By Athena13
Rating: NC17 – adult language, adult themes, sexual situations
Summary: Dishing it out and taking it are two different things.


Her fingers dug into the bare skin of his back as she arched into him, pulling him deeper inside of her. She pulled and pressed, still he did not fill her. She felt his body begin to shake. She groaned mainly in frustration, but to him it sounded like fulfillment. He grunted into her ear and his quick thrusts slowed and lengthened. His groan filled the room as he filled the condom that sheathed him inside her. She panted and collapsed back onto the bed, hoping at least that the weight that pressed down on her would ground her.

"That's was so good." His warm breath was an irritant in her ear. The voice not a sexy, purr that curled her toes.

She made an indistinguishable sound that could be taken for agreement if he so chose to interpret it that way and gently wiggled herself out from under him. She grabbed tissues from the handy box at the bedside and pressed them into his hand.

"I have an early start tomorrow. I need to go."

"You sure?" he grasped her waist and gave her his approximation of a steamy look.

Robin started to lick her lips and then stopped. They tasted…wrong. "I'm sure. Sorry. I didn't realize how late it was." She continued to slither her way out of the bed and fumbled around in the dark for her clothes. She saw him reach for the light. "No. Don't." She bent over, suddenly guilt-stricken, and pressed a kiss to his cheek. "Let me remember you this way." She felt her face heat as the cheesy line tripped off her tongue. It reminded her of someone. The very someone she was here tonight trying to forget. "I mean, it's late. I don't want to…you should get some sleep yourself."

"It was fun. Hot. Let's do this again." He slid his fingers over her shoulder and pressed his lips against hers.

"Definitely," she said, meaning never, and pulled on the rest of her clothes, grabbed her shoes and closed the door behind her.