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Circular Reality
Chapter 1 Bloodlust

The world has long ago fallen into war. A war that has lasted over a century and is now even more ferocious than the first few years of manslaughter. A war overflowing with danger and enmity. A war that is bound to destroy the world…

Fuji Syuusuke walked through the east end of the camp. "This camp is way too big. Now where was the command tent?" he muttered to himself as he walked along, eyes forward (and open) and head held high. All around him, the sounds of men at war echoed across the valley, most likely reaching the ears of the many different beasts watching and waiting in the mountains. These beasts could and would include the vampires and the werewolves, but most likely werewolves, since vampires tended to take a more human approach and didn't like to sleep in the wilderness. It was winter and fires were being built against the cold, men shivering in their many layers of clothing and edging closer to said fires. Fuji walked calmly amidst this, either completely oblivious or straight-out ignoring the catcalls and stares that he received, many thinking he was a she and the rest... well yeah. Finally, he had had enough. He looked around at all of the men staring out at him and bared his teeth at them, his eyes filling with bloodlust. Said men looked away quickly, pretending to do something else, out of fright. If it wasn't around midnight, the time he usually fed, or if he had had some "food" on the way here, he would have felt sorry for these men. They were in a war that was way above their heads. He doubted that most would be around for much longer. This made him stop baring his teeth and move on some more, quickly and quietly. In fact, he barely made any noise as he walked through the snow. Being a vampire certainly had its perks.

When he finally reached the command tent, he sighed in relief. It wouldn't be much longer until he could leave. And find some food. Mostly that, since he was starving. He silently vowed that he would never again travel through the wilderness after this. Although he would probably break this vow later on, it gave him some reassurance. He wanted to be home with his younger brother and older sister and he wanted to see his parents' graves once more. He wanted to see the landlady that always gave him a discount on their home. He wanted to sleep in his own bed in his own sheets and in his own room. He took a deep breath before realizing that he had stopped several paces from the tent from his own distraction. He growled softly and moved forward.

He was one pace from the tent flap when an arm was thrust forward, stopping him in his tracks, the arm only a few centimeters from his stomach. A man chuckled close to his ear. "The reflexes of your kind are amazing. You are amazing," was whispered in his ear. He turned his head quickly, facing said man. He wasn't very tall, certainly not taller than Fuji, and had black hair that shined a blue-ish/green color in the dim light. And golden eyes. And black clothes. Fuji stared in approval. He had always liked the color black and it seemed to suit the man perfectly. Said man had a straight-forward, handsome face and Fuji took a few seconds to get lost in his eyes. Then he tore his eyes from the man's and scowled, a silent question asked, before stepping forward. However, said man's arm did not move and all he succeeded in doing was running into it. Fuji looked at him again, the silent question even more pronounced. The man looked back at him blandly and he stood there patiently for a few seconds before finally bursting out with a calm, "What do you want?"

The man smiled, that was obviously what he had been waiting for, before speaking, "In this camp… there is a certain thing we need for permission to see the leader. This… certain thing happens to be a letter of consent, a decree if you will. I don't suppose you have it?" Fuji snorted. How proper the man sounded, not that that was a bad thing. He roughly put out his arm and took something from within his overly-long sleeves and showed it to the man. It was a letter sealed with a dark red/near black seal.

The seal had a dragon encircling a sword, the infamous seal of the human army. No one really knew why the humans had a dragon as their seal, but Fuji had a feeling that it had something to do with the fact that many of the humans he had met had all thought that dragons were a myth, a legend, and had always marveled at their strength. Fuji had snorted at the whole concept. Dragons weren't myths or legends, they were real. He had seen some, high up in the sky, during one of his daily… flies.

Fuji was a special type of vampire. He had wings. They were just as humans imagined angel's as, only black. He sometimes let them loose to feel the soft and feathery-ness of them. In short, he loved his wings. They gave him more freedom than anyone could ever imagine. They were a gift, although many in his race called them a curse. Of course, he also had to consider that he was one of the last winged vampires. It was rumored that long, long ago the other vampires had gotten jealous of the flying vampires, whose wings consisted of whatever color had been their favorite when they were children, and had killed them in cold blood. Only a few escaped. However, this was a legend, or perhaps it was like the humans with the dragons. Maybe it had really happened. No one knew.

Anyway, on one of Fuji's daily flies he had flown up higher than he ever had before. He had twirled around, alone, since his brother did not wish to go up that day, or any day, and went still higher. There, at an even higher altitude, he saw a floating mountain. This mountain held myriad caves and outside he saw flying creatures. They were of all different colors; he saw a few red, 2 or 3 green, 7 yellow, and a single black one. They were beautiful in all their glory. They looked to be playing, so he could only assume that they were children or immature adults. Whichever they were, he was content to lay back and watch them… literally. He had recently found a way to stay up in the air, lying down. His wings would have to flap in a different way, of course, but that was all part of the experience. He had laid there for a whole hour, or perhaps more, before he heard his brother calling for him through their mind-link all those miles below. He had then sighed in frustration and flown down to meet him.

But back to the present, he held out the seal to the man who nodded his head and moved his arm. Fuji passed him haughtily and went in. There were only a few things in this tent, so he could assume that it was not the sleeping quarters for the leader. He filed this in his thoughts for future reference. He would probably need to know this later on. There were a few plants around, a nice rug, an ornately-decorated desk, and a black leather chair that was facing the opposite direction. This was obviously something akin to an office. He shrugged and moved forward to the desk and the seats in front of it, stopping at a respectful distance. He knew who sat in the chair, but held no fear for the all-mighty leader of the human army, Tezuka Kunimitsu. He was also known as the "Black Dragon" of the human army, although Fuji didn't know why such a name would be given to a leader. It probably had something to do with the myth about dragons and how they were legendary for their strength, beauty, and gracefulness. And perhaps over-protectiveness. You can never really tell with the dark and silent types. Fuji sighed softly and coughed once, getting the attention of said leader. The chair swiveled slowly to face him. Needless to say, Fuji did not expect the leader to be so…

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