Mages and Knights

Summery: AU Takuya is the son of a poor farmer and on one day discovers he is an Elemental. Powerful people are out to get him so he travels to a School were he meets a lot of interesting people. And maybe fall in love with one of the strangest. Kouji/Takuya

Warnings: Digimon crossover, Cursing, Yoai, T rating for later chapters

Chapter name: The First Born Son

Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon

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"Takuya get your lazy arse out of bed right this very minute!"

Takuya's eyes shot open and he jerked out of bed. Of course, when he pulled the quilt of his bed, his foot got tangled causing him to fall head first out of bed. What a nice way to get up in the morning, thought Takuya grumpily as he rubbed the bump on his head.

Takuya kicked the covers off his and gingerly got up, looking around his room. The room was small with only a bed, wardrobe, and a mirror inside. It was small but Takuya liked small places were he could pass time with no one to disturb him. Takuya sighed and started to get ready for another day of farming. The Kanabara's were a poor family who made a living by farming all kinds of…food. They didn't have enough money to hire workers so Takuya and his father did all the farming except on Fire Lord's day or Thursday.

Takuya walked to the wardrobe and opened it, inside was a pathetically small amount of clothes, most of them worn and patched. Takuya sighed and pulled out a pair of brown pants and a white shirt. The pants were a bit long so Takuya had to roll the ends of the pants and put on a rope that acted as a belt. Takuya was skinny and, somewhat, short for his age. The shirt had many patches from where hard work had made it worn and torn. It clung to Takuya's body because it was too small. Takuya looked under the bed for his socks. Takuya throws his clothes all over the place at the end of each day so they end up who knows where and later has to find them.

Takuya shot a look at the square mirror to check how he looked. Chocolate-colored eyes stared sleepily back at him, blinking in the light. He sighed again and shook his chin-length brown hair. He had a rather girlish figure but he resented that.

He walked out of his room and glared daggers at the door next to his room. That was his little brother Shinya's room. It annoyed Takuya that Shinya was allowed to sleep in because he was the youngest child and, in Takuya's opinion, was spoiled rotten because of it.

Takuya stopped when at the end of the hallway before the kitchen, he spotted the altar. The altar was a clean hardwood table with a silver plate levitating in the air above it. The silver plate had the symbols of the ten Gods around the edges and in the middle was the symbol of the Fire Lord, Aguni. The plate was levitating because of a spell that it needed to be recast every Fire Lord's Day that cost a bit of money, not mush but enough to be noticeable in their funds. Every town and village respects the ten Gods equally but each city or village worships one main God and Izumai's main God was Aguni.

Ever since Takuya was a little kid Aguni has been his overall favorite God. Before his grandfather passed away he use to tell Takuya many stories about Aguni. About how Aguni brought the sun, how Aguni fought for the right to be named Fire Lord and, Takuya's favorite, how Aguni and his rival, Lobo the Lord of Light, made a truce to rid the world of daemons and locked them away…somewhere Takuya forgets. Takuya bowed his head and recited the prayer he said every morning when he remembered:

Lord of Fire hear my voice

May your flame shield my say

Help me make the wise choice

As I go about my day

Takuya stared at the symbol for a while more then grimaced as he heard his mother's voice.

"Takuya your father is already out in the fields. Hurry Up!"

Takuya dragged his feet toward the kitchen and sat down at the table. His mother looked up from the stove and said, "About time, I thought you died from laziness."

Yuriko put a plate with the simple meal of cheese and bread in front of Takuya. He started reluctantly eating it knowing that when he finished his mother would shoo him into the fields. His mother was a nice person but is known to be very strict on some things. Yuriko grabbed a broom and started sweeping the floor like she had some grudge with the floorboards. Takuya knew that his mother never really liked Izumai and asked Takuya's father, Hiroaki, to move several times but for some reason some law or something stopped them from moving. Takuya thought it was suspicious, how an official would take such measures to stop a poor family like this to move. But Yuriko stopped asking after the sixth time.

"Why do I have to go?" Takuya whined as he stuffed cheese into his mouth. "Shinya gets to sleep in! It's not fair!"

"Well, life's not fair and we talked about this. You're the first born so you have an obligation to help out," Yuriko said with exasperated face. She picked up the now empty plate and put on the counter. "And by the way I have errands for you to run in town so don't go disappearing after hours."

"Why can't Shinya do it?" Takuya complained as his mother pushed him out the kitchen door.

