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The Notebook

After about four weeks into their sophmore year at PCA, Zoey and Chase began to see less and less of each other.Zoey had to move out of her dorm because her parents put her in new advanced classes that were all the way across campus. Zoey and Chase had only one class together, study hall but they were'nt allowed to talk or move around. After school Chase was always in the drama club room, writing more plays. Zoey was constantly studying. Plus, she had a boyfriend. (Chase wasn't too happy to hear that.) They only saw each other in between classes and when they'd occaisonally find each other on the way to study hall.

"Chase!" Zoey called from behind him.

He turned around and waved,"Hey!" Chase stopped and let Zoey catch up.

"Oh my gosh it's good to see you," Zoey said.

"I know it seems like it's been days since I last had a chance to really talk to you," Chase nodded.

"I know. So what are you doing over the weekend?" Zoey asked as they quickened their pace towared the building. They couldn't be late one more time or they would both get detention.

"Well I have a play rehearsal that I have to be at," Chase said.

"Yeah, I guess it would make sense for a playwriter to be at the rehearsals," Zoey added.

Chase nodded,"But what are you doing this weekend?"

"Studying and than Nicole and I are going to go see a movie," Zoey said.

"Oh, I wish could come," Chase said." But uh...what about um, what's his name? Rob?"

"His name is Todd and he's going home for the weekend," Zoey replied.

Zoey continued to talk about Todd until they approached their class,"Here I got this for us." Zoey handed Chase a blue composition book.

"What's this?" Chase asked.

"Just read it. It'll exsplain everything," Zoey whispered as she walked in the door and sat down. Chase did the same and opened the notebook up and read the first page.


8:07 a.m Adv. English

Chase ,

Hey, so I was thinking that we could keep this notebook and write each other during our free time in classes. (If we have any.) It has been so long since we've talked. It's been even longer since we've hung out. I am just so busy lately. Between my advanced classes, extra activities, and Todd I have absolutely no free time.I miss you and everyone. It's weird that I'm not in the same dorm as Nicole,Dana, and Lola. I rarely see them either. It's kinda like the same situation as it is with you.

My new roomates aren't very friendly. One girl named Paige is kinda stuck up and the grossest part of it is that she is completely in love with Logan. I guess they have English together or something. The other girl Hannah Freeman, is really quiet and doesn't talk to me. Weird, huh?

My advanced classes are killing me. KILLING me! All my teachers are really tough on me. I got my first C ever the other day.(Please don't tell anyone. Exspecially Dustin. He'll tell my parents.) I just wish I could just go back to normal classes like the way it was last year.

Todd and I have now been going out for one whole month. I like him a lot. I think (and hope) that it will last for awhile. And please, Chase, don't get all protective over me like you do ususally. ) Todd's a good guy. Keep me posted on any new girls on your life. Ha ha.

Tell me what's going on with you and everyone else, please.


Zoey xoxo

Chase frowned. Ha ha? Did she think that it was impossible for him to go out with girls?


10:14 p.m Study Hall


Great idea! This is seriously awesome. I was just thinking about it and I thought about how much I miss walking and eating lunch together. Everything. Our group is incomplete without you. Too bad about your roomates. I know Hannah. She and I were assigned to the same teacher to be teachers. She is very shy. I tried to say hello to her because she looked a little lonely but all she did was give me a little wave and than she picked up a book and ignored me the rest of the time. That's all. And as for that Paige girl, are you talking about Paige Eagan? If it's the Paige that I that I think it is, than good luck with that!

As for news with the group, there is none really. It's the same old, same old.

I've been working on a play with the drama team. No girlfriends yet. I'm sure Todd is a good guy.


There. He said Todd was a good guy. Maybe than she wouldn't know that he couldn't stand the thought of her having a boyfriend. Chase got up, notebook in his hand, and slipped it to her while he was on his way to sharpen his pencil.


3:07 p.m. In my dorm


Hey so I'm glad you agreed to do this. My life is so incredibly boring right now. Except for Todd, of course. (he he) He says hi, by the way.

Paige is giving me a really funny look and now she just picked up a framed photo of Logan and kissed it which is making me a little nautious. And yes her name is Paige Eagan, why?

I wish Hannah would talk. After having Nicole as a roomate for two years it's weird having a roommate that doesn't talk. Man I miss last year. Why did my Dad have to agree to put me in these stupid advanced classes. I'm with juniors and most of them look don't even talk to me.

How are Michael and Logan doing? You're all still in the same room right?

Oh and you'd better be taking care of Dustin.I hardley see him. Please be a good influence on him and don't eat so many bing bongs around him.

Well I have to go to the student council meeting now. I'll talk to you later.


Zoey put her pen down, picked up her backpack, and walked out the door. The next day she arrived at study hall early and set it on his chair.

Hey Zo,

9/28/06 10:25 a.m.

Dustin is fine. He passed out once because he ate a whole box of bing bongs but don't worry he came out of it the next day. No, I am not serious about that last statement. He's really doing ok. We're all fine. Trust me.

Paige Eagen- I've known her ever since I came to PCA and she is just plain annoying. You'll find out once you get to know her better.

So here's a funny story for you, Dana and Lola hate each other right now. I'm not really sure why but I think it's over a boy. Poor Nicole looks like a little helpless puppydog that doesn't know which friend to side with.

And today Quinn had the crazy idea of cloning you so the clone Zoey can stay in the advanced classes and you can come back because we all miss you. Yep, same old Quinn.

Oh and uh...tell Todd I said hi back.


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