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-----------Killing The Sand Man's Flowers--------------

Sakura was your average medic nin. Well, average as a girl with pink hair could be. Her room was filled with electronics and bathed in pink. It was strangely depressing instead of happy.

She had been Tsunade's apprentice for a year or so. It seemed now that Tsunade should be her apprentice. It wasn't that Sakura was better at her. It was just she found a different method of doing things that was more successful.

Sakura sighed softly brushing her pink hair out of her face and pulling on a pair of soft blue cargo pants. They jangled softly with chains that were thin and light weight. Next she threw over her head a form fitting black shirt. It had the symbol for loyalty of the back. Most perfect. It was followed by a pair of sandals.

'Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I have to act like one' She clenched her fist still glaring at her curves. Perhaps that was why she was weaker than the rest of her team. Tossing her long hair over her shoulder she walked out of the room. Her hips swaying to the tune of 'Die Romeo' that blasted through her eardrums through wrap around head pair of headphones.

She'd been walking for awhile now. Just to clear her head. Some things were beginging to wear on her nerves. Though she talked constantly she never talked about anything important.

'Who am I really?'

Somewhere in the back of her head she could feel cool hands pressing to her temples. And a woman's soft sigh. She was rocked back to sleep from her nightmares.

A male chuckled softly in the light of a fireplace "she's beautiful" He had said patting her on the head. She was barely conscious by now.

"Yes, she is" The woman responded starring down at her.

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Sakura stopped noticing she had been running. Unconsciously her chakra reached out searching to see if anyone else was about the wooded path she'd been running.

The girl didn't seem to notice anything besides what was screaming through her ears. She fell, falling on her face. Something had tripped her.

'Just what I needed to make me feel better. A mouthful of dirt'

She stood looking to see what she'd tripped over, a branch?

Looking closer she crouched finding blood spatters around.

'blood means death.. I don't do death' She smiled bitterly at her thought. And yet somehow she'd managed to call herself a medic nin. And even more so. The best medic nin in Konoha.

She pushed back a few large leaves. Something snapped at her angrily. Sakura emitted a large scream and fell backward onto her butt.

Now she giggled softly looking at the small, but large for a fox curled up pathetically starring at her. Its fur was matted by blood.

"You scared me" The pink haired kunoichi reached slowly for it. The growls turned feral and its eyes slowly pulled, two narrowed green eyes glared at her defiantly.

"I won't hurt you" Sakura cooed reaching again for it. It snapped at her. But its teeth never touched her. Nor did it claw at her as she brought it to her chest gently stroking its fur. "Your hurt" she whispered nuzzling her face in between her ears. It never occurred to her the creature was so close to the main artery in her neck and could have latched down killing her at any moment it wished.

'This girl seems amusing. I think I'll waste just a bit of time with her. Not like anyone will be missing me home'

The fox stared up at her calculatingly. Its eyes soaking up all the details in her. Her skin was pale and soft. Her hands warm and each motion she made with them decisive and perfect. The hands of a medic.

Sakura stared back at the fox and tilted her head cutely. "I'm going to be late for work" she said giving it a scratch behind the ears. "you know your kinda big for a fox" she said laughing softly.

If she set him down he would have come just below her upper thigh. Rather large for a fox. His eyes were ringed by thick exotic bands of black.

Slowly the fox's muzzled twisted into a warning snarl as if to say 'I'm not your pet'

"Don't worry. I'll take care of you" she said starring at him through her curious bright green eyes. They glimmered at the small fox warily. "Don't bite me." She said noticing the snarl.

Sakura pumped chakra into he feet making it to her apartment in record time and pounding up the stairs. She didn't bother to open the door. Instead leaping up into the open window above the door. Her back collided with the carpet. With the fox clenched carefully in her arms.

'Are you always this clutzy?' The fox clawed at her to get away. Reluctantly she let him go.

Her eyes glimmered softly at the fox's retreating form as it checked out her small apartment. Finally it returned to her side and sat. Wrapping its tail around itself.

