Mercenaries: Death Dealer


North America

A copter slowly flew over a small swamp somewhere in North America.A new mercenary named Cody was on that plane.

He worked for ex-ops.
The copter had been shot down by an RPG!
Cody jumped out of the copter and grabbed a tree branch.
Fiona: …a…e …u ?
Cody: what?
Fiona: you… Brea… thres a jam…
Cody: a jammer Fiona: ye…
Cody let go off the branch and land on the ground a little acwardly.
Cody stood up and raised his hands.
? Wait it's you!
The copter pilot stepped out of the brush.
Pilot: lets get out of here!
The pilot handed Cody a pistol Cody: hey when you where flying did you see a jammer when you where flying?
Pilot: no…
The pilot fell down with a hole where his right eye should be!
Cody grabbed his carbine and ran into the brush.