"Takuya don't make me threaten you young man." There was a warning in her tone that promised a painful death if disobeyed.

Takuya gave up; there was no fighting when his mother had that tone of voice. "Alright I'll do that stupid chore for you," he grumbled as he put on his shoes.

"Good. Now hurry up. Don't keep your father waiting," Yuriko said with a smile. Wow she went from scary to nice in less than five seconds. Takuya wondered if he was this moody. Nah, Takuya shook his head, Mimi always said he was way too cheerful for his own good then he started walking towards the field.

Takuya thanked the Gods that his father let him go. He had been plowing and seeding ever since daybreak without a pause. It was total child abuse Takuya was sure of it but his parents needed the help. Every bone and joint in his body hurt like hell. His father had worked him extra hard today because tomorrow was the Fire Lord's Day so all of today's work and tomorrows needed to be done. I hate the day before Thursday, thought Takuya venomously.

He walked sluggishly towards the house planning to fall asleep for the next week. He made it halfway to his room when his mother called, "Takuya you're finished already? Good, I need you to go to the village."

Takuya groaned as he remembered his promise to his mother and slowly walked toward the kitchen were his mother was still doing stuff. She practically lives in the kitchen thought Takuya. Damn ruddy labor, Takuya rubbed his shoulders as he entered the kitchen.

"Ma, let Shinya do it. I am as tired as hell!" Takuya exclaimed trying to wiggle out of this without breaking his promise.

"Watch your language. Takuya I need you to do this for me. You know Shinya; he'll get distracted at the slightest thing. I need three red candles and all the stores will be closed tomorrow." Then she gave Takuya a wounded face.

"No fair you know I can't resist that face!" Takuya said. It wasn't fair Takuya did all the work and Shinya played all day. And there was also the matter of Takuya's abnormality…

He sighed, "I'll do it." Yuriko smiled and handed Takuya a pouch. Takuya opened it and found three copper coins, barely enough to buy the candles.

"Thanks, hon, be back before dark and watch your temper," she gave him a stern glance. "I don't want another scene from you like the last time."

Takuya scowled darkly. "It's not my fault! It's that stupid Junpei's fault," he hissed. "He decided to insult my family and, worse, Aguni!" He hated Junpei to death. He was the son of the richest family in Izumai and many people feared his family. Junpei liked to take advantage of this and bullied many of the children of Izumai, especially Takuya. Just because he was short for his age didn't mean he let himself be picked on.

"I don't care whose fault it is, you were part of it so part of the fault was yours," Yuriko said sternly. Takuya started walking towards the door and started put on his shoes again. They were old but sturdy.

"Yeah, yeah," Takuya said distractedly as he tied his shoes.

"Don't you 'yeah yeah' mister. Now run along," Yuriko said and Takuya walked out the door, the pouch tied to his belt. "And watch your temper!" she yelled at his retreating back.

Takuya laughed as he shook his head. He loved his mother. The summer sun was setting but still glared down on Takuya. He shrugged; his skin was a natural tan so it worse it could go was annoy him. The main square was deep in the middle of Izumai. Izumai was a small village near the Eternal Star Forest, a semi-big forest full of flora and trees. Takuya's house was a good half-mile from the main village but was close enough to be considered a part of it.

Takuya thought about his mother's warning not to lose his temper. He frowned; it really didn't make any sense. Sure, he had a big temper but that didn't explain why his eyes glowed red and he felt a strong buzz of energy inside him. When that happened the air around him turned hot and sometimes, windows near by exploded or melted. He was known around Izumai for that. Most grumbling people say it was magic and that he is a Mage but he was checked by a Mage around four, when it first happened. The Mage had found not an ounce of magic in his body so that couldn't be it. Takuya just called it his temper flash and the people reluctantly let it go.

That was what happened last time he went into town. Junpei appeared and Takuya's temper broke. He managed to give Junpei a black eye and the house next to him caught fire. His hand had some managed to produce a small fireball. The fireball had hovered above the palm of his hand and a gust of wind made it flare so that the house next to it caught fire. Luckily the house was saved with just a few burns here and there. Takuya had no control over the energy that filled his body causing a temper flash to flare. It scared him. Takuya could have put the whole village on fire and most of the kids his age were scared of him. He only had one true friend here, the village he had lived in his whole life, and that was Mimi.