'Acceptable but a bit feminine, we can change that' The fox licked its nose staring at her blankly.

"Right, I should make a list of what I need to get for you." She stood grabbing a pen and paper and began to scribble out words with long graceful strokes.

"Lets see… That's… Dog food, Dog bed, flea powder, bandages… wait I have those" she scribbled bandages off the list with a soft sigh.

'Like hell I'm sleeping in a doggy bed!' The fox looked at her giving up on her intelligence. She had no idea what he had in store for her, he gave a small wolfish grin in her direction.

"I need to go… Boy?" She clearly didn't know what gender the fox before her was and it wasn't her place to check.

'Your not leaving me' He thought snappishly letting out a low growl at her.

Sakura warily eyed him. "Do you want to go?" She asked starring down at the wild animal at her feet.

It let out what sounded like a more agreeable growl. Almost like a purr she noted silently.

"You need a leash" as soon as she'd said that the fox had lunged at her. Its canine teeth latched firmly down on her hand.

It wasn't painful. But it was enough to get the point across that she was to follow its order. Fear was evident in her eyes. Then a fierce burning.

"Let go" she hissed stepping on its tail.

The fox turned and dove for her leg.

"Sakura you got a pet" Naruto said barging in the place upon hearing the growls of the fox and the whimpers of Sakura.

The fox took her distraction and seized her neck. Latching down. Its form curled comfortably on her chest, its teeth never leaving her throat.

'This isn't so bad… I think perhaps I could get through to this one'

Sakura could feel her chest rising against the resistance of its weight to keep her in place.

"Get off!" she howled. Twisting her head from side to side.

The fox could taste the droplets of her blood gathering upon its curved fangs. Gently it lapped at her skin. He didn't want her hurt. But she was just another human girl. She couldn't understand and he needed her to. Or he'd be stuck like this.

Naruto didn't seem to notice her distress. He gave the fox a pat on the head. "Sakura is always alone now you can keep her company!" he said rather cheerfully.

'Your annoying. I should have disposed of you while I could' The fox gently removed itself from the small girl. It dove at Naruto's hand that was on its head and drove its teeth in as far as it could. Silently it let out a victorious cackle. He knew the petal haired girl wouldn't allow Naruto to cause any harm to a 'helpless' animal.

After fighting a bit longer with the satanic red spawn for a few more moments Naruto was set free.

The fox's eyes told a story of hatred as it gazed at him.

"Damn my good conscious" she hissed down at the fox that was starring innocently as it could up at her.

Naruto quickly departed for the hospital. To see what they could do with his badly damaged hand. Never did it occur to the dobe Sakura could have healed it with a simple motion.

'Teach him to come around here' The fox's muzzle curved into another wolfish grin. It had been a good day for him.

Sakura trembled at the fox's actions. "Your vicious and should be kept away from humans" she hissed stepping away from it. The fox made not motion to act as though it had acknowledged her words.

Slowly it worked its way over to her side. Sitting at her side was pleasant. She wasn't annoying, as she'd seemed when she sparred with the others on her team. Or when she'd been at the exams.

The fox stared up at her with its eyes misted. It demanded for her to not resist. To listen to the growls she couldn't understand. But she would. He'd make sure she listened.

'My name was Gaara … what shall you call me now?'

Sakura felt its tail wrap around her ankle possessively and giggled nervously. "I don't suppose I could call you fluffy?" A soft growl came in response. "Ebony?" Another soft growl reprimanding her taste in names. "Sasuke?" A viscious snarl tore through it, giving her a sharp look.

'I refuse to be named after that …THING!'

She dropped to her knees to look him in the eye. "I suppose that name is off limits huh boy?" It seemed she'd already forgotten about what had happened earlier.

He looked at her feeling a slight comforting feeling encompass him. Never had someone bothered to take care of him. Not even his own family. It would take some getting use to. That he already knew.

"I'll call you panda-chan!" she squealed not ignoring his reprimanding growl.