Eve opened the door to her apartment and threw herself on the bed. She hated working at Kelly's. The rude customers, the constant smell of oil, the long hours, if she could quit she would. She didn't particularly like living above Kelly's either. You could easily hear the noise from down stairs through the floor and the smell of the oil carried up through the vents. She let out a groin and changed into her pajamas.

She was about to get into her bed when she heard some commotion downstairs. Kelly's had just closed; she had just closed it herself, who could be down there. She rolled her eyes, why was she so paranoid, it was probably just one of her neighbors going out. Just to be safe she made sure her gun was under her bed then she climbed onto her mattress and tried to fall asleep. It was already 11:45 and she needed to be up at 5, she groaned again, what a life.

The rattling of the doorknob woke her up. "Who could that be at", she looked at the clock, "11:53 at night?" She got out of bed and lazily walked over to the door. She heard some loud breathing, almost like panting, coming from the other side of the door so she went back to the bed to get her gun. It was too dark out to see through the peephole so she put the chain lock on the door and opened it up half way. "Eve", a loud gasp for air, whoever it was, was in pain, "please I need your help!" Eve opened the door and the man stumbled through. "Oh my gosh, John are you ok?" She lifted him up and put him on the bed. There was blood everywhere. "What the hell happened to you!" "I, I was over by the docks, they shot me, this was the only place I could think of to go!" "Who's they!" Eve said as she went to her bathroom to get some first aid. "John, come on talk to me!" She rushed back over to the bed, first aid kit in hand. "Stay with me John!" she looked at the wound, there was no way a first aid kit could take care of that "We need to get you to the hospital John, come on" She lifted him up and brought him over to the door "Eve, please, I know" he coughed up some blood "I know I'm not gonna make it, just do we one last favor" "John you're strong you've survived worse, you'll get thro-" he cut her short. "Eve, they're back, you have to, you have to find them and bring them to justice." "I don't even know who these people are! Who's back?" "Go to headquarters" he coughed some more "they'll give you information there. Bring them down, Eve, just like old times" "Yeah" she sighed "just like old times" John took his last breath and died. Eve walked down the stairs, still carrying John in her arms. Tears were now rolling down her eyes. Everything had happened so fast, she never even got the chance to say goodbye. "I'm gonna find those bastards, John, and I'm gonna make them pay."

Eve barged into the World Security Bureau Headquarters. She was covered in blood and pissed off. "Eve is that you?" A familiar Australian voice said from behind her "Hello Robert" she responded "What in the world happened to you?" he said as he looked at her, still in her blood soaked pajamas. "You want to know what happened to me! Well Agent Mitchell comes stumbling through my door, blood everywhere because of his bullet wound, then he dies in my arms telling me I need to find the people that did this by dragging myself back into this hellhole!" she yelled. A look of sorrow overtook Robert's face "John is dead?" he asked, shocked. "Yes" she took a deep breath, finally calming down "he's dead"

They walked into an office and sat down. "Did you get a promotion, I see you have your own office" Eve asked "Actually" he began but was cut off when someone walked into the office "Hello Robert" Anna said with a smile "I see you've made yourself at home in my office again?" "Actually I was just, uh" She interrupted him "Eve! What a surprise to see you, oh, my, what happened to you?" Anna said noticing the blood. "John's dead" Robert interrupted "John as in Agent Mitchell, John?" Anna asked with a mix of shock and sadness. "Yes that John" Robert answered. Anna motioned Robert to get out of her chair. He didn't listen. "Come on, get out of MY chair" Robert got out of the chair rolling his eyes. "So I suppose that's why you're here" Anna said to Eve, as she sat down. "Yes, John asked me to find them, the people that killed him. Do you have any idea who these people are?" Anna took a deep breathe "Lorenzo has allegedly resurfaced" Eve's eyes opened wide "But I thought, why, why after all these years would he come back?" "We're not sure, but John's murder definitely strengthens my suspicions. I know what Lorenzo did to you, but you and John were the only agents that were able to get close to bringing him down" Anna took another deep breath but Eve interrupted her "No, I know what you're going to ask and the answer is no! I'm not getting back into this profession, there's a reason why I left" "I know that Eve, but if Lorenzo is out there he's free to do what he did again" "You have plenty of Agents here, use them to take care of your problems" Eve got out of her chair and headed for the door. "Wait!" Anna called out "We may have other agents, but none of them are as good as you" Eve turned around "Please Eve just let me talk" "I'm listening" Eve responded. "When John was killed, he wasn't investigating Lorenzo, he was off duty. If Lorenzo went after John for revenge, that means he could be going after you next" Eve went back to the desk, she couldn't believe what she was about to do. "Just this assignment, don't expect me to do anymore" "The thought never crossed my mind" Anna replied. "So where's the file?" Eve asked "Right here" Anna reached in her desk and brought the file out "And my badge?" "It's already inside" "you were really banking on me taking this case weren't you?" "You were the only one we thought of to ask" Anna smiled. "Ok enough of this" Robert interrupted "come with me Eve, there's someone you should meet" Eve looked at him puzzled "He's going to be your new partner"

Eve and Robert walked down the hallway. "I see nothing has changed here since I was here last" Eve said "Well it's felt a whole lot emptier" Robert replied with a smile "Uh huh" Eve said while rolling her eyes. "Don't you think I should change first, I mean I'm still covered in his blood" "Don't worry about it, I'll send someone down with some new clothes. By the way, where is John?" "I dropped him off at the hospital, I didn't have time to give any details about what had happened" "He's going to be missed" Robert's tone became very solemn and they didn't talk until they reached the meeting room. Robert opened the door and cleared his throat so the man in the chair turned around. "Took you long enough, so where's my new partner?" he stood up, he was about six feet tall, green eyes, black hair, and incredibly handsome. "Who's this?" he asked "I thought you said you were giving me a good partner?" "She is a good partner, the best actually" Robert replied. He was elbowing Eve so she'd lift her hand up to shake her new partner's hand. "Well, I've never seen her around here" the man said "That's because she quit, but she agreed to come back to help us, and you, on the new case" Robert said "Eve meet Agent Jacob Vaughn. And Jacob meet Eve Benson" They shook hands "Benson, as in Carly Benson?" Jacob asked "The one and only" Eve replied with a smile "Well that must have been an interesting mother to grow up with" Jacob said. "Actually no, but I'm sure you'd rather not hear about it. Let's get down to business" Eve sat down and opened the file "Straight to the point, I like that in a girl" Jacob said as he sat down next to her. Eve just rolled her eyes "I don't get involved with co-workers, so don't even think about it" "I'll just leave you two alone" Robert said and walked out of the room.

Lorenzo Alcazar stood at the edge of the docks. Hands behind his back, he was standing proud. Detective Rodriguez walked onto the docks and approached Lorenzo. "Well everything's taken care off" He began "As far as the police know John was killed by some muggers, and no one knows you're back in town." "Good, I want to keep it that way" Lorenzo said "Why are you back anyway? I thought Agents Benson and Mitchell ran you out of town years ago?" "I had some unfinished business to attend too." He said as he looked out into the ocean, the sun was just rising and his plan was just beginning.

To Be Continued…