Takuya suddenly felt his mood lift. Mimi Tachikawa, the town gossip and boy-magnet. She was the person who Takuya could talk to and confide in. Mimi was a loyal friend and always reminded Takuya of the bright side. She wasn't scared of Takuya's temper flashes like the other kids and hung around him even though she was sixteen and Takuya was only fourteen. Takuya was hoping to find her once he got into town.

Takuya started whistling as he walked down the worn-down path, the coin clinking happily in the pouch. Takuya really hoped he wouldn't find Junpei. Stupid fat kid, stupid old, rich family of his spoiling him rotten, stupid temper flashes. Why couldn't he be normal like other kids then he could have more friends. Takuya shook his head angrily. Wallowing in self pity would do nothing and I don't need any more friends thought Takuya, I have Mimi, the best friend a guy could ask for. Even though most guys would prefer to be her boyfriend rather than just a friend. He had never been romantically attracted to Mimi to any other person for that matter but it never really mattered to Takuya.

The sky was streaked with colors. The clouds had turned a soft pink color from the sun's dying rays and the ground was covered with the shadows of solitary trees, steadily growing taller. Takuya smiled softly. This was his favorite time of day. He loved to watch the sun go down to rest before it rose again to illuminate the Earth. The villagers said his eyes glowed the same color as the sun so Takuya felt a sort of connection with it.

Then Takuya spotted the city and whopped with joy. Ignoring his aching body he ran into Izumai. He walked through the streets bouncing with every step, and a smile on his face. He waved at the villagers saw with only about a third of them waving back. The houses were small made out of stone and wood. His house was made out of stone not wood, three guesses why. There square was a big clearing in the middle with stores and tents filled with food or merchandise.

Wow, thought Takuya, there usually isn't this many people on a Wednesday afternoon. The place was jam-packed with people. They all seem to be moving towards the center of the square. Curiosity got the better off him and he tapped one of the villagers on the shoulder.

"What's going on?" Takuya asked the man. He just shrugged Takuya off and moved into the mob. Well that was rude, Takuya thought irritably. Well, maybe Mimi would know after all Mimi knew all the gossip in Izumai. Takuya started for the left side off the square toward a shop named 'Tachikawa Bakery', dogging people with ease because of his size.

Takuya was saved the trouble of looking for Mimi because she was standing at the front of the shop amid a group of giggling girls. She was in the middle talking about something waving her hands dramatically; the clatter of the market was too loud. Takuya waved over the heads of the girls trying to catch Mimi's attention. It was a while but when she spotted Takuya a grin split her face and she shoved complaining girls out of the way over to Takuya.

"Takuya, where have you been? I was worried sick, you moron," Mimi exclaimed as she enveloped Takuya into a hug.

Takuya laughed, "It's nice to see you again too." He hugged back and smiled at his best friend. Mimi broke the hug and ruffled Takuya's hair. She was gorgeous this Takuya knew with her strawberry pink hair and warm brown eyes that could make anyone melt with one look.

"I would have thought your parents would have kept you under lock and key for what happened," Mimi said.

Takuya made a face, "They did but mother needed candles and I was the only one able to get them but I can't stay long though, need to be back before dark or mother will kill me." Mimi laughed and thumped his back.

"Yeah, Well, I have nothing better to so I'll help you look for them candles." With that Mimi strode forward through the crowd. Takuya raced after her trying to keep her in sight. That was Mimi always the impatient one. He ran ducking under people's arms and jumping over legs. Sometimes his size was advantage. Some of the villagers shouted to Takuya to watch where he was going but he never ran into anybody so he ignored the cries. Takuya grinned as he caught up with her at the candle tent. The man who worked here was nice. He let Takuya hang out here sometimes when he was bored and in town but it looked like he wasn't here. Takuya would just put the money on the table, that's what everybody else did.

"Hah! Beat you to it, slowpoke," Mimi said triumphantly to Takuya. She slapped her hand on the table of the tent in victory.

"No fair! You gave no warning and you have longer legs," Takuya argued as he untied the pouch from his belt and opened it.

"You're just sore because you lost." Takuya shot her a mock angry glare and looked for three medium sized red candles.

"Hey you know why these so many people in the square today because it usually isn't this crowded, you know?" Takuya asked, remembering what he wanted to ask Mimi.

"Of course I know. I know everything," Mimi said smugly, flicking back her pink hair. "There's supposed to be some big shot Mage with his nephew in today. I heard the kid hot! With a capital H." She raised her eyebrow suggestively.

