Missing Gulliver



This is my first Eureka 7 fic! But I love the show and I absolutely think that DominicxAnemone are the best! they seem so right for each other. Well I haven't seen the whole series, I don't much about Dominic or Anemone. I'm just going to try and write a fanfic about them!

Anemone opened her eyes and looked around the ship. She gave a small yawn. "I must have dozed off, are we at the cerollen (Sp?) yet?" Anemone said to herself. She slowly got up and gazed out the window. Nope, they weren't there yet.

"Gulliver, don't you think this trip is boring?" Anemone waited for her little friend to answer but nothing came. "Gulliver?" She twirled around. "Gulliver" she called again. Still no answer. A wave of horror swept over Anemone's face.

She jumped in her bed and dug threw all the sheets. Nothing there. She looked under her bed. nothing. She went threw everything, but Gulliver. "He was right here! Why did I fall asleep!" Anemone felt some tears gather in her eyes. Then the door opened.

"Anemone?" She looked up to see Dominic. Anemone stood up and ran to him, wrapping her arms around him. She let her tears spill into his chest. "Gulliver gone! He was right here!" She shouted threw the stray tears.

Dominic pulled her back. "Calm down, we'll find him" Anemone gave a small sniff and nodded. "So you check upstairs I'll check down stairs, okay?" Dominic gave her a soft smile. She gave him a small smile before she ran off to search the upstairs.

She franticly looked under every thing she could find. She raced threw the hall ways her pink hair going everywhere. She climbed on a chair to search an air vent. There was a lot of dust but no Gulliver.

"He wasn't supposed to get out! No one was watching him!" Anemone scolded herself. She still hasn't found anything yet, but she would keep searching. She checked under some desks, but he wasn't there.

She called out his name threw the hallways but there were no replies. She checked in every drawer and closet. She checked in every pot in the kitchen. She checked everywhere! Where could he be?

Anemone thought she looked everywhere by now. She leaned against a wall and fell to her knees. "I'm never going to find him!" she yelled holding her head.

"You give up to easily" Anemone looked up to see Dominic with Gulliver happily in his hands. A smile spread across her face. "You found him!" She got up and ran to him.

She jumped off the ground and wrapped her arms around him. Dominic stumbled back and fell down on the floor. Anemone was on top of him looking down smiling. "Thank you so much for finding him! You don't know how much this means to me!" She said happily.

Dominic smiled. "It's okay, he was easy to find" Anemone giggled and let her pink hair fall around her. She learned in and pecked Dominic on the lips. "Thank you!" She got and picked up her beloved Gulliver. "You never run off like that again!" She scolded.

He gave a small reply before Anemone hugged him. "Come on let's go get ready for the cerollen, Gulliver" She said in a sing song voice. Then she walked off to her room.

Dominic sat up from the floor and put a finger to his lips. He finally shrugged it off and went back to checking up on the chief.