very very VERY short.

It started out as a mumble, and Jazz onlined one optic, rolling over in his lover's arms, trying not to wake the sleeping black and white who's arms were encircling him. Prowl was still deeply sleeping, mumbling every so often under his vocaliser. Jazz finally squirmed in Prowl's arms, turning around so they were facing each other on the recharge berth. "M'kzzst-fch'ka=mfftchyemm'n..." Prowl trailed off, doorwings twitching in his sleep. The vowels weren't quite coherent. More slurred, and sounding rather like a half-booted computer than anything a human would say. Jazz grinned. He knew what his mate was dreaming about. "Prooowwwwwllll.." Jazz whispered in singong. "zzzch'k'ch. m'nem'kyiiffffthrk'tik." Okay, so it sounded more like a modem with a glitch in it's internet connection. But anyway, Prowl's doorwings twitched again, and Jazz just grinned, settling back down in a laying postition in Prowl's arms, happy the highway patrol car was dreaming about him.