"What no names?" Takuya asked with amusement as he spotted two red candles, completely obvious to Mimi's last statement. "I thought you knew everything, Oh Powerful Mimi." He grabbed them and started looking for a third.

"Well, I now know Mage's name. It something like Tanvin or Tanklin can't remember." She leaned on the table. "We usually don't get many famous people around here. Wonder what their here for?"

"I don't know maybe they needed a vacation?" Takuya suggested.

Mimi snorted, "To this little place. Get real Takuya there's nothing interesting in this crummy village."

"Yeah well do you have any better ideas?" Takuya said as he finally spotted a third candle. He put the three copper coins on the table and tried to stuff the candles in the pouch. It wasn't working.

"No wish I did though," Mimi sighed and looked up at him. "You finished?"

"Yeah, hey do you want to-" Takuya started to answer but was interrupted by a mean voice behind them.

"Well look who decided to show his face again." Takuya froze and mentally groaned, cursing under his breath. He knew that voice. By the look on Mimi's disgusted face he was right on the money. He breathed in and, desperately hoping he was wrong, turned around.

It was Junpei in all his smirking glory.

Perfect just what I needed, thought Takuya irritably. Junpei was surrounded by his group of friends. Well, they were more like his blind followers. Takuya was sure that if Junpei asked them to fall of a cliff they would do it in a heartbeat. They were all big and blurry like Junpei complete opposites of Takuya.

"Well at least my face is presentable unlike your sorry excuse for a face," Takuya shot back. This was dangerous, taunting Junpei like this but Takuya was never the one to back down from a challenge especially when Junpei was the challenger.

"Shut up, weakling. Nobody cares about the opinion of a scrawny peasant like you especially not Aguni," Junpei growled. Junpei knew his weakness after years of rivalry, Takuya's role model was Aguni and to say otherwise was instant death.

"Shut your mouth! You have no right to say that, you don't even believe in Aguni," Takuya snapped angrily, his temper starting to rise.

Mimi quickly put a hand on Takuya's shoulder and whispered, "Takuya, clam down."

Takuya took deep breathes and tried to get is temper down. Mimi was right there was no need to cause a temper flash.

The villagers around them quickly moved out of the way clearly recognizing the beginning of a fight. Some had exasperated faces on; it was a regular occurrence to have a fight break out between the two boys. It was once in a while that a temper flash happens. Several ran for buckets of water, just in case. Takuya knew why people didn't try and stop Junpei; they simply feared his family since they were the most powerful family in Izumai.

"I may not believe in Aguni but I know no person of mild importance would even pay attention to such a poor urchin," Junpei smirked, clearly thinking he was winning the confrontation.

"Well, you seem to be paying enough attention to me when I gave you that black eye," Takuya said, forgetting his mother's warning in an instant.

"You got lucky that time, fire-boy," Junpei said angrily clearly embarrassed at have been beaten by a by a boy like Takuya.

"I seem to get lucky a lot then don't I?" Takuya grinned, knowing this would irritate the bully.

"Don't get so cocky, brat." There was a clear threat in those words, one that Takuya ignored.

"I don't care what you do you stupid spoiled fat kid," Takuya said in a challenging voice. Mimi groaned and stepped back trying to drag Takuya with her. Takuya shook her off and stepped forward in front of her. He didn't want Junpei to hurt his best friend but he wouldn't back down and look like a coward.

Junpei hissed angrily at the word 'fat'. Just like Junpei knew Takuya's weakness, Takuya knew Junpei's. He hated to be called fat even though he was rather robust.

"Take that back or so help me I'll break every bone in your worthless body," Junpei snarled stepping forward.

Takuya ignoring the threat said, "As if you obese piece of jerky!" No one tells me what to do, thought Takuya, except my mother. Takuya sighed, that sounded lame even in his own mind.

Junpei roared forward and jabbed Takuya by the front of his shirt, shoving Mimi backwards into the crowd. He then lifted Takuya off his feet, choking him by his collar. "You should know your place, street rat," Junpei spat in his face. Takuya stared defiantly and responded, "My place is over your dead body!" He quickly closed his eyes knowing it was the last straw for Junpei. He would be walking home with a huge bruise on his face he just knew it…..

Then a voice cut through the square, "I don't think you should do that." It was an unfamiliar voice to Takuya, cool and smooth as glass

"Oh yeah what are you going to do about it?" Takuya heard Junpei answer.


