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Chapter 6—This Is It

There was stunned silence as everybody stared at Lily, who gave them all a confused look.

"Lils!" Theresa exclaimed, her face turning bright red. "Why are you here?"

"Why isn't anybody answering my other question?" Lily asked.

"What other question?" James croaked, still holding onto the 'Moonlight' poem.

Lily gestured towards the parchment. "Why are you holding onto that parchment so tightly?"

"Oh, well you see," James, said quickly thinking of a quick lie, "I'm—er—trying to get reservations."

"For what?" Lily inquired.

Damn this woman is nosy.

"Err—for me and you!" James exploded.

Lily cocked her head. "Really? Where?"

Lily obviously bought the lie so James plowed on. "Yeah—uh—it's at Le Magnifique and—"

Lily squealed. "You got it at Le Magnifique? But it's impossible to get reservations there!"

"Not for James it isn't." Theresa butted into the conversation, clapping his shoulder. "I just came here because Remus needed some help with the television."

It astounded James how well Theresa could lie. She was like a Sirius, only a girl. She kept eye contact while lying and did not fidget at all or stammer.

Lily, however, smelled a lie brewing.

"Since when do you know how to fix a television?" She asked.

Theresa smiled (but James could tell it was forced). "Easy, the plug for the television wasn't in." She punched Remus playfully on the shoulder. "Silly Remus."

Remus also gave a forced smile.

Lily then turned back to her boyfriend.

"Did you get the reservations?" She asked eagerly.

"Yes." This part wasn't a lie. He actually did get reservations at the restaurant.

Lily squealed again and squeezed James with a hug. "That's so awesome!"

"Yeah," James said, relieved that Lily was not squeezing the life out of him anymore.

"What time do you want me ready by?" Lily asked.

James pretended to look down at the paper to check what time and said, "Eight o'clock."

"Okay." Lily said, her emerald green eyes sparkling. "I'll go get ready."

Remus glanced at the clock. "It's three fifteen."

"Hurry Lily!" Theresa yelped.

Lily hurried to leave but stopped herself.



"You still need to clean up the rest of the family room."

Lily Disapperated.

Theresa's smile disappeared. "Damn it!"

"Thanks for all your help Theresa." Remus said, knowing that she would have to leave to finish cleaning. "Hope you have fun cleaning."

Theresa snorted. "Yeah right. She's making me do it the Muggle way."

"Then why don't you use your wand?" Remus suggested. "Don't you have it with you?"

"I can't." Theresa admitted. "Last time I did, it wasn't clean enough for Lily's taste. I have to do manual labor."

James grimaced. "That sucks. Glad I don't have to do that."

Theresa snorted as she straightened herself. "Well, buddy boy. This will be you in a year. Now that you want to marry Lily, you'll be marrying a cleanoholic."

James puffed out his chest arrogantly. "She wouldn't dare to do that. I will be the man of the house and I can do whatever I please. The women should always do all the cleaning."

Remus leaned in towards Theresa. "Should we tell him that she'll hex him to oblivion if he says that to her?"

Theresa smirked as she shook her head.



By seven fifty, James was ready.

However, he didn't feel as ready as he should have been.

"Easy mate." Sirius said as he saw James's face turn paler and paler. "You look as white as a ghost."

"It's just nerves." Remus contemplated as he ate some ice cream.

"I feel sick." James moaned.

"I told you not to eat that peach cobbler that Sirius brought."

Sirius scowled. "I really hope that you won't be like this on your wedding day."

"I have a nasty feeling that he will be."

"Who are you? The Seer Sibyll Trelawney?"

Remus snorted. "That fraud who was six years above us?"

"I'll be back in a moment." James muttered as he went to the bathroom.

Damn his nerves.


"Okay," Lily said breathlessly, walking into the family room. "How do I look?" She spun around for emphasis.

Theresa looked up from her magazine that she had been reading.

Lily held her breath while Theresa surveyed her. Her friend was very honest and blunt about these kinds of things.

"Simple and tasteful black dress," Theresa muttered, "Nice earrings and necklace and nice—ugh—Lils—no grandma's bun!"

Lily frowned. She had been so close. Usually, Theresa found six or seven things wrong with Lily's outfit.

"But it's elegant." Lily pointed out.

