This is a poem based on the character of Elphaba and how she feels "being green" so to speak. It's based more before she turned "evil"... in her early teenage years. Please read and review! Thanks!

I'm Not Okay

You see me... They all see me...
I'm smeared with the blood of failure.
I'm impure. I'm broken. But isn't this how you want me?
You try to help me, but only frivolously.
I can see into your eyes. The windows of your soul.
Would you rather me pretend to be okay?
Would you rather me plaster a smile on my face… put up a façade… is that what you want?
Because, honestly, I'm not okay. I never was.
I never will be. My world is spinning. And it won't stop….
You can't make it stop. If you try, if I try…
we'll all fall off. Is that the risk you'll take?
End my life, push me off the cliff, just for some self-righteous garbage. What's more important… me?
Or the false happiness "helping" others gives to you?
I'm not okay.
I never was.
And I'm not important.
Not now.
Not ever.
I'm not worth the effort.
Being a mistake is hard to take.
Knowing that you can't fix it...


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