Mercenaries death dealer Chapter 3 Captured Cody was blindfolded and his hand was tied up.
He felt himself being thrown in a car and being drivin off somewhere.
3 HOURS LATER : get up.
Cody: where am I?
: shut up!
Cody felt a sharp knife at his thumb.
: tell me who you are and if I don't like you're answer I will chop off you're fingers one by one.
Cody: my name is…Cody Matthers.
: what are you doing here?
Cody: I was going to get a briefing but my plane was shot down.
: who sent you?
Cody: …ex-…ops : Steve get over here!
Steve: yes sir?
Sir: I'm gonna tell you're boss this info. You guard him.
Steve: yes sir.
A while later he heard a snap.
:come on im getting you out of here.
Cody: who are you?
: Chris Jacobs.
Cody: hey you work for ex-ops!
Chris: used to.
Cody: what?
Chris: I quit. Im now a freelance merc.
Cody: then why are you rescuing me?
Chris: ex-ops is paying me to go with you it's a contract.
Chris cut's the ropes around Cody's hands and takes the blindfold off off him.
Chris: lets go.