Giving Yourself

A Teen Titans Fan Fiction by Jacob McDonald

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Eight months later…

Raven stepped out of Mrs. Washburn's fifth grade classroom with a sigh and a scowl. Why Robin even considered her for these 'go meet the younger kids' things was beyond her. She just scared the crap out of them, and no one ever had any questions for her other than to ask how her powers worked.

As she walked down the hall for the next room on her list, she paused outside of one of the classes she'd already been to. Looking through the open door, she saw a head of red hair bouncing around rapidly. Her mouth opened a little bit, and she stared.

Roy was waving his arms around as he spoke, "… it makes you go all crazy. You don't have any control over what you do…" he crashed into the table at the front of the room, spilling the papers on it all over the floor. The class burst out laughing, and he continued, "And after you use it for long enough," he stopped suddenly and was very serious, "you die."

The class was silent as he continued, "I used to use heroin. I was in so deep, I couldn't even see what it was doing to me. It took everything I had in me, and the help of a friend…" he glanced outside the room and his eyes locked with Raven's for a moment before he smiled and turned back to the class, "to make it through getting better. I was a hero. I was a Teen Titan, but I still fell victim. Now, all of you… you can be better than me. You can be better heroes than me just by never… never using heroin. If someone offers it to you, turn them down, get away as fast as you can, and tell someone you trust about it. An adult, a teacher… even Robin if you see him on the street." The class giggled again, and Roy stood up straight, "Thanks for your time, kids. Does anyone have any questions?"

Raven tilted her head and saw several hands in the air. Roy picked a cute little girl in the front row. She lowered her hand and spoke quietly, "Who was it that helped you get better?"

"Another Titan. She actually lives right here in Jump City… Raven."

"I know about her!" one little boy burst out, "She's scary!"

"You think so?" Roy laughed a little, "I guess she can be, but to me… to me she's the bravest, most wonderful person I've even know. I'm proud to be her friend, and prouder to have been a Titan with her."

There was a murmur throughout the class and Roy smiled at them, "Any more questions? Maybe about drugs this time?" The class laughed again, and Roy picked another student.

As Roy stepped out of the school, he paused and looked to his right. Standing in the shadows under a tree in the front lawn was Raven, her hood drawn up. He smiled and walked over to her, "Hey."

"Robin didn't tell me you were going to be here."

"Robin isn't always aware of everything the DEO does."

"This is what the government has a highly skilled combatant like you doing? Giving lectures to grade school kids?" Raven tilted her face up to the light so he could see inside her hood. She had an eyebrow arched.

"Actually," Roy grinned down at her, "I volunteered for this. I told you I wanted to give back… this is how I'm doing it."

Raven pulled her hood down and smiled up at him, "Am I really the braves most wonderful person you've ever known?"

Roy held a hand out to her, "Of course you are. And if you'll let me buy you lunch, I'll expound on that topic and swell your head even more."

Raven laughed a little and took his hand, "Okay, Harper. But lunch is all. Don't expect to just walk back into my life and get laid again."

"Knowing you, Rae, it'll be at least six hours before you're locking me in your room."

She rolled her eyes, but nodded happily anyway, "You going to be in Jump long?"

"My stint with the DEO is just about over, so… I actually bought a house out here."

"Really?" they started walking to his car and she wrapped her arm around his, holding him close to her.

"Yep. It's only got one room, but if you feel like stopping by ever, I just happen to have all the shampoo and conditioners you like, as well as your preferred brand of deodorant, and your favorite toothpaste, and-"

"I get the picture, Roy."

"Yeah." He smiled at her.

"I think we should take this slow." They stopped at his car.

"Definitely." He nodded very seriously.

"And we should talk about you being a Titan again."

"I'll listen to all arguments to that effect."

"And you need to shave." She ran a hand over the light stubble on his face.

"You don't think it makes me look rugged and handsome?"

"I think it makes you look like Green Arrow."

"I'll shave it off as soon as I can." He shivered a little bit.

"Good. Now take me to lunch, Harper."

"Anything, Miss Roth. Oh, and by the way…"

"Yes?" Raven looked up at him.

Roy leaned down and pressed his lips to hers, and she returned the kiss with enthusiasm. He pulled away after a few seconds, and ran a hand along her cheek, "I love you."

Raven's eyes grew bright with unshed tears and she nodded. He was still Roy, even if he wasn't Speedy, and she found that she returned his feelings whole heartedly. It was strange that she'd gone so long in life without loving anyone, and when she finally had he'd gone away for so long… and then just as soon as he popped back into her life, she was right back to loving him again. She had given herself to him, and he had accepted her for who she was. It was the most real thing she'd ever felt, and it made her happy.

"I love you too, Roy. I love you too."


Closing Notes: Not much to say here. It's a very different format for me, and it's a slightly different style as well. Not my usual fare, but I wanted to try something a little different. Hope everyone enjoyed it, and I hope you find the time to review and tell me what you think. Thanks for reading.