Giving Yourself

A Teen Titans Fan Fiction by Jacob McDonald

Opening notes: Please note the 'M' rating on this one folks. It's all in here. Swearing, violence, drug use, nudity, sex, underage drinking, and sappy, sappy fluff. After all that bad stuff, yes, this is a love story. Deal with it.

Standard Disclaimers Apply. I don't own Teen Titans.


"Have you ever noticed that even when it seems like you have nothing left to give, when a friend cries out, you find the strength to help them?"


In the cold, dark depths of Steel City, the slums and the low rent apartments were full of dirt and grime. The buildings, where they weren't covered in graffiti, were washed with a straight falling acid rain that did hardly anything to remove the decades of filth that covered them. The smog from the steel mills and the highway system filled the city with dank, soggy despair.

It was into this quiet desperation that two figures stepped out of a silver and blue car, and into the rain.

They seemed to be exact physical opposites, these two. One was huge, tall, broad in the shoulders and male. The other was little more than five foot four inches, slim about the waist, slight of build, and generally petite except for her slightly more than average bust size. Both of them wore dark hooded sweatshirts, the male opting for track pants, and the female wearing flare bottom jeans. Her sneakers squished across the pavement as they crossed the street to the dingy apartment they were headed for.

His feet sounded like they were made of steel.

"I don't like this." The tall male grumbled down at his companion.

"You don't have to like it." She replied in a clipped tone, "Just do it like we planned. Go in, find him, get out. There's no point in trying to bust everyone inside."

"But… do you really think that Speedy-"

"Don't call him that here."

"Fine." The man sounded exasperated, "Do you think that Roy would really-"

"Victor, that man wasn't lying. He said Roy Harper. How many Roy Harpers live in Steel City?"

"Only one." The man now identified as Victor growled back.

"And that one is the young man we're looking for. Karen said he's been disappearing for days at a time for the past six months. Now we know why."


"Wait." The young woman held up a hand and stared at the building for a moment. Victor watched her carefully, and almost smiled when a strand of her violet hair fell out of her hood and she brushed it back unconsciously. When she spoke again, his smile fled, "I sense Roy's presence. He's inside."

Victor swallowed hard, then turned to the dingy building with a determination that spoke well for his nineteen years. "Let's go then, Raven."

As they started forward, Raven looked up at the sky. The clouds were gray against the night, and spot lights swept them from somewhere downtown where those that had become rich off the steel production and the auto manufacturing businesses in Steel City lived and played. It was nothing like the gritty slums they were in now. There wouldn't be any run down, dilapidated buildings. No filth filled ally ways.

No heroin dens like the one they were about to walk in to.

"Roy…" she breathed as they approached the doors. She would have to remain strong and firm through this. He was their friend, and he needed them. She couldn't back down, she couldn't give up. He needed them.

"On three." Victor said, taking a stance and getting ready to kick the door, "One… two…"