Chapter 3

Hikaru closed his eyes enjoying the way Kyouya's hands ghosted across his skin under his shirt as the older boy nibbled at his neck, his hot breath causing the redhead's skin to tingle. His fingers ran tracks down Kyouya's bare back (his shirt, along with his glasses, long gone, discarded somewhere within the room as they'd made their way to Hikaru's bed with some difficulty), but even Kyouya's godly touch couldn't dispel a thought from the foreground of his mind.

Kyouya must have sensed his unease because a moment later, he pulled away, causing Hikaru's arms to fall to the bed. The older boy raised a brow, a small scowl on his face.

"Hikaru, if you don't want to do this, fine, but might I remind you that it was you who invited me here."

Anger surged through Hikaru as he stared back into those dark eyes that seemed to hold no emotion. He bit his tongue, however, and decided to voice his thoughts.

"Kyouya," he began, reaching up to brush the boy's bangs back from his eyes. Kyouya raised a brow, waiting for the redhead to continue. "We've never discussed… well…" He knew from the look of understanding in those brown eyes that Kyouya knew what he was getting at. With a sigh, the raven-haired boy sat up in the bed and glanced out the window.

"Hikaru, let me tell you now that we are not boyfriends and there isn't anything between us but sex. I don't know what it is you want, but if it's anything more than what we're doing, I can't give it to you. I never pretended to want anything more than a sexual partner from you. You need to decide right now I you want to continue this or not, because this is the last time I will discuss it."

Hikaru nodded, though Kyouya couldn't see it. He had thought as much and was angry at himself for the pang of hurt that surfaced. He was not going to fall for someone who couldn't love him in return. He knew that he should stop this thing with the older boy before he was in too deep, but he also knew that it was impossible. He needed Kyouya.

Reaching for Kyouya's wrist, he raised it to his own lips and kissed it, grinning as the boy eyed him.

"You're crazy if you think I'm letting you out of my hands," he said. Kyouya smirked and before he knew it, Hikaru was pinned to the bed, the raven-haired boy kneeling over him, the passionate spark in his eyes once more. Hikaru grinned as he raised himself to grind into Kyouya, pushing any misgivings to the back of his mind. A growl emitted from deep within Kyouya causing the redhead to shiver in anticipation as the older boy pressed his lips possessively against Hikaru's, running his tongue along them. Hikaru smirked, not allowing Kyouya the entrance he sought.

Finally, Kyouya pulled away exasperatedly.

"Hitachiin, if you keep up I'll charge you like the girl,"he said, annoyance evident in his voice. He chucked as Hikaru's mouth fell open. "Very good."

Before the boy could close his mouth, Kyouya kissed him hard, his tongue running against Hikaru's. It wasn't long before they were pulling at each other's clothes, Hikaru's shirt pulled off by Kyouya and tossed to the ground, as they became locked in a battle of tongues. Kyouya's hands slid down to the redhead's pants, sliding them off with ease. A second later, Hikaru's boxer shorts joined the pants somewhere on the floor. Hikaru started to turn onto his stomach but Kyouya stopped him, a smirk on his face.

"I want to see your face," was all he said in reply to Hikaru's questioning gaze, causing the redhead to blush making Kyouya grin wider. Settling himself between the younger boy's legs, he unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, sliding them down as far as he could from his kneeling position on the bed. Hikaru reached over to his bedside table and pulled out a small bottle of oil from the drawer, handing it to Kyouya, who smirked, brows raised in amusement. Hikaru blushed, avoiding those dark eyes.

"I use it when I jack off," he muttered, hating the way Kyouya could cause his confidence to diminish with a single look. That low chuckle reached his ear and he felt his erection twinge in response. Damn, how would he be able to handle Host Club meetings with Kyouya if a mere laugh or look set him off. He'd have the older boy's tie in his hand, his mouth to Kyouya's in two seconds flat. A laugh escaped him as he pictured the looks on the others' faces, especially their leader.

"Hm, what is so humorous that you feel the need to laugh during sex?" Kyouya asked. Hikaru looked into his eyes and, finding no annoyance-only amusement, he told him. The raven-haired boy snickered.

"Indeed, that gives me an idea, but for now," he stated and Hikaru gasped as he felt a wet intrusion in his entrance, "focus on me. I'm far more important." He added a second finger causing Hikaru to gasp once again. "Relax or it will hurt worse. I oiled them; it's not that bad." Slowly, he began to scissor his fingers, stretching him. A thought passed through Hikaru's mind that Kyouya wouldn't bother preparing him if he didn't care about him. Mad at himself for letting such a though pass his mental blockade, he wasn't prepared as Kyouya's fingers brushed his prostate.

"Nngh!" he moaned, pushing back against the fingers, wanting that feeling again and again, but Kyouya pulled out the fingers and applied a generous of oil to his cock, settling it at Hikaru's entrance.

"Hikaru, look into my eyes," he said, his voice husky as he placed his hands on Hikaru's thighs. The moment Hikaru locked eyes with Kyouya, the older boy pushed all the way into him. Crying out in pain, Hikaru closed his eyes tight.

Kyouya said nothing but was still, allowing the redhead to adjust until he was comfortable, his hands running down Hikaru's thighs. Hikaru shifted a bit, taking deep breaths and relaxing his muscles. Moving a bit more, he gasped as the pain slowly turned into a vague pleasurable sensation. He grinned, squeezing around Kyouya's member, letting the raven-haired boy know he was ready. Kyouya began to thrust in and out of him, his pace slow, one hand releasing his thigh to close around Hikaru's ignored cock. He slowly began to stroke the redhead in time with each thrust. Hikaru was in heaven, eyes fluttering as he moved in time with the older boy. Then, without warning, Kyouya stopped all together.

"Kyouya, wha--Nngh! Damn, ah!" Hikaru called out as the raven-haired boy suddenly shifted and thrusted hard and fast into him, hitting his prostate every time. It was moments before Hikaru came calling Kyouya's name, his muscles tightening around the older boy's member as Hikaru's semen flowed over his hand. Hand releasing Hikaru's cock and gripping the boy's thigh once more, Kyouya thrusted hard, sweat-soaked bangs falling into his face. His eyes were closed tight and Hikaru was quite content to lie there spent, watching the older boy reach his climax.

"Mm, …so tight…so good… nngh, Hikaru." Hot liquid filled Hikaru as Kyouya released into him. He continued to thrust, slowing as his hands rubbed Hikaru's thighs, the redhead's own seed being rubbed into his skin. With a soft growl, the raven-haired boy pulled out and collapsed on Hikaru's side, lying flat on his back.

Hikaru rolled onto his side and leaned over to press his lips to Kyouya's. The older boy's arms snaked around his waist, pulling him close. With a content sigh, Hikaru laid his head on Kyouya's chest. Not thinking as he drifted of to sleep, he mumbled three words that Kyouya didn't want to hear.

"…love you, Kyouya."