There was a loud high pitched shriek as Takuya was dropped hard on the ground. Takuya winced and rubbed his sore bottom, coughing as the dust settled. Then he looked at the scene in front of him. Junpei was on his knees, holding his stomach. His group of followers were quickly backing away with frightened faces. Most of the people around him had astonished faces on and Mimi looked absolutely god smacked, her eyes wider than he had ever seen them. Takuya looked up from his position on the floor and looked at his savior.

At one look Takuya was stunned as any other in the crowd. In front of him was a boy about his own age and he was absolutely gorgeous. He had silky black hair tied in a ponytail at the base of his neck and flawless porcelain skin unlike Takuya's own tan skin. He had on a rich blue shirt made of something like hard silk, the same material as his dark brown pants that hugged his hips. His back was to Takuya with on of his hands in his pants pockets; he seemed oddly confidant and bored at the same time.

As Junpei started to painfully get up Takuya continued to stare at the back of the black haired boy. No one had ever intervened, much less hit Junpei. Takuya had never seen his guy before so he must be new not knowing who Junpei is.

The black haired boy looked back at Takuya over his shoulder and he saw magnificent deep blue eyes. His dark bangs hanged from the sides of his face and swaged with the wind. Takuya felt his heartbeat quicken and felt embarrassed at being rescued. Takuya felt a blush starting to rise.

There was a shuffling noise and Takuya finally looked away fixing his sight on Junpei who was shakily standing on his feet. The guy must have punched him hard, thought Takuya. The guy had a slim build but you could see firm muscles on him. Junpei was scared, everybody could see that but his pride was more important than anything else at the moment.

"Who do you think you are? Do you know who I am, punk?" Junpei said trying to sound angry and intimidating but the effect was ruined by the sound of his shaky voice.

"No and I don't care," the black haired boy said, his voice emotionless and calm. Takuya shivered at the sound for some weird reason, the sensation almost sending him to his knees. Takuya was impressed, no one but him had ever stood up to Junpei.

"My family owns half of this city. Who do you think you are punching me?" Junpei said weakly, still holding his stomach.

"My name and who I am are none of your business," the guy said then turned again to look at Takuya, "You alright?" he questioned in an uninterested voice. Takuya could only nod his mind still muddled and stood up. Takuya was about four inches shorter than the black haired boy much to his irritation.

"Thanks," Takuya said trying to still his voice. Why did this guy make him so nervous?

He shrugged, "It's my job to protect the weak and defenseless."

Takuya was about to nod again but stopped as the words processed into his brain. His temper flared dangerously. How can he say that, Takuya thought venomously all the weird feelings he had vanished to be replaced with anger, I am not weak or defenseless! Takuya tied desperately to cool down but it was taking hold of him dangerously fast. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Mimi furiously shaking her head making calming motions with her hands. She was warning him to calm down but Takuya didn't care, this stupid git called him weak and defenseless.

"I am not weak or defenseless!" Takuya managed not to shout but was dang close to it and, abandoning all common sense, locked eyes with the cool looking boy.

He raised an eyebrow elegantly and said, "You were on the verge of being punched in the face by a guy who probably has less brains than a headless troll. I think the counts on the 'Weak and Defenseless List.'"

"You idiot! On what authorization do you have to come barging in here and insulting a member of the Shibayama family?" Junpei asked finally getting his breath back but still scared. He obviously didn't want another hit because he was slowly backing away. For the first time Takuya could remember Junpei was backing out on a fight. Maybe it was because he wasn't being backed up by his cronies.

"My own," was all the boy said. That for some reason irritated Takuya. First he comes and saves Takuya who (or so Takuya thinks) needed no help, then he insults him, and finally, refuses to say who the heck he is!

"Who are you?" Takuya exploded impatiently, still seething with restrained anger.

The black haired boy stared at Takuya emotionlessly, his eyes analyzing him, staring into his soul. Takuya felt another shiver going down his back and called up all his courage and stared back. Deep cold sapphire eyes met angry chocolate eyes. They stared at each other for while but Takuya was the first to look away. The eyes were unnerving and the look in them made Takuya's stomach to the Macarena. The hell is wrong with me! Takuya thought mentally smacking himself; I can take him on anytime. But still these feeling mixed with his anger were confusing so he pushed the feelings back and returned to the infuriating boy in front of him.

