The Feminine Program!

Epilogue : Version Two !


Once more, a blue NetNavi found a cyber city in shambles, due to another attack by Forte. Determined to stop the rogue Navi again, Rock ran forward, knowing that Searchman and Blues were up ahead and fighting Forte themselves. It was almost like last time.

Well, almost like last time.

Glancing down with wondering eyes, Rockman found no evidence of his previous gender change. As his legs bent and pushed to get him to his destination, he felt a bit relieved that things were somewhat normal again. Searchman wasn't blushing around him, Roll was back to holding his arm again out of friendship, and Netto-kun… was taking it better than suspected.

At least Forte was a constant normality throughout all this.

After a few minutes of running, Rock came upon the scene of the battle, noticing that Searchman and Blues were still fighting strong and holding off Forte from a core building in Internet City. It made him feel better knowing that he had made it in time before his smile was interrupted by Hikari Netto's voice.

"You there yet?" his Operator asked leisurely, obviously not worried at all that Forte was back.

"Un!" Rock replied quickly, nodding his head sharply before rushing forward, forming the Rock Buster on his right hand and aiming to shoot. Charging up, he stood still, the dark pink energy growing at the end of the Buster before at full power. Closing a green eye, he waited until Forte floated into range.

"Charge Shot!"

He let the energy go, the light blue ball striking Forte easily in the back, shredding a bit of his cloak. Forte grunted, eyes widened in surprise before he composed himself and looked back at Rock. "Well, it looks like you've changed back!" Forte was obviously mocking him, a sneer fit for a rabid dog forming on his lips as he hovered down, carelessly leaving Searchman and Blues alone.

Rock sighed, hanging his head a bit. He heard that line over and over and over so many times it was starting to grate fully on his nerves. Netto and he decided it would be best for him to turn back, but everyone didn't need to point it out every five seconds!

"Yes, Forte, I did," the blue NetNavi replies, steadying his Buster arm again for another shot. "Is there a problem with that?"

The cloaked Navi scoffed at the question, his words full of bite. "Of course not! It just means you might be at full power now… and be a worthy opponent of me again!"

Rock stiffened from the insult. "You think that I wasn't at full power when I was female?!"

"And are we not worthy opponents?" a deep voice interjected brashly.

Rock was able to see Blues standing ready to strike with his Hero's sword and Searchman nodding once towards him as he aimed with his Sniper Scope. In response, Forte gave a chuckle and a turn, enough to show he accepted their presence. "Not really…"

"Tsk, tsk. I would think again about your words…" Blues bit back, a grin forming on his face, "Enzan-sama, send the chips!"

"Laika-san, it's time!" Searchman yelled to his own Operator, initiating the strategy plan that had been concocted before entering Internet City.

Rock blinked once before scratching his chin nervously. "Um, Netto-kun… You… did know about this, right?" He was sweating now, feeling a bit stupid for not being aware of this plan…

Across the transmission, the blue NetNavi heard a strange sound, probably a nervous laugh, come from Netto. "If I told you 'no,' will you get too mad at me?" At that, Rock shook his head and smiled a bit. "I've learned not to get mad at you all the time… so don't worry about it."

It was no surprise that Rock felt that Netto and his relationship had deepened a bit, but it was more of an understanding than a romance. They did not fight as much now and they did not seem to want to. It… was easier just talking to Netto now, for some reason…

And Netto was waking up himself in the mornings, which was a definite plus.

"Well, whatever then!" Netto exclaimed confidently, the sound of him pulling out three chips came over the communication line as he spoke, "we'll show them who's best without knowing their stupid plan!" Rock couldn't help but smile and nod, his own confident face forming as he waited for the chips to be downloaded, grinning at Forte.

Of course, his grin was returned with a disgusted look, red eyes narrowed in contempt. "Still loyal to that sack of flesh, I see… Pity…" A raise of Forte's hands showed he had formed his own weapons, setting them on Rock as he leered angrily at his target. "All humans are the same, Rockman! Yellow-bellied meat sacks that force you to limit yourself! You still follow them, like those other pathetic Navis… so I'll finally end your life…"

"I don't think so!" Netto cried out, his image popping up suddenly in a hologram box, "I've got a weapon that you can't fight against!" Raising the chip in his hand, Netto briefly showed it before slamming it into the PET, smirking almost insanely. "Download, Custom Chip, slot in!"

"Bah! Nothing you put in will- what?!"Forte inquired, suddenly exasperated as his red irises became small within the widening white. He stared baffled at the other NetNavi, Blues and Searchman slumped slightly as they watched their comrade change in front of their eyes. Blues, to his partial amusement, felt his left eye twitch.

"W… What?" the blue NetNavi looked around at the other three, head turning to each separately before his eyes gaze down to see what was wrong before he saw it. For a moment, he couldn't help but gaze incredulously, just like the other NetNavis were, before Rock screamed loudly.


Netto's laughter was as clear as day through the link Rock and he had, and it took all the blue NetNavi's strength to just not fall over and cry. His body was back to being a girl and he wasn't as easy to take it this time as he was before…

"Netto-kun, turn me back and turn me back now!" Rock screamed, stomping his foot after bringing Netto's laughing image back up in a holo-screen, obviously tickled at his Navi's desperation. "No, can do, Rockman! Er, excuse me, Rock-chan, but the chip has a time limit, and…" the brunet mockingly checked his wrist, even though there was no watch to tell him the time present, "you still have some time left!"

