A/N: After a lengthy hiatus, I was inspired to start writing again. Without giving anything away, I'll say right now that my favorite Degrassi couple is Sean/Emma. Think what you will of that. :D I hope you like this new story, I may be a little rusty.

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"Emma? Emma, are you even listening to me? You need to talk about what's bothering you, its part of your treatment."

The slight blond girl tore her eyes away from the window she'd been staring out and sent a flitting glance towards her counselor. "Ms. Sauve, my treatment dictates I have to come to this session, not that I have to talk about anything. Besides, I'm eating – I'm cured!" And the things I have on my mind right now couldn't be further from calories and fat grams..

Ms. Sauve sent Emma a stern look "Now you know that you can't be cured just like that. The healing process is long and difficult – that's why you've had to attend these sessions, since you got home from the clinic. Part of the recovery process is figuring out what caused you to stop eating in the first place. You've been making such progress Emma; what's happened? Is it a problem with Peter?"

Emma felt an immediate pang of guilt at the mention of her current boyfriend. She looked away and hesitated "… no, no Peter is great… he… he's done so much for me since this all happened. I haven't been much of a girlfriend to him, though."

"Does that bother you?"

Emma rolled her eyes and sighed at Sauve's thinly veiled attempt at getting her to open up, and then found herself opening up anyway. "No. I mean Yes. I mean – its just that.. there are…. rumors… going around school. About, about someone. Someone from my past. Coming back. And, I'm not sure how they make me feel."

Ms. Sauve tilted her head imperceptibly "Does this someone have a name?"

Emma looked at her shoes and fiddled with the silver bracelet around her wrist; a gift from her parents during her time at the clinic; as she mumbled "itsoncamera".


"SEAN CAMERON!" she repeated sharply.

Ms. Sauve leaned back in her chair and nodded knowingly "Ahhh. I see. Well, perhaps I shouldn't be telling you this, but, yes. Sean has re-enrolled at Degrassi. Today is his first day back."

Emma's eyes went wide and there was a sharp intake of breath. She tried to regain her composure. "Oh."

"How does that make you feel?"

Emma stood up abruptly "My time's up. See you next week." She grabbed her bag off the back of the chair she'd been sitting in and left the room.