Hello Everyone,

Authors Note:To all my loyal supporters, reviewers, or even "one-story stands" (LOL!) THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for all your feedback and waiting. I'm SO incredibly sorry I haven't updated in FOREVER, but the summer has been extremely busy! Work has been a bit more time consuming then I anticipated (bastards), but good news is that I have been working on an update for all my stories!!! And I'm crossing my fingers that they are up by July 17th at the latest. The chapters will be long and hopefully good. So YAY me!!!! Again thank you so much for all the reviews and hits to my stories. I really appreciate and look forward to them always.  And I hope you like where my stories go. It's getting harder to come up with chapters since there is so much in my head I want to write, and it's a bit more complicated to get them out of my head! Haha! I would still really LUV it if you guys would PLEASE tell me where you would like my stories to go (anyone of them: For Love or Cause, Hell Hath No Fury and A Life Lost ). Well I think that's about it thanx for all the Patience and LOYALTY!!!!


(aka: Christina)