just something that came to me in the early hours of the morning

We were never ment to be

i was too blind to see

what you wanted me to be

what you wanted me for

some stupid fucking little whore

all i was, was some kind of game

its your fault i've gone insane

you used me

and abused me

and you expect me to just let you in

no more, i've thrown you in the bin

tossed you out just like trash

my heart no more will you smash

on my face is a smile

something that hasnt been seen for awhile

all i was, was your stupid whore

guess what? I just shut the door.

Hillary closed her diary shut with a snap wiping away a stray tear, she stood up her diary clasped in one arm tightly held to her chest, she swung her bag over her shoulder and on shaky legs slowly made her way to the schools double doors to go to her next class, history.

Even though HE was in that class she could deal she had plenty of friends who were in there and she was over HIM.

HE was just a pathetic guy who needed to use girls to feel masculine and she for one knew that he was seriously lacking and used girls to make up for it.

As she entered she spotted her pink haired best friend Mariah who waved at her enthusiatically Hillary smiled at her friends antics and slowly manovered her way down to the back of the class to her friend who had saved her a seat.

As she walked she could feel HIS gaze on her watching her every move, she knew that HE was just trying to get her attention and get her back she wasnt that stupid, she ignored HIM.

As soon as her bottom touched her seat she was jolted out of it in surprise, as her other best friend max had bounded over and clasped his hands onto her shoulders scaring her.

She glared at him while he smiled sweetly back feigning innocence it never ceased to amaze her how much max could get away with by flashing an innocent look, her glare soon turned into a smile as he took a seat next to her offering her a piece of chocolate.

As she sucked on the chocolaty goodness in her mouth she smiled realising that while things had been hell she had friends who loved her and that was all that mattered.

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