The boy had a smirk on his face, the first time Takuya saw the boy change expressions. It made him look even more mysterious and superior. Then he said, "A moron like you has no right to ask that but I'll tell you anyway." He turned back to face Junpei, his back to Takuya again. "I am Kouji Minamoto, a Kight-in-traning." There was a collective gasp from the surrounding people including from Takuya and Junpei.

A Kight-in-traning and a Minamoto! The Minamoto family was a well known family because it was in one of the Royal family branches and because there was old magic running through the blood of its members. Every body knows that magic is passed through blood and genes of the old, powerful, and, usually, rich families. That's why they are nobles and peasants are from families with no magic. A Knight is one of the Five Users of Magic, the five types of people who get the genes. They were Mage, Enchanter, Seer, Knight and Wizard. There was a rumor floating around that long ago there was a sixth User but ran extinct for some reason.

No wonder this guy hurt Junpei so much, a Knight has twice sometimes three times the strength and speed of an ordinary full-grown man no matter what age the Knight was. Takuya shook off the amazement and decided he didn't care who this jerk was he was going to apologize!

"If you think that impresses me think again! I don't care who you are you're a jerk!" Takuya said standing up straight.

"And you're an overconfident kid who quite short for his age," the now known Kouji said turning to face Takuya.

"It's not my fault I'm short for my age!" Takuya said defensively.

"Well it looks like the Gods decided to bless you with the life of a dwarf," Kouji said opening his mouth to say something else but stopped and curiously looked around in the air.

Takuya mean while lost it. His temper broke. He insulted Takuya and the Gods including Aguni. His whole body was on fire, he was filled with an over powering buzz of energy, making his very bones vibrate. His eyes glowed a fiery red and the air around him turned dry making the grass under his feet crumple and turn black. His mind was a blank and the energy consumed him. Kouji, instinctively, stepped back and whipped out a knife from some where.

Embers curled around Takuya's body but never touching him. Takuya distantly felt the beginning of panic but the energy inside him took over.

Many of the villagers ran, some screaming, for buckets of water or for shelter from Takuya's temper flash. Takuya dimly saw Kouji draw something from out of his pocket that glowed briefly.

Takuya surged forward, his body acting on his own and whipped his hand straight down. When the did that a string of fire rose from his hand and, following the path of Takuya's hand, shot for Kouji like a whip. The lash of fire chased into Kouji and there was an ear-splitting explosion causing a cloud of smoke to shoot forward blind Takuya.

When it cleared Takuya saw that Kouji disappeared. Takuya looked around furiously his red eyes looking for the enemy, his mind pleasantly empty. A shadow fell over Takuya and he turned around just in time to see Kouji tackle him in the stomach. Takuya fell back, his breath leaving his body in an 'oomph'. Why does this guy always have to aim for the stomach? Takuya felt energy collect in the pit of his stomach and the pain lessened quickly. He stood up straight and drew back his hand, preparing to launch a fireball but stopped when an invisible force wrapped around Takuya like shackles. Takuya desperately thrashed around hating the feeling of being restricted even in this state. The fire around him surged as the shackles gave in a bit but then tightened stronger than before.

Takuya suddenly felt a calm surround him and felt the energy slowly leave him causing the embers around him to die. Takuya saw Kouji move into his line of view with another older man. Just before the energy completely disappeared the older man drew something from inside his cloak, held it out at an arm's length, and opened his hand. There was a bright red flash that burned Takuya's eyes and the shackles disappeared. He slumped to the floor as the red faded from his eyes.

Oh, Gods! What did he do! Dread settled inside him as he quickly looked around expecting the village to be on fire. To his immediate relief he saw the village was intact with not one house even slightly burned.

His clothes were stained with ash and his sore aches returned with vengeance. He looked at Kouji and the other man. Kouji had a weird expression his face like he was curious and impressed at the same time. He wasn't even breathing hard while Takuya took in breathes by the lung full. The man looked like he was related to Kouji; he had the same blue eyes but noticeably warmer and kinder. He had long dark brown hair tied similar to Kouji's and had an air of authority around him. He had on expensive clothes and had the symbol of the King on the pin than held together his cloak on his shoulders.

He looked at Takuya with a thoughtful expression then walked forward towards him until he was looming over him. Kouji followed him, his feet making no noise on the ground.

The man stopped in front of Takuya and extended a hand down and said, "My name is Tanshin and I think I should talk to you and your parents."

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