"It looks revolting. Put your hair down or something."

"Theresa, we're going to Le Magnifique. Do you honestly think I would go there with my hair down?"

"Lils," Theresa put her magazine down in exasperation. "Do you honestly think that you're gonna go to a fancy restaurant with your bloody hair looking like that?"

Lily sighed. Normally, she would argue back, but she did not have much time.

"Fine, you win this time." Lily muttered.

"Whoopee." Theresa said as she went back to her magazine.

In a huff, Lily returned to her bathroom, admitting defeat.


By seven fifty five, James was panicking.

"It's already seven fifty five!" He cried. "I knew it, Lily found out about my proposing to her and she decided to ditch me!"

"Calm down mate!" Sirius cried, "Its only five til."

"She's usually here ten minutes before." James said nervously. "I think she stood me up."

"That's a bunch of baloney." Remus said, "Lily is crazy about you. Also, I know that Lily would never stand anybody up."

"Why would I stand anybody up?"

They had been talking so loudly, they never heard Lily Apparate into the kitchen.

Sirius jumped a foot into the air.

"Damnit Lily." Sirius gasped, rubbing his chest. "Don't ever sneak up on us like that!"

"Sorry," Lily said, "I didn't know that Mr. Player was so afraid of people talking."

Sirius glared. "I am not!"

Remus interrupted the conversation. "You look pretty Lily."

Lily gave Remus a wide smile. "Thanks Remus!"

James mentally slapped himself. He should have noticed how pretty Lily looked. Not Remus.

James cleared his throat so that Lily would avert her attention from Remus to him. "Shall we be going?"

Lily smiled. "Yes, we shall."

The two left.


Not even a fraction of a second later, James and Lily appeared in front of the ultra exclusive restaurant Le Magnifique.

It was nearly impossible to get into the restaurant. They were booked until November 1980!

However, if you were the offspring of the well-known Potters, you could get in with a click of your fingers.

This is exactly what James had done.

As he led a wide-eyed Lily across the marble floors until they got to the waiter who looked snobbish.

"Name?" The waiter asked, looking down at his clipboard.

"Potter." James said. "James Potter. Table for two."

The waiter eyed James and then eyed Lily.

"Yes," he said in his snobbish tone, "We have just the spot for you. Follow me."

He led the couple past elegant people eating expertly prepared meals. James could not help but notice how naïve Lily was acting. It was if she had never seen famous people before.

"Oh my god!" Lily whispered excitedly, "Is that Beatrice Cristoff? I loved her in Gone Down!"

James noticed that the snobbish waiter was eyeing Lily with disgust.

"Lily." He muttered.

Thankfully, Lily heard him, and quietly calmed down. However, James could see the delight in her eyes as she passed famous people.

"This your first time here madam?" The waiter asked.

Lily nodded. "Yes it is."

The waiter muttered something that sounded suspiciously like, "Figures."

James glowered and unfortunately, due to the low wattage of the light, the waiter could not see it.

Finally, they reached their table. The waiter held Lily's chair out for her as she sat down and then was gone in a flash.

"This place is so nice." Lily remarked as she admired the crown molding and the priceless art on the walls. "Very nice."

James smiled. "Anything for you Lily."

"James." Lily laughed as she picked up her menu. "Oh dear," she said, "It's all in French."

"I'll help you order." James offered.

Lily lowered her menu. James could see her astounded face from over the flickering candle in the center of their table.

"You speak French?" She said in surprise.

"Very little." James admitted. "But I've been here before, so I know what's good. Try the roast duck with the mango salsa. It's extremely good."

"That seems too much." Lily said. "How about a small salad?"

"Er," James looked at the menu and studied the French words. "Do you want a house salad?"

"That's good." Lily said as she eyed the menu.

Suddenly, her eyes went wide again.

"James." She hissed.


"You're going to pay twenty pounds for a salad?" She whispered. "Isn't that a bit too much?" (A/N: I do not know much about British money)

James shrugged. "It's not."

"Do you even have Muggle notes?" Lily asked.

James nodded. "Yup. A bit of it too."

Lily smiled. "I'm impressed. You actually used your head once."

"I take offence to that." James pouted.

Lily patted his hand. "Oh, stop being such a big baby."

