind him. The young male couldn't help but immediately rush to his father and help carry his luggage to the living room. After that 'chore' was competed, he promptly gave the scientist a well-deserved hug, stating that he was happy to see his father home.

"I'm glad to be home, Netto," sighed the doctor as he sat down on the couch, leaning his head back against the cushions. Anyone would miss home after a near year away was spent in a stuffy office that had nothing but the electronic noises and blinding lights to provide company. The scientists had completely forgotten how homesick he could become since he was gone for long intervals of time, but it didn't matter now since he was sitting in his own house with his family and he wasn't too terribly needed at work right now… "So… I hope that you're mother's 'good reports' have been truthful… is it true you managed an eighty-six on your test the other day?"

"Yeah!" Netto exclaimed proudly, bouncing slightly in his own chair, "I couldn't believe it! I made a half-decent grade in a subject that has nothing to with computers! I thought everyone was going to faint!" The two males heard the only female in the house chuckle at his statement, nodding slightly as she finished pouring out the freshly-made lemonade into three glasses accompanied with ice cubes. "It's true- I had to call his teacher just to make sure it was true…" she said before picking up the small tray and walking into the living room, placing the drinks onto the coffee table. "He was so proud. He has it on the fridge and even circled the grade with three different colors!" Netto grinned gleefully at his mother's kind words as he took his glass to take a large gulp.

All the while the conversation was going on, Rock listened intently, smiling to himself. The attention was getting to Netto's head, he could tell. 'Large' accomplishments such as the test-grade always seemed to bloat the brunet teen's ego and though the praise was well-deserved, it still didn't help the fact that his Operator had been helped by Meiru the night before… But Rockman knew the Netto would give credit where credit was due, and he merely counted the seconds until latter spoke up, fulfilling the NetNavi's prediction.

"Yeah, well… if it hadn't been for Meiru… I wouldn't have had a chance!" Netto replied, swigging down the rest of the delicious drink quickly before putting down the glass back on the wooden table. "Well, then," Yuuichirou began, sipping his own drink between words, "I hope you thanked her. She didn't have to help you."

"I did, don't worry! I wouldn't do that to Meiru, you know that!" Netto protested, feeling slightly insulted that his father believed that he wouldn't voice his gratitude to his friend…

"I know, but I wanted to make sure," the scientist defended, detecting the hostility quickly and taking 'evasive actions.' "And since you did such a good job… I have a present for you."

"Oh, it's that new program you wrote about, right? For Rockman? What does it do?" Netto asked excitedly, "You didn't quite say… Is it to make us even stronger as a team? Will it boost Rockman's power? I wanna know, Papa!"

'Ever the impatient one…' thought Rock in his PET. 'For once in his life, he should be made to wait. Though… I do wonder what Dr. Hikari came up with this time…"

"Well… it won't help battle wise, I suppose. But it will 'help' your friendship with Rockman… In fact, it will help your friendship with everyone." Netto gasped, anticipation rushing through his veins like adrenaline, causing him to become extremely hyper. "Really?! Ha! This'll be great!"

"Oh… it's that program, eh?" Haruka inquired her husband, gazing all-knowingly at the man's smirk, "The one you told me about…?" In response, the male nodded, pulling out the disk from his pocket and holding out his hand towards Netto. "I'll install it if you want… But the 'upgrade,'" with this, he glanced over to his wife, a twinkle in his eyes, "might take a while to show up on Rockman, so I might need to monitor him for a couple of hours, okay?"

"Sure!" Netto agreed, reaching into his PET holder and retrieving the blue device before giving it up to his father. "When your done, you wouldn't mind putting Rockman on his charger, would you?"

"Of course. I'll make sure I don't disturb you."

Haruka beamed at her son and husband, standing up when she sniffed the air filled with wisps of dinner cooking. "Well, dinner smells about ready. Why don't we eat, then? It'll be so nice to have us all together…"


"You've been at that computer for a while, Yuu… Is something wrong?"

"Nah… Rockman's just starting to take in the program, is all. I should have known that it would take longer for the program to show up on such a complex NetNavi than it would for a simpler one." Haruka nodded, moving to stand behind his chair, listening to the clacks of the keyboard as he typed. "Netto's going to be in one big surprise, isn't he?" She heard a soft grunt, answering her question completely. "I'll have to start on a way to reverse the program soon. Netto won't be able to take it forever, after all."

"Hmn. I hate to put Rockman through this… but I guess it's the best way for our son to understand the differences between genders…" she whispered, turning her head to watch the wall clock's hands tick along the numbers. Twelve-twenty-three… going on to twelve-twenty-four…

"The only thing I'm worried about is that Netto will like this change…"

"But what if Rockman doesn't like it, or bores of it?"

Yuuichirou shrugged tiredly. He hadn't thought ahead as much as he should have. Doing this to Rockman was cruelty enough, considering the Navi had no idea this was occurring to his body configuration, but hopefully, the would see the good it might bring and agree with it. "He looks about done," the man said, leaning back against the comfortable chair while running a hand across his face.

Haruka leaned down to spy at Rockman, giggling when she saw the program take full effect. "Aw, how cute!" she whispered sweetly, "It's perfect! Just how I hoped it would be!"

"All that's left is to wait until morning and watch everything take root. It'll be a bit rocky, but in the long run… it should help."


Netto yawned, stretching himself out as the morning rays blinded him as they usually did. He looked around his room, listening to the birds chirp brightly outside as he turned to his clock, seeing it to be a somewhat late for him to be up…

'But Rockman never yelled at me this morning,' Netto mentally told himself as he stood from his bed and stepping over to his desk, pulling the PET off of its charger. He peered curiously at the device, wondering if something had gone wrong. 'The last thing that needs to happen is something that might cause another war or something… Maybe he's still downloading the program or something…'

"Rockman…? C'mon, wake up." Netto pressed a button, hoping that would start up the NetNavi. Sure enough, the screen blinked on about few moments before Rock appeared, stretching just as Netto had.

"…Mmm… Good morning, Netto-kun! I'm sorry, I-! … Netto-kun?"

Why was his Operator's eyes so wide? Was something wrong with him? 'Did the upgrade not work right?' Rock thought, panicking when he didn't get a response from his partner. 'Oh, no! Something did go wrong, I can tell! … But I don't feel strange…'

"Hikari Netto, tell me right now why you're looking at me like that?!" Rock was afraid that something dreadful had happened and all he wanted was to know what it was.


Stuttering, the brunet blinked slowly before squinting his eyes tightly, praying that this was just some mind trick… But when he reopened his eyes, the sight was still there and he started yelling. "Netto-kun, please tell me what's wrong with me!"

"Y-you're a girl!" Netto babbled loudly, shaking the PET in his hands. Rock stared at him, stunned before laughing nervously. "Don't b-be ridiculous, Net-!"

"Just look at you! Everyone's gonna laugh at me now!"

Rock gulped, moving his emerald gaze downwards to find that Netto was correct and that he was no longer Rockman…

He was now Rock-chan.


End of Chapter One