While this fiasco went on, Forte shook his head, relieving himself of his shock before looking at Rock with a strange expression. "Rock… man… you seem to always find a way to surprise me… even if I have seen this before…" Sighing lowly, the rouge NetNavi stood proudly, sneering at Blues and Searchman, who had focused back on the battle and were pointing their weapons at him. "Don't worry about that. I'll be taking my leave… again…" Forte then swerved his crimson gaze to a fussy Rock, clenching his fists that he was weak enough to leave Rockman alive in this state. "Idiot Navi… always makes me lose, even without a fight," and with that, Forte disappeared in a pixilated fury, the blue data swirling and blocking up before fading away.

Just as the cloaked Navi left, Searchman dropped his arms, his program advance disintegrating in a bright flash as his arms returned. Much like Forte did, his red eyes met Rock's stomping form, a little blush forming over his cheeks. Blues, however, was less than forgiving for this, and he growled under his breath before approaching the blue Navi and crossing his arms over his chest in a bit of a huff. "Would you please explain why you're like this again?" The silver-haired NetNavi tried to ask this nicely, but his annoyance shined through in his voice easily.

"… And why do you even have this kind of chip anyway, Netto-kun?! We had decided that we would never do anything like this again!" Stomping against the hard ground again, Rock's cheeks puffed out, reddened with anger and humiliation as her verdant glare cut into Netto's joyful countenance. Much to Blues' frustration, it seemed that she had not heard him… "Oh, c'mon, Rock-chan, it's just a joke while being a trump card! I mean, Forte's gone now! You should be happy!"

"Yes, but-! But…!"

Blues gritted his teeth tightly, an obvious sight of fury on him despite his visor. He could feel Searchman's presence next to him a few minutes later and he looked up to see the bashful pink barely gracing the sniper Navi's cheek. "Don't look too hard, Searchman, you might just propose to her…" Blues knew that it was spiteful and that Searchman couldn't help himself, but he was unnerved and furious that something as trivial as an event like this could get him so worked up.

Rock, however, could have taken on Blues' bad mood right then and more, still screaming at the top of her voice program's capability at her buoyant Operator. She could not believe that he would have pulled something like this own her, knowing how awkward a time that was when she was permanently in this state, but Netto wasn't as worried over Rock's anger as she thought he should be. "Rock, it's okay! Besides, it's almost time for it to wear off, so quit fussing like a girl!" Another boisterous laugh sounded out of Netto's big mouth and Rock's glare could have spouted flames.

"It… better… end… right-!" Interrupting Rock came the chip's effects vanishing abruptly and after the data wandered away in a dim turquoise light, the Navi found himself in his male form again. He couldn't help but blink before turning back to Blues and Searchman, a nervous smile cracking on his pale face. "Um… did I make a scene…?"

"Don't you always?" Blues quickly replied back, arms falling to his sides before tilting his head slightly towards Searchman. "Just make sure you don't do that in front of him again. If you do it again, he might try to find a way to make it permanent." With that, in a graceful curve of silver and red, Blues turned around and began walking away to have a debriefing with Enzan.

At his crimson comrade's words, Searchman shifted where he stood, not used to this array of emotions still. He had admitted to himself that he could easily treat Rock normally again now that the experiment was over… Of course, he was sure about an hour ago that the experiment was over and that Rockman would never be female again. Hikari Netto, he suddenly realized, was merciless.

Rock, however, noticed his friend's uneasiness and slowly walked over to give the taller Navi a sympathetic pat-on-the-back. "I'm sorry about this, Searchman. I hadn't realized about the chip until Netto-kun used it…" All Rock received was a nod from Searchman before his Operator opened up a link and he was summoned back to his PET for repairs.

Sighing, Rockman glared over at the snickering Operator the cause of all the tension in the past moments and he stomped over there, glaring. "Netto-kun, you know better than to use something so outrageous! What if it hadn't worked?! What if-!?"

"But it did work, Rockman! You need to stop being so uptight. It's only a temporary effect and it works!" Netto retorted smugly as he crossed his arms. What mattered the most to the brunet was that Forte and his hateful self was gone, out of sight and mind, and that Searchman, Blues, and Rock were fine with some minor damage. Yes, he had to admit to himself that what he had done was a bit underhanded. Just a bit though…

Rock, however, was not all that optimistic as his Operator, but, Netto did have a point; it had worked. "Well… I guess so… though I don't get how the same 'trick' worked twice on him…" the blue Navi muttered. Netto gave a shrug before teasing smile stretched his lips. "Maybe he's shy around girls and needs pointers?"

A soft chuckle was the only reply from Rock, who stood awkwardly amongst the rubble, thinking of something else to say. He then smiles, perking up before waving a finger at the brunet on the screen. "Just… promise me you'll give some kind of warning next time, or at least make sure Blues and Searchman aren't around?"

With a Hikari Netto grin and a firm nod, the promise was made; "I promise."


End of TheFeminineProgram!


Ending Notes:

First off, I would like to sincerely apologize to my readers. I have neglected to finish the second version of the epilogue mainly because I didn't have the inspiration to do it (actually, I'm just lazy, but 'lack of inspiration' makes it sound better) and because I've been dealing with a lot in the past year and a half.

Secondly, I don't believe there will be a sequel. I won't write one because I've tortured you all enough with long months between updates and I've started college (I'm a Sophomore now.. wooow). I may write a one-shot side story or something like that, but nothing too long. HOWEVER, I have had several offers for others to make their own story/sequel and I would be all for this. All I ask is that I receive a PM or a message telling me the story idea and that I be credited for the basic story idea. Nothing too much, maybe just a little mention. : )

And lastly, thanks to everyone! I never imagined that TFP! would be even remotely popular and I have all you readers for such an accomplishment (second story with over 100 reviews!). You guys have no idea how great it is to see how many hits this story has acquired!