Chapter 1

There was nothing about the serene crisp Fall air to suggest that something was amiss, but two prominent members of the Ouran Koukou Host Club were absent from the third floor music room and Tamaki was not happy.

"Mommy! Where are you?" he asked no one in particular though by now the members of the Host Club knew he was referring to Kyouya. He paced back and forth, eyes glancing down at his watch every few minutes.

Honey's eyes were wide from his place on one of the couches that seemed to litter the room, watching as Tamaki pulled at his own hair. He looked up at Mori, who was sitting in the chair nearest to him.

"Is Tama-chan going to go bald from pulling out his hair, Takashi?" he asked his cousin cutely. Mori merely shrugged, watching their leader with slight amusement.

Haruhi was sharing a couch with Kaoru, who was trying his hardest to get her to laugh, and wasn't worried about the "missing" members.

"I'm sure Kyouya-sempai and Hikaru both have very good reasons for not coming today," she had told the overdramatic blonde the moment he first started freaking out. After that, she had decided it was best to completely ignore him.

Without warning, Tamaki now turned on Kaoru and pointed accusatorily at the redhead.

"Hitachiin! You know where that diabolical twin of yours is and don't try to deny it!"

Haruhi glared at the blonde.

"Just because Hikaru is his brother doesn't mean he knows where he is every single minute. It's time you… all of you realize that Hikaru and Kaoru are two separate people even though they look alike."

Tamaki was in his corner seconds later, knees to his chest as he talked to himself.

Kaoru sighed as he glanced from his lord to Haruhi.

"You know I know where Hikaru is," he said. "I can tell you do."

Haruhi grinned in a way that immediately reminded him of his twin.

"Regardless, it is time Sempai saw you and your brother as two rather than one. I know he said he's tried to get you and Hikaru to open up, but obviously not hard enough."

Kaoru grinned, lifting his cup of coffee to his lips.

"I also know that you know as well as I do just who Hikaru is with," she continued calmly.

Kaoru spit out the coffee as if it burned his mouth and stared at Haruhi with wide eyes.

"How did y-how do you know?" he asked softly, leaning in close to her. She smiled and shrugged.

"Well, they have been a lot closer lately. I mean, when I first joined I don't recall ever seeing you or him talk to Kyouya-sempai. How are you with it?"

He sighed, looking around. Tamaki was still in his corner, rocking back and forth, though he was now being consoled by Honey while Mori looked on.

"Haruhi, I'll never tell Tamaki this, because I'm not sure it'd make a difference, but I'm not really sure I trust Kyouya. He's always writing something down on that clipboard, he hardly hosts like the rest of us, and I know he takes care of the clubs finances but sometimes I wonder how he gets a hold of some of the things he sells. He gets his hands on things that I would never hand over willingly."

Haruhi smiled and placed her hand on Kaoru's shoulder.

"You know, Hikaru is a lot more like Kyouya-sempai than you may realize. I'm sure he knows what he's getting into, and if it makes you feel any better, I think this will be good for both of them, even if it doesn't work out." She pulled her hand away and picked up her cup of coffee, taking a sip before placing it down once more.

Kaoru smiled and rubbed the back of his neck.

"I suppose you're right. I guess since it's always been just us until you came along, I'm a little jealous, but…"

Haruhi raised a brow. "Hai?"

The redhead grinned and cupped her chin, placing a soft kiss on her forehead.

"Without Hikaru here, I can have you to myself--"

SMACK! Kaoru cringed as a hand collided with his head.

He smirked up at Tamaki before winking at Haruhi, who smiled. He then made his way past the blonde claiming that he needed more coffee and left the two alone.

Tamaki watched the redhead until he was well across the room and took the vacant seat next to Haruhi. Before he even opened his mouth, she placed a finger to his lip and shook her head.

"Don't ask me where Kyouya-sempai or Hikaru is because even if I knew, I wouldn't say. If it is important to them that you know, then they will tell you themselves. Now, we have a Host Club meeting so you might want to fix yourself up for your clients." She removed her finger and smiled. Tamaki returned the smile though it was soon replaced by a scowl.

"We can't have a club meeting without Kyouya! He handles the financial--"

"And he has asked me if I could take care of them, because he had something important to attend to and sends his regrets that he can't be here. I can handle it. Math is my favorite subject after all. And I'm sure Kaoru won't mind working alone today. Everything will be fine."

Tamaki's eyes grew impossibly large as tears swam within them. He hugged her quickly, before she could object, and then rushed across the room with a quick word of thanks, before she could smack him.

The Host Club was open for business.