"May I take your order sir?"

A new waiter appeared, looking bored and hungry.

After the two placed their order, they chatted for a while until their meal arrived.

James had the duck he tried to persuade Lily to have, and she had her small salad.

After they finished eating, Lily smiled up at James. "This has been the best evening of my life."

"Are you sure?" James asked. "Remember our first Hogsmeade trip?"

"How can I forget?" Lily replied, laughing. "You ran into a pole, crashed into Sirius four times and tripped on a banana peel."

James muttered something as his face turned as red as Lily's hair. "It was three times that I crashed into Sirius."

"Three in a half." Lily countered. "You were about to again before Remus steadied yourself."

"You weren't helping me at all." James said, "You were laughing."

"It was funny," Lily protested. "And when things are funny, we laugh."

"Not to mention when Theresa did the imitation of me slipping on the banana peel." James muttered.

Lily laughed again and wiped her eyes. "That had been the best date of my life. The most comedic too."

James puffed out his chest arrogantly.

They continued to talk about old times until the waiter came with the check. (James needed some help with Lily on how to deal the money)

After they paid and left, James held out his arm, which Lily happily took.

"Now fair maiden," James said, "Do you fancy a stroll along the park?"

"I should love that Sir James." Lily smiled.

James smiled, even though his heart was accelerating a million miles an hour. He knew he was going to propose to Lily within a couple of moments.

Luckily, the restaurant was close to a park, so the two walked down the winding path, silent.

James noted that it was a beautiful night. There were no clouds and the night sky was clear and full of stars. He saw the moon and smiled.

After a few moments of quiet walking, they finally reached a bench.

"Do you want to sit?" James asked.

Lily nodded.

James took a deep breath as he started to mutter something.

"What are you saying James?" Lily asked.

"How Do I Love Thee." James said, looking straight at Lily.

James sat next to Lily and recited the rest of the poem to her:

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.
I love thee to the level of everyday's
Most quiet need, by sun and candlelight.
I love thee freely, as men strive for Right;
I love thee purely, as they turn from Praise.
I love thee with the passion put to use
In my old griefs, and with my childhood's faith.
I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
With my lost saints, — I love thee with the breath,
Smiles, tears, of all my life! — and, if God choose,
I shall but love thee better after death.

When James had finished the poem, Lily's eyes were bright. "Elizabeth Barrett Browning." She sighed. "How much do I love her poetry. That was so sweet James. How did you know that I like her poetry?"

James smiled mysteriously. "I have my ways."

Lily smiled again as she tilted her head up, so her face was bathed in the moonlight.

"There is one more poem too." James said, his face turning quite red. "I—er—I wrote it myself."

"Aww," Lily turned back towards him. "How sweet. Let's hear it."

James cleared his throat and took out the piece of parchment from his pocket.

"It's called Moonlight." James said.

"Well," Lily urged. "Let me hear it."

James cleared his throat, and read the poem.

Staring into the golden moon

Seeing you there

Falling for you

I stare at you

Perfection in every way

Hoping you to look my way

I wonder about you,

Will you see me?

Am I invisible to you?

I hope to see you

Near the light

Under the moonlight


When he finished reading the poem, Lily was crying openly.

"That was the most beautiful poem I ever heard." Lily choked, brushing away tears from her eyes.

James felt his ears turn red. He felt like he was an awkward eleven years old instead of nearly twenty.

Lily smiled through her tears. "I never knew you had it in you James Potter," she said. "You are a bundle of surprises today. Now, tell me, what's the occasion for this?"

James knew that it was time.

"Lily," he said, as he took out another piece of parchment. "Read this."

He handed the parchment to Lily as she read the barely legible words.

I love you so much Lily.

I have loved you since that day in fourth year.

I cannot stand life without you.

Lily Evans, will you marry me?

Lily gasped as she looked down to see James on a bended knee, a velvet box perched in his hand, opened to reveal an exquisite ring.

Lily burst into tears again.

Why are women so overly emotional? James wondered to himself as he watched Lily cry for a few moments.

Finally, she stopped crying long enough to bend down to James's level and kiss him soundly on the lips.

"Is that a yes?" James asked hopefully.

Lily smiled, her green eyes filled with tears, "Of course it is you prat."

The End.


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