By Cindella

"Go away."


"Get lost."


"Quit bugging me."


Raven stopped, turned, and glared. Ever since the Titans Tower had been destroyed and the Titans had moved to their new temporary home in Bayville, New York, Kurt Wagner had been following her around. "Oh, please. You're worse than Beast Boy!"

The blue, fuzzy demon grinned lop-sidedly. "Sorry?" he semi-questioned expectantly.

"That's a good start," said Raven pleasantly, "now bugger off."

"But I don't vant to bugger off," he said, continuing to follow Raven out the door to the courtyard. "I'm not a very 'buggering off' kind of person."

Raven stood on tiptoes and scanned the grounds. "Good for you, but I want to meditate so, please, go annoy Rogue or Star or something."

"But I vant to annoy you."

She headed for a tree quite a way away from the mansion, a book tucked under her arm. Without turning around, she said, "Well, don't."

A soft bamfing sound behind her announced the departure of the elf. "Finally," she sighed, sitting at the base of the tree and folding her legs into the lotus position. Then, glancing around, she opened the leatherbound book and pulled out a copy of Fruits Baskets Vol. 5.

"Ah, Furuba," a heavily accented voice above her announced. "A fan of shoujo, zhen?"

"Ah!" Raven yelled, startled. "What're you…"

"Just keeping you company, liebling," he said from where he was hanging by his tail. "Zhought you might be lonely, nien?"

"Don't, and I'm not."

"Don't vhat?"

"Call me liebling."

"Okay, liebling."

Raven closed her eyes and took a deep breath in. It was all she could do to refrain from Azarath, Metrion, Zinthosing him.

"Sie wissen, Sie sind ziemlich hübsch." 1

"And a what?"

"Oh. Nothing." He dropped from the branch to the ground next to Raven. "Obwohl das wahr ist." 2

"What. Ever."

"Ooooooh, Momiji-Chan! The little rabbit! He's my favourite, who's yours?"

"You read Fruits Basket."

"Ja! Guess why I like Momiji?"

"You're acting like a little kid."

"Das Deutsch seiner Mutter!" 3

"I don't speak German, Nightcrawler."

"So who's your favourite character?"

Raven paused. "You actually read Fruits Basket."

"Ja, now who is it?"

"Hana-Chan. You read Fruits Basket."

"It told you, yes. Why Hana-Chan?"

"I don't know. She's just… mysterious."

"And beautiful. Wie Sie, Rabe-Liebling." 4

"Can you please stop switching languages?"

"Schade." 5


"Sorry!" With a bamf and a flash of red light, he was gone, leaving Raven alone with the book.

And, surprisingly, feeling lonely.


1 You know, you are quite pretty

2 Although this is true

3 His mother is German

4 Like you, Raven darling

5 Sorry

Is it okay? It's the first fic I've written from start to finish in one sitting, so I hope it's not too bad. Should I write a sequal? GIVE ME YOUR REVIEWS! If I get five positive reviews I will write a sequil.