Tittle: Over and Over again


Alex found her self sitting at Elliot desks. She was so tired. It was late, and she hadn't eaten. She had been talking to almost everyone. Everyone was so concerned. She was grateful, but she still wanted some rest.

Her thoughts were broken by Olivia's voice.

"Hey honey how are you?"

Alex looked at Olivia, who gave her a friendly smile. "Im ok, just a little tired."

"Come on ill take you home." She stated getting her own jacket from behind the chair.

"Where is Elliot?" Alex asked.

"He's still getting everything situated."

"Oh, well I..." Alex started.

"You need your rest, and something to eat."

"I guess." Alex finally spoked, getting up.

Alex got in Olivia's car. She wanted to sleep, wanted to get away from everything...

"So you just want to get some close and stay at my place." Olivia said, more as a clarification.

"I really don't need to be watched 24/7." Alex said, but hoping Olivia would press on.

"You don't have a say in this Alex." Olivia said with a small smile.

"Thanks liv'."

They finally reached Olivia's apartment, after they had got Alex belongings. When they walked in the apartment, Olivia immediately offered Alex a drink.

"Um, yeah that would be good."

"Good, im going to make some dinner ok, you just make your self at home."


Twenty five minutes later Alex came out of Olivia's bedroom fully dress in more comfortably clothes. She went over to Olivia who was almost done preparing dinner.

"Liv', you Didn't have to do all of this you know."

"I know, I wanted to. You been threw a lot lately." Olivia said glancing over at Alex. "Now come on your food is ready."

That night, Alex sat up on Olivia's bed. She was exhausted but couldn't seem to fall asleep. Her mind was on Eric somehow. Somehow she kept thinking of the nights she would come home to a drunken boyfriend. She ent back to the days that he had beaten her, the days that he had slammed her against walls. The nights when he...

"Alex you okay?"

Alex heard the voice of Olivia in a distance. She wanted to respond but her mind wouldn't let her. She was to caught up in her thoughts. To caught in the nightmare she had to live...

"Alex..." Olivia held Alex in her arms. She needed to get Alex back to reality. She had to wake her up from this nightmare. "It's ok Alex, its going to be ok." Olivia whispered as Alex began to cry softly. Alex was in pieces, she was shattered. Olivia had to get her back, she couldn't let one her best friends slip away... "Alex, you have to come back to me ok. I...Im so sorry about what happen. Alex..."

Alex blinked, looking up at Olivia. "He...He constantly abused me liv' , he is just so controlling. I don't know what happen to me, I use to be so strong-."

"You still are Alex, you still are."

Alex smiled. She was strong. She hugged Olivia. Here was where she was meant to be. With her friend, safe. Eric couldn't bother her... He was going to jail for what he did to her... But what about...

The next day Alex awoke well rested. She had forgotten about Eric, that is until she actually got up. As she walked across the room towards the bathroom she could feel sharp pain in her lower back region. She shook it off. She Didn't have to worry anymore...

"Good morning." Olivia said as Alex return to the kitchen.

"Hey, good morning, I hope I didn't keep you up." Alex said coming over to Olivia.

"You didn't. We was thinking you could come with us."

"Who's we and to where?"

"Elliot and to the coffee shop or where ever you want to go."

"Ok that will be great."

Twenty minutes later Alex found her self, along with Elliot and Olivia, at the coffee shop. Avoiding any conversation that involves Eric. Alex tried to hold back the tears. She couldn't break down here, not now. Not ever.

"You ok Alex."

"Yeah im fine liv'." Alex took a sip of her own coffee. "You really don't have to keep doing this, you don't have to babysit me you know neither of you."

"Alex we want to be with you ok, your going threw a hard time right now, you don't need to be alone." Elliot said looking at Alex.

Alex looked down, tracing her coffee cup with her index finger. "I just... I don't want to be treated like the victim here ok, its real hard to just have everything out in the open."

"Alex we all are here for you, your going to get threw this." Olivia said taking Alex hand in her's."

"I know, look im... Im going to go." Alex got up. Olivia and Elliot stood up as well. "I'd like to be alone if that's ok." Alex said putting on her jacket and walking away.

Olivia hesitated. She wanted to go after Alex, to try and comfort her but she new Alex needed some time. She needed to clear her head...

Alex walked. Walked for as long as her legs would take her. With no destination in mind, she just...walked... She needed to clear her bind. Break free of the Eric's grip. Why couldn't she break free. Why couldn't she be the strong woman she was perceived to be. She wasn't all that strong, she was a coward. Why did she stay with him. After all he did to her...

It was until she heard the ringing of bells did she realize she was at the foot of a church. Why did she come here, she hardly ever came. Ever... Alex decided that it was a reason, it was an unclear reason yes, but a reason it was. She walked inside.

It was empty. All that was seen was the formal wear. She walked to the front. She really couldn't believe she was here. Did it take something like this to make her realize...

Alex thoughts were broken by a sound behind her. She turned around to see a young guy.

"I Didn't mean to bother you miss." The guy said.

"No you didn't bother me I was just...thinking." She said turning back.

"Sometimes that helps." The younger guy said walking to the side of Alex. "Do you want to talk about it, what ever is bothering you, sometimes that helps too."

Alex looked at him and smiled. "Don't you have your own problems, you wouldn't be here if you Didn't." She regretted those words as soon as she said them. She Didn't mean to sound so rude. "I didn't mean to sound rude I..."

"No its fine, My problems aren't as bad as yours."

"How would you know."

"I can tell by the look in your eyes, your aura, your bruises." He said facing Alex. "You cant keep running away from it, you have to talk that's the only way you can break free from him."

Alex looked away. How can he... His words hit her, to close to home. Its like he knows. Its like he could read her. She didn't like it, she didn't want to be seen as vulnerable.

Alex turned around to face the young man, but he was no longer there...

She felt tears forming in her eyes. She looked up at the statue above her. The statue of Christ. Maybe it was time to confess. Confess her darkest secret of all...

She wiped away the tears from her eyes.

"Maybe next time." She whispered before walking away...

Life is a mystery, Everyone must stand alone

The next day Alex found herself standing in a familiar spot yet again.

"Here yet again." Came a familiar voice behind her.

"Its like im drawn to this place." Alex said looking behind her.

"You know you should really talk to me about what you are going threw." The young man said sitting on the bench.

"I barely know you."

"I know you, that's all that matters."

Alex looked at him, how could he...

"Da Vinci." He simply said getting up.

She was confused. Who was he, how...why was everything so...

"When ever you want to talk you know where to find me, you need to, you need my help."

"I can take care of myself." Alex said as the young man walked away...

That night Alex sat in front of Olivia's tv, flipping threw stations.

"Talk to me Alex." Olivia said as she sat beside Alex.

"There's nothing to talk about." Alex said as she took a sip of her drink.

"The trial is coming soon–."

"Don't you think I know that. Why cant yall just leave me alone, I have everything under control." Alex said rudely.

Olivia looked at her. She could see the pain, the fear...

"Alex you do know its ok to let your guard down for just a little, its ok to-."

"Cry." Alex finished Olivia sentence. She looked at Olivia on the verge of tears. "Liv Im tired of feeling like this. Tired of always...Im just, just really afraid." Alex said.

Olivia embraced Alex into a hug. "Its going to be ok Alex." She says while putting a comforting arm around Alex.

End Chapter:


Day of silence

Blacksburg, VA

He can never take away the